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MR. TITO STRIKES BACK - Reposting "Triple H Just Buried CM Punk" Column from 9/18/2011
By Mr. Tito
Nov 27, 2014 - 11:04:52 PM

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Let's go back to September 2011, if you will... I was a very grumpy columnist at the time. Actually, I was a "blogger" back then, as I was writing for's BLOGS at the time which was prominently featured on As a backstory, I actually stopped writing columns from October 2006 through early 2010. I was about to get married, was looking to purchase a house, and I wasn't happy with the pro wrestling scene during 2006. Actually, the Eddie Guerrero death during late 2005 deflated me. Thus, I retired during October 2006 and thought I'd never comeback. During early 2010, however, LoP began offering non-wrestling BLOG spots to be featured on and I took a spot. For a while, I wrote about sports, politics, and economics. It didn't go so well...

But every once and a while, I wrote about Monday Night RAW which I started casually watching again during late 2009. True story, I actually quit watching wrestling from June 2007 through late 2009. I was so disgusted with the pro wrestling industry and Chris Benoit for his actions that I outright stopped watching wrestling. Ever notice how my columns make NO mention of anything that occurred between June 2007 to late 2009? I really have no impressions of the business for what happened during that timeframe. When I wrote on a few RAW episodes for my "Blog is Tito" during early 2010, the reactions were big... The readers of LoP wanted me to write on wrestling again. More and more, the blogs went from fewer non-wrestling columns to full blown wrestling columns. And then I began writing daily... I started off as a LoP writer by posting daily columns from 1998-2002... I came full circle. For much of 2011, I wrote daily columns on the Blogs section of which posted links to

Thus, I was writing DAILY on the Summer of Punk when CM Punk caught real fire following his pre-Money in the Bank 2011 "pipebomb" promo. Thanks to my self-imposed wrestling "blackout" period of June 2007 to late 2009, I honestly didn't know much about CM Punk as a wrestler. When he joined the RAW roster during late 2010 and became the Nexus leader, I took notice. I was quite impressed by CM Punk as a wrestler and personality... Then, the WWE Creative Team actually hit a homerun by playing up CM Punk's contract situation as creating a "sense of urgency" for his last WWE Title shot against John Cena at Money in the Bank 2011. Better yet, WWE changed their booking plans by having CM Punk actually win the WWE Title. But it all went to shit after that...

I saw it coming a mile away... When the WWE followed up the Money in the Bank Pay Per View with Triple H removing Vince McMahon as the on-screen Authority figure, I was immediately worried. After all, I wrote about HHH the politician extensively between 2000-2006 and figured trouble was in the future. In my opinion, Triple H has an inability to turn "wrestler mode" OFF and remains competitive to put himself over anybody on the roster, regardless if he's wrestling or not. He's still hungry to be the top guy in the business even though his career speaks for itself (easly, an all-time great) and since he married Stephanie McMahon. However, HHH's ego acts like he's still climbing the WWE ladder and he's willing to destroy anybody in sight besides John Cena. Then, the WWE had the stupid WWE Title tournament and then Triple H named himself "special guest referee" of SummerSlam 2011. The rest was history... Kevin Nash shows up, attacks CM Punk, and then Alberto Del Rio steals Punk's WWE Title by cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase.

OK, we're not in panic mode yet... Naturally, CM Punk should immediately feud with Triple H and Kevin Nash. Punk should immediately blame Triple H for Nash's wrongdoing. At first, it seemed OK... Triple H denied any involvement with Kevin Nash's actions and the heat was building towards a CM Punk vs. Kevin Nash match to eventually create Triple H vs. CM Punk. Rumor had it that Survivor Series 2011 was the destination for CM Punk vs. HHH. However, Kevin Nash could not pass a physical... Instead, Triple H vs. CM Punk was rushed for Night of Champions 2011. For the build up of the match, it was nothing but Triple H talking down CM Punk and actually breaking character with shoot comments. I was calling it at the time but nobody believed me. Triple H was purposely sabotaging CM Punk's heat whether it was HHH's personal dislike of CM Punk (Punk called him a "doofus son-in-law") or if it was Vince McMahon's call to help boost Alberto Del Rio on the roster instead. Either way, I saw it coming...

