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MR. TITO STRIKES BACK - More on WWE's Jinder Mahal Push and Charlotte Flair's Exposed Photos
By Mr. Tito
May 5, 2017 - 11:02:49 PM

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Things are fairly obvious in the wrestling world today, particularly WWE. Now that we're OUT of Wrestlemania and top veterans are no longer around to act as a CRUTCH (Brock Lesnar, Undertaker, Triple H, & Bill Goldberg, the viewership numbers are dropping particularly as the NBA Playoffs begin... When you don't have top drawing babyface stars to fill in that crater left by the veterans who left, viewership declines.

But that's being way too obvious.

What troubles me is what's happening on Smackdown. We have Randy Orton as WWE Champion who has had back-to-back BAD matches with Bray Wyatt and to maybe get out of that rut, he should wrestle a strong competitor. Maybe the former WWE Champion AJ Styles or the former WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens? How about the up & coming heel Baron Corbin? How about giving Luke Harper a shot as he gave Randy Orton a GREAT match earlier in the year. How about former champions Chris Jericho (I know, he's leaving) or Dolph Ziggler? Maybe the International superstar and former NXT Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura, to put an International spotlight on the feud.

Nope... Let's push the JOBBER Jinder Mahal to the WWE Title spot... Oh, and Owens, Corbin, AJ Styles... Go feud over the US Title!

I don't get it, folks... We could go into the obvious details of Jinder having a 17% winning percentage in ANY match he's been involved with before this WWE Title contender push... I could mention the FACT that the WWE released him during 2014 and Ring of Honor of TNA Impact Wrestling showed zero interest despite them showing other former WWE superstars with opportunities. Or the fact that WWE only re-signed him in 2016 to be enhancement talent for the RAW roster and for the extreme majority of his return, he lost almost every match as a member of RAW.

But during the "Superstar Shake-up", Jinder Mahal joins the WWE Smackdown roster and INSTANTLY becomes the #1 contender for the WWE Title.

Let the RECORD show that I have NOTHING against Jinder Mahal. NOTHING! In fact, I'm personally happy for the guy... He's worked hard to get in shape lately and he's seizing on the opportunity that the WWE has decided to give him.

My issue is with the WWE trying to use a World Title shot or the World Title itself to INSTANTLY make Main Event caliber wrestlers. It's the SAME exact criticism that I've given the WWE for rushing many NOT READY superstars to the top. Ready for me to repeat myself? Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger, Miz, & Roman Reigns. Guys who were flawed either due to inexperience, lacking the fan support, or missing a specific characteristic of what made past main eventers work. In Jinder Mahal's case, he has a MASSIVE losing record and a history of losing (17%) before receiving a WWE Title push which is actually unlike most of the examples above.

Let's go through the SIMPLE formula for success to make a Main Eventer:

(1) Debut in the midcard, beat enhancement talent. While doing that, try out gimmicks or personalities.
(2) If you get some reaction, begin to occasionally wrestle upper midcarders.
(3) If the fan reaction gets stronger, begin to chase and eventually win a Midcard Title (US or Intercontinental Title).
(4) If and only if you can draw Houseshows as a midcard champion, then discussions may begin for a main event push.
(5) Chase the World Title and if the fan reaction gets stronger and stronger, begin preparations for storyline that builds and builds momentum.
(6) Win the World Title if and only if the chase draws for the wrestler. If not, return wrestler to the midcard.

Simple, simple, simple... Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Ultimate Warrior, Steve Austin, the Rock, Mick Foley, Triple H, Batista, Randy Orton, & John Cena all followed that simple, simple formula in some fashion. Those are the top drawing main eventers that the WWE has seen in the last 40 years. NONE of those wrestlers debuted by instantly winning, nor did they instantly receive a World Title push after having a 17% losing record historically.

That's my issue with Jinder Mahal and the 2.5 million and BELOW ratings for WWE Smackdown for the past 3 weeks is indicting of Mahal. Actually, it's indicting of the WWE for pushing Mahal prematurely towards the World Title. Mahal is going along with it because it's a good opportunity for him but it hurts the product BECAUSE the WWE marketed him as a JOBBER for years. Just because you join a new roster does not mean that you've become an instant main eventer.

If the WWE is pushing him because Mahal is in fantastic physical shape right now, then they are once again sending the wrong message... Pushing based on looks doesn't always work. You've pushed Roman Reigns for the past 3 years based on "look" and how has that worked out? And many other bad World Champions that have come and gone...

