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Dec 21, 2011 - 8:38:55 PM

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One could easily argue that today's wrestling fans, myself included, are very unfair to Kevin Nash. Sure, he's above 50... But the WWE wants to employ him and he wants to remain in the wrestling business. As long as the demand (WWE) and the supply (Kevin Nash) can meet, then who can blame Kevin Nash?

Most are ridiculing Nash because of his age (52) or how insisting his longtime friend, Triple H, is to feud with him. I've noticed that many younger fans, those who didn't see Nash's best years during the latter half of the 1990's, are put off by Nash's appearance in the WWE.

However, I would argue that Kevin Nash is at the fault of the WWE Creative Team, to which Triple H is a member. His reasoning for causing CM Punk the WWE Title at SummerSlam 2011 was horribly prepared, explained, and executed. Even at the age of 52, in my opinion, Kevin Nash still would have had value in a bodyguard or stooge type of role for an authority figure. Actually teaming up Nash and Triple H would have worked...

But the WWE insisted that Kevin Nash and Triple H feud instead.

I wouldn't fault Kevin Nash for how he's been used since SummerSlam 2011. He's just following the scripts he's handed and nothing more. If he happens to look old or stale, you HAVE to blame who is controlling his character. That simple...

Certainly, with Triple H still being capable of wrestling at a high level, many want to see how he'd square off against many newer or elevated superstars. Who wouldn't want to see Triple H against Miz, Alberto Del Rio, CM Punk (again), Dolph Ziggler, etc? I believe Triple H is missing out on a greater in-ring legacy by wanting to stay backstage (though it's easier for him as a family man) than helping the WWE in the ring.

For Kevin Nash at TLC PPV 2011, he put on a damn good Ladder Match with Triple H. You cannot fault him for effort, as he was in great shape for the match and busted his ass in that ring. The bump he took off the ladder and into the table was SICK, as that's a larger human being thudding through that table than what you're used to seeing. I can imagine how much it hurts to wake up this week for Nash...

Heck, just read what he says about it:

@RealKevinNash on Twitter
Went to nose quack today. surgery 27th. decent concussion. seeing ortho on left elbow. love or hate me, i gave it all i had.

I LOVE that last quote of "love me or hate me, i gave it all i had". Call him old, undeserving, or whatever, that is the QUOTE OF THE YEAR. Kevin Nash busted his hump for the fans and probably to prove many of his critics wrong.

Thus, I declare today, December 21st, 2011 as KEVIN NASH APPRECIATION DAY.

^ Poor Rey Mysterio!

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