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ASK Mr. TITO - Rock/Cena Result at Wrestemania 28, Kane/Cena Feud, WWE Off-Season, more
By Mr. Tito
Jan 15, 2012 - 3:34:30 PM

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What could be better? Sitting here, enjoying the National Football League playoffs and writing another edition of ASK TITO. What could be more perfect?

Here is one that I'm getting repeatedly...

Will there ever be a Comments section on entries?

In time, probably... I'm presently observing the DISQUS application that is presently using.

Before, used a Facebook application which I didn't like and had requested to be stripped from my posting URL. That explains why my "Tito Rising" column was at the bottom of the Columns section for a while, as the programming of my posting URL wasn't working with the other Columnists.

Just based on what I've seen underneath the newsposts of LoP, I didn't like what I saw from an unmoderated Facebook application. It amazed me what individuals were allowing to be seen from their Facebook accounts, especially around Pay Per View time (and WOW to that). I have chosen not to have Facebook because I don't trust it. Facebook, to me, is just a large database that is looking to track and steal personal information, in my opinion. Then, when Facebook implemented the face-recognition technology, I was done. It's become too intrusive on lives no matter how much "fun" it ca appear at times.

DISQUS appears to allow you to use your Facebook, Twitter, etc. to log into a separate posting system and then whomever is posting LoP entries can moderate it. I do not actively censor feedback posts, but there needs to be an "**** filter" in any Feedback system especially one where the posters have an axe to grind with me over a simple wrestling opinion.

For now, enjoy providing feedback go the above methods with E-mail, Twitter, and on Funny thing about Twitter is that I like it's overall use, but many wrestling fans have easy access to pro wrestlers now. It's funny because many are attempting to "rat me out" based on what I wrote in a column. The old "did you see what Tito said" hilarity was done through the email system before. For instance, many of you forwarded the "CM Punk is Buried" column to @CMPunk and congrats to you, he actually responded with "yeah, buried in money".

What many of you don't realize is that Pro Wrestlers read my stuff, anyway....


What are your expectations for the finish at Wrestlemania 28 for Rock vs. John Cena?

It all depends on what happens BEFORE Wrestlemania 28. If backstage news is leaked that there will be a series of Rock vs. Cena rematches during 2012 or even set for 2013, the WWE might think to make it worth their while to put Rock over at Wrestlemania 28 and then have John Cena overcome the Rock at other events. WWE could do strong numbers, for example, with a rematch at Summerslam 2012. I would also think that if the World Title is on the line and John Cena heads into the match as Champion, the Rock is definitely winning.

I sense that Vince McMahon wants to make a few headline splashes by having the Rock win at Wrestlemania 28, especially if he gets one more WWE Title reign. Rock winning at Wrestlemania 28, especially for the WWE Title, would get him some mainstream attention.

OTHERWISE - I sense the Rock will do for John Cena as he did for Brock Lesnar in 2002 and Bill Goldberg in 2003... Clean victory. I'm wondering if this "CENA SUCKS" marketing push is to get fans down on John Cena only for him to overcome the Rock at Wrestlemania 28. I wonder, too, if the WWE has figured out that today's younger WWE fans aren't that crazy about the Rock as seen by Survivor Series 2011's disappointing numbers.

I would advise just watching what happens BEFORE Wrestlemania 28.


Do you think that the WWE should have an Off-Season?

No question about it. It would allow everyone involved to recharge their batteries and keep the product fresh overall.

But that's not how the wrestling business makes money. WWE makes their money by a large amount of Live Events held along with Live Events that are televised. WWE, for example, makes a ton of money by the live audience gate at a RAW event and then turns around and makes a ton off the television product of that RAW event. WWE taking time off for an off-season leaves millions on the table.

That, and taking time off allows for a competitor to take full advantage...

WWE just needs to get MORE WRESTLERS OVER so that they can give Cena, Punk, Orton, etc. a few weeks off here and there to keep their talent fresh.


With the recent Recession and high unemployment rates, do you believe that economic reasons should be blamed for lower ratings, buyrates, houseshow attendance, etc.?

It's a great debate because through 2009, the WWE appeared to be "recession proof" while numbers have been sliding from 2010-2011. What MIGHT be happening is the higher level of unemployed among the teenage demography between 16-19 as well as a real issue of college graduates struggling to find jobs after the age of 22. The amount of income available for 16-25 year olds just isn't there like it used to be.

I'm also sensing that Cable isn't the needed good as it used to be. This same 16-25 demographic could avoid the high Cable rates and just obtain Netflix instead. Thus, no USA Network viewership due to the substitution effect.

But I also see it as the WWE's failure. They aren't running a successful pro wrestling company has they have in the past, and let's be honest, their empire has been in decline since 2001 as the numbers will show. I believe that the WWE is not only losing the 16-25 demographic to economics, but to other options. UFC has become a real competitive threat to not just the WWE, but the pro wrestling industry itself. I also believe that the Public Relations hit from the June 2007 Chris Benoit murders has caused a lot of viewership trouble for the WWE, too.

It's a good question, but I'd say if the problem were truly economic, why would UFC be growing in leaps and bounds right now?


Where do you see the Kane/Cena feud going?

John Cena gets a clean win over Kane, no question about it.

I believe that Kane has been fed to John Cena in an effort to not only get Kane's return to being masked noticed, but to give John Cena a strong win as he's heading into Wrestlemania 28 against the Rock. Not sure if it will be at Royal Rumble or booked to headline an edition of RAW, but it's coming soon.


Just chill... Till the next episode!

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