Alexa Bliss Talks Suffering Multiple Concussions: "I Didn't Know If I Was Going To Be Able To Get Back In The Ring Again"

Alexa Bliss Talks Suffering Multiple Concussions: “I Didn’t Know If I Was Going To Be Able To Get Back In The Ring Again”

WWE women’s tag champion Alexa Bliss recently spoke to BT Sport about the stint of injuries she suffered within the company over the last few years. Bliss reveals that she was unsure she’d even be able to get back into the ring after sustaining multiple concussions, and even says she experienced episodes of dizziness and veritgo.

For being in the company for over seven years now and not having any injuries, and then having this one particular stint of time where it was just back-to-back concussions, it was very scary. Because I didn’t know if I was going to be able to get back in the ring again. I was experiencing really bad vertigo for an extended period of time. All my other symptoms were gone, but if I changed height levels, I would get extremely dizzy. It didn’t go away for a really, really long time, so that’s when I got really concerned.

She later adds how serious WWE is with concussions in the modern era, stating that Chairman Vince McMahon personally contacted her to assure she gets the best treatment.

It really showed me, too, that with concussions they take it very seriously. I had seen a neurologist, a neuropsychologist, an eye doctor, a neurosurgeon. Like, I had seen every single type of doctor you can see about concussions.” She also gives a nod to Vince McMahon. “Vince called me in and he was like ‘We’re going to get you the best of the best, we’re going to make sure you’re okay.

Check out the full interview below. (H/T and transcribed by Pro Wrestling Sheet)

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