Let me say this... I saw that Smackdown match between Jinder Mahal and Sami Zayn... That match SUCKED... Everybody on the entire roster has had great matches with Sami Zayn and yet Jinder looked like an amateur. Mahal was struggling against Sami Zayn and just looked awkward throughout the match. How? If Jinder Mahal struggled against a guy who acts like a bump machine for everyone, how will he do against Randy Orton? Orton doesn't like to leave the ground or get slammed and yet he's very controlling of the flow for his matches. Lots of chinlocks... Orton needs someone who is athletically gifted as him to keep up, which is someone like AJ Styles. Their match from Smackdown was damn good, by the way.

What is it going to take to realize this Jinder Mahal push is a mistake? 2.3 million viewers for this past week's Smackdown. Furthermore, what is it going to take on RAW when that show gets further below 3.0 million viewers?

The only course correction needed is either the retirement of Vince McMahon or a complete shake-up of the Creative Team to remove "yes man" employees in favor of good wrestling minds sitting on the sideline.



Oh Charlotte Flair... You are the latest WWE superstar with egg all over their face because they allowed their private moments to be filmed or photoed and it was leaked. For the record, I believe that it's a shame that their phones are getting hacked... HOWEVER, there would be NOTHING TO HACK if there were NO private moments captured on your phone! I'm sure that other wrestlers or celebrities have been hacked and yet their photos aren't being shared. Why? Because there's nothing filthy to share.

I feel bad for Charlotte but SHE took those photos to be hacked. Even if they were from years ago and before Paige was exposed, other celebrities have had their phones or computers hacked for years. If you want to be in the public spotlight, then be responsible about it. Unless you want explicit photos to be stolen or leaked on purpose, protect yourself and stop making your videos/photos available to steal.

HOWEVER, calling out Charlotte for a photo leak isn't the purpose of my "Last Word"...

What I want to do is CALL OUT the Internet Wrestling Community for their comments about Charlotte Flair. FINGER OF SHAME to you.

What am I talking about? First of all, why do you want to see Charlotte's photo? What do you have to gain from them? You have free access to all of the adult material that you'd could ever dream of and yet you want to see an in-ring performer exposing herself? What are you expecting Charlotte to look like? She has a chest and a babymaker... Wow, what a concept. Sure, you're curious... But at some point, you need to be above things. Retweeting her photos or sharing links doesn't help matters. As you get older, you'll understand what I'm saying but try to resist temptation. Be above it and enjoy the many other professionals, including celebrities, who love showing you their private parts.

But where the real FINGER OF SHAME needs to go the Internet wrestling fans who are shaming Charlotte based on her looks. That's ridiculous. Many are commenting on how she's "too muscular", mocking what her chest looks like, or ridiculing what her downstairs area looks like. Huh? What are you expecting for someone who is a trained athlete who has put on added muscle? Have you not seen a fitness model or female body builder? There are women with muscles out there, folks... Do you live under a rock?

Here's my challenge for ANYONE hating on Charlotte's look without her clothes on: post your pictures and let us comment on YOU.

I'm sure most of the haters on Charlotte wouldn't even DARE to be in Charlotte's position, nor could they withstand the shaming. Go ahead, bullies, post your own pictures and let us laugh at YOU. Charlotte works on her body all year long and she does that to put on top shelf in-ring efforts for YOU to enjoy. She's a tremendous athlete and in-ring performer, and thanks to herself, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and others, she has helped to give the WWE a much needed boost in the midcard. In an era where Tag Teams and midcard titles are neglected, Women's wrestling has really helped stabilize the undercards of shows. Better yet, the 2016 RAW/Smackdown brand split needed Women's wrestling to help fill the cards.

I don't care that Charlotte is a celebrity who (a) foolishly took photos of herself and (b) made them available to be stolen. Fine, you looked at them... But to shame Charlotte's looks? That's YOUR problem for wanting to look in the first place! Just move on... However, you pile on with hatred to pour gasoline on an embarrassing situation. By admitting that you're looking at her photos and then shaming her with comments about her looks... Does that make you look good? Does that make you feel better?

Again - Post your photos. If you're so qualified to comment on Charlotte's looks, then be open about how great you look instead.

I just wanted to vomit when I saw the pure hatred on message boards and social media regarding Charlotte's looks. What has society become? What has the internet become? It's disgusting to me and you have to be above it all. Is something so miserable in your own life that you have to hate on others?

Fine, if you want to look, go hog wild... Charlotte was a fool for keeping those photos on her phone, but SHE'S STILL A PERSON and a HUMAN BEING. What if that was your sister? What if that was your daughter? Would you want the entire internet mocking her looks. I guarantee that if you were her brother or father, you'd be furious!

You have to be above it all, folks... She's been a good performer in the WWE and should deserve some respect for that.


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