The WrestleMania Era 2.0 Season 1 Finale: John Cena is the Greatest (featuring David Fenichel)

The episode linked here was recorded as a preview for this one, covering some of the material lost in the original Part 1 conversation with Dave (explanation included)

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I have recorded somewhere in the ballpark of 400 podcasts in the past several years.  This was one of them when, immediately after we hit the stop button, I was like, “Dave…that might’ve been the best podcast I’ve ever recorded.”  So, I’m going to hype this up to you as the crème de la crème of pro wrestling discussions.

Dave Fenichel was my guest for the Cena: The G.O.A.T. assertion.  This period that we discussed – post-WrestleMania 22 until Summerslam 2013 – is the time-frame that best shapes the argument.  Fairly or unfairly (I would say fairly), your historical profile on John Cena is going to be etched by his monster run as the tippy-top guy in the industry during that stretch.  The championships, the classic matches, the important, huge drawing shows that he headlined, the sheer volume of main-events…Cena’s legacy is attached to that era, and it’s a mighty impressive legacy at that.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Who in your opinion has had a better run than John Cena from 2006 to 2013?