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Introducing's newest subsidiary: !!!
By Mr. Tito
Dec 17, 2011 - 10:36:44 PM

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Introducing, my new official home. Disclaimer, though... This is a subsidiary of, and the domain name and webspace is 100% owned by Calvin Martin as is all of the Ads that you see on this webspace. This is our new arrangement here at LoP that is going to benefit everybody.

This move will benefit EVERYONE.

1) Allows me the freedom to write whatever and whenever, as I did with the wildly successful Blog is Tito.

2) Many liked "Blog is Tito", so thus, returning to that type of daily posting style benefits the readers.

3) Keeps me away from the rest of LOP. Part of what helped the Blogs Forum to get attacked with spamming, along with some internal dislike among other LoP members, is the fact that my presence with "Blog is Tito" was quite loud and my success gave a lot of attention towards me. Now, there is no excuse... I'm on and every other LoP writer is on

We are going to have a TON of fun with this website, I promise you. I have too much energy to burn and we'll not only tackle wrestling, but sports, politics, economics, entertainment, and whatever else is on my mind.

We'll try this experiment for 1 year, which is presently what the domain is owned for...


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