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ASK TITO - Daniel Bryan Heel Turn, Brock Lesnar's WWE return, and more
By Mr. Tito
Jan 1, 2012 - 3:25:33 PM

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It's time to answer the questions of you, the readers, of from one of the contact places you see above... Let me take a moment, however, to THANK the readers for continual support of me and also this newly branded LoP website. We're doing great so far and we have a large ceiling to reach for 2012. I'm still figuring out what to write and when to write, but with time, we'll get into a rhythm that will provide some great reads around here.

OK, your questions for this week's ASK TITO.

Do you believe that the WWE will turn Daniel Bryan HEEL for 2012?
Absolutely, why not? The WWE throws things at the wall and hopes they'll stick and many wrestlers are flipped and flopped as Heels/Faces throughout the year. The real question isn't if Daniel Bryan is turned heel, it's how many times during the year he's turned heel.

WWE seems to be deadset on keeping Randy Orton as a face, so thus, when he returns in 6 months, I wouldn't doubt that the WWE turns Daniel Bryan as a heel on Smackdown for a fresh face for Orton to wrestle.


Do you honestly believe that Brock Lesnar is coming to the WWE?
Absolutely. WWE and Lesnar working out some promotional deals tells me that Lesnar and the WWE might have had this in the works. Lesnar either finished his UFC contract last night or reportedly had 1 more fight remaining (I can't find out which one is correct), but I believe things will work themselves back and Lesnar will be back in the WWE.

The question is HOW MUCH will he wrestle in the WWE? As I noted in today's Tito Daily, Lesnar would probably want limited dates. In other words, the WWE better pony up a contract that had ONLY televised and Pay Per View events (i.e. no houseshows).

WWE is desperate to increase its starpower after 2010 and 2011 were weaker revenue generating years and also for the launch of the WWE Network. No question in my mind that the WWE has interest in Lesnar but it's a matter of getting around UFC legal issues and also giving Lesnar a lighter schedule than the normal WWE superstar. If the lighter schedule provision occurs when Lesnar joins the WWE, just remember that John Cena works a full time schedule and how he'd react...

Then again, John Cena might not complain too much when he sees the money pouring in for the Lesnar vs. Cena feud we were denied because Lesnar left the WWE in 2004.


Where do you lean politically, Mr. Tito?
I lean to right politically, though I'm as hardcore on the social issues as the next Conservative/Republican. I don't live on the Three G's, in other words (Gods, Gays, and Guns). I'm more along the lines of a Fiscal Conservative and thanks to the George W. Bush/Tom Delay lost 2000's decade, I now second guess the Republican Party that did me a lot of proud during their House Majority days of the 1990's.

That's why I'm a big fan of Newt Gingrich. His House, along with working well with President Bill Clinton, actually allowed for the annual Budget to run Surpluses from 1998 to 2001. John Kasich was the House Budget Committee Chairman and that's why I personally supported him here in Ohio to become Governor in 2010. I personally believe that $200 Billion Deficits are CRAZY, let alone $1.2 Trillion deficits we now endure. Insanity.

I lean to the right and towards Republican candidates, but with time, I've realized that the Republican Party is nothing more than a Corporation who is fighting another Corporation, the Democratic Party, for control of the Nation's money. Thus, the mess we're in today.

I take issue with Democrats for their love of social entitlement programs and their control over public education. We're making too many individuals dependent on government for all of their needs while our educational system is a joke. Granted, Republicans have their hands in it too (2003 Medicare Reform, for example), but many of the social program reforms and creations from the 1960's have crippled our government's budgets to this day (Social Security Act of 1965, for example).

But both parties don't care much about the American people as much as they care about getting re-elected. Follow the money.


What wrestling columns do you follow regularly?
Much of the guys that I used to follow from the late 1990's and early 2000's are actually gone. But for today, the main one that I follow regularly is Scott Keith, the "Netcop" as he used to be called. He still has a blog and I follow his stuff almost daily. His website is called the BLOG OF DOOM.

Other than that, I do check out a few of's writers. I usually check in on Hustle and Chrisssssssssssss, mostly based on their thoughts on shows because we have radically different views on the WWE. Both have interesting columns for other days... Ro is War has been intriguing me lately with his columns. Great column recently about Edge changing 2011's landscape.

I really like The Doc and his Doctor's Orders columns. He just has a maturity to his writing that I seek as a reader and reminds me of former LoP columnist great, Davey Boy, the most. You can tell, too, that he's genuinely excited to write on each topic and it makes for a fun read.

Other than that, I just focus on my own stuff unless someone simply asks "can you read this and give me your thoughts", as I'll help out any columnist who asks and always have.

So just chill... Till the next episode!

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