AEW Explains Matt Hardy's Teleportation On Wednesday's Dynamite

AEW Explains Matt Hardy’s Teleportation On Wednesday’s Dynamite

Last Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite saw Broken Matt Hardy stun former world champion Chris Jericho by teleporting throughout Jacksonville’s empty arena prior to their headlining confrontation. Today, the promotion has tweeted out their explanation as to how Hardy was able to perform such a stunt…an aerial assault of drones led by Hardy’s main piece of hardware, Vanguard 1.

The company writes, “Teleportation? Of course not. It was merely a fleet of Aerial Assault Drones led by Vanguard 1 projecting an array of images of #BROKEN @MATTHARDYBRAND
to confuse @chrisjerichofozzy which hasten the MAKER OF PAIN’S descent into madness during last week’s #AEWDynamite. Duh.”

Chris Jericho and Matt Hardy’s final segment has been viewed over a million times on the AEW Youtube channel. Check it out below.


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