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MATCH OF THE WEEK - Triple H vs. Undertaker from Wrestlemanias 17 and 27
By Mr. Tito
Feb 4, 2012 - 1:50:55 PM

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For those following me on Twitter, you saw a grand debate about the Triple H vs. Undertaker being booked at Wrestlemania 28. Some were saying that both guys were "too old" to have another good match (Wrestlemania 27 proved that wrong), Undertaker should wrestle someone else, or that their probable 30 minutes for their match should be used for younger wrestlers. Of course, I disagreed with them, called them "idiots" (which I apologize for), and an hour later, it was a long Twitter battle that pulled many into the mud. Quite a "dick measuring contest" so to speak...

I am 100% behind the booking of Triple H vs. Undertaker. The Wrestlemania Streak is a gimmick that I don't get too hung up on as I'd rather just see GOOD matches from the Undertaker instead. The Streak does add a nice "sense of urgency" feel to the matches, however, but the Undertaker has more than stepped up his game in the last decade. He definitely deserves a Wrestlemania spot as long as he can put on quality matches, especially has he has for the past 3 Wrestlemanias with 5-star classics that were either Match of the Year or contenders for it (twice against Shawn Michaels, last year against Triple H).

I enjoyed Triple H vs. Undertaker from Wrestlemania 27 and the sold out crowd at the Georgia Dome did as well based on how loud they were cheering in the match. In my opinion, it was my "Match of the Year" candidate until CM Punk vs. John Cena at the Money in the Bank PPV knocked it off for 2011. That's MY opinion and I'll debate anyone on that topic, as well as debating anyone on booking Triple H vs. Undertaker this year.

Thus, for the MATCH OF THE WEEK, I give you Triple H vs. Undertaker from Wrestlemania 27... But as an ADDED BONUS, especially since the WWE chooses to IGNORE history, here is their epic Wrestlemania 17 match as well. This match was expected to be good because Triple H was peaking during 2000-2001 but things were mixed with the "Bikertaker" gimmick as he returned in 2000. This match proved that he was beginning to take his in-ring career seriously and it was the start of a great decade for the Undertaker in the 2000's.


WRESTLEMANIA 17 (enjoy the Paul Heyman commentary!)


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