When I saw the September 13th, 2011 edition of RAW where CM Punk and Triple H had an in-ring promo, it made me sick. I KNEW what was coming. CM Punk is trying to stay in character with smartass comments while Triple H breaks into a clear shoot on Punk. Just listen to what HHH says to Punk that attacks him personally as a professional and just treats Punk with utter disrespect. See and hear for yourself.

I was FURIOUS and in fact, my RAW review column was supposed to be my last. I just said "fuck it, I'm done" and announced that the 9/13/14 column would be my last. I didn't write another column until immediately after WWE Night of Champions 2011. I took a lot of criticism for my early predictions of CM Punk getting buried that I wanted to give Internet critics one last kick to the ribs. Thus, one more column was typed and it was the famous I TOLD YOU SO - Triple H Just Buried CM Punk at Night of Champions that remains one of my most read columns of all time. It caught major attention online as other wrestling websites quoted it, discussed it on their message boards, and my email just exploded with feedback like never before. Better yet, CM Punk actually replied to fellow LoP columnist Mazza tweet about being "buried":

I took a lot of heat for writing on the "Summer of Punk" and its downfall. Attacked repeatedly on message boards, by fellow columnists, and I was ripped heavily on Twitter before I even had it (funny to look back on it). Better yet, many within the "Internet Wrestling Community" kept insisting that the 2011-2013 lengthy WWE Title reign proved me wrong. That's right, even though Punk barely beat anybody worth noting as champion, the damage done during 2011 must be ignored said the idiotic internet haters during that time. And then, we fast forward to 2013 where I accurately called that the WWE was also trying to sabotage the momentum of Daniel Bryan. Many still believe that Bryan becoming WWE Champion at Wrestlemania 30 was the plan the entire time. Seriously... Even though plans were in place for Bryan to be in the Wyatt family extensively, Triple H was supposed to wrestle CM Punk, and Batista was originally booked to win the WWE Title at Wrestlemania, WWE marks stood firm and denied the political sabotaging. Attacks, attacks, attacks...

But then, vindication presents itself. CM Punk FINALLY spoke out about his WWE departure on Colt Cabana's audio show. Two significant points he made:

(1) He told off Triple H about ruining his 2011 momentum.

(2) He forced change of the Wrestlemania 30 plans by leaving, as Daniel Bryan was NOT booked to wrestle for the WWE Title.

Quoting directly, transcribing the audio show:

Punk says that same day he was being pressured about taking a drug test and signing visas for future tours instead of listening to his requests for help because something was obviously wrong. Punk then told Vince McMahon and Triple H that he was going home. Punk says he told off Triple H about cutting off his momentum in 2011 and complained to Vince for stifling Punk's creativity. He says he told them both it was garbage how Daniel Bryan wasn't being considered for the WrestleMania XXX main event. Punk says he told them he didn't want to do this anymore and was done. Vince was in tears when he hugged Punk goodbye and told him he was family.

Sweet vindication. Checkmate, internet...

In honor of this day and revelation by CM Punk to confirmed what actually happened to CM Punk during 2011 and Daniel Bryan during 2013-2014, I'm going to repost my famous September 18th, 2011 column. I actually saved a PDF of it, but the Wayback Internet Archive thankfully had it so that I didn't have to struggle copying and pasting from a PDF. The Adobe Reader app for Windows 8 is just brutal!



MR. TITO PRESENTS... 9/18/2011 - "Blog is Tito" - I TOLD YOU SO - Triple H Just Buried CM Punk at Night of Champions

For those who are asking, this isn't a short-lived "comeback" blog from "retirement". It's a celebration of a big I TOLD YOU SO. Folks, CM Punk was buried tonight by Triple H and I've been preaching about this danger since Triple H made his return and began confronting CM Punk. After the WWE was handed a brand new main event superstar through the Money in the Bank Pay Per View, they flushed that opportunity down the toilet in favor of putting the spotlight back on Triple H.

The burial was complete tonight. Now, I have written about Triple H's Wrestler Burials, but this one might become his biggest burial of all time. Yes, that's right... Worse than humiliating Kane with Katie Vick... CM Punk had major momentum before the Money in the Bank Pay Per View. An expiring contract or not, just playing it up and threatening to take the WWE Title elsewhere was well done in terms of its booking and in the span of a few weeks, it made CM Punk the talk of the wrestling world. Then, along with John Cena, CM Punk helped put on a 5-Star classic at Money in the Bank which will easily win "Match of the Year" honors.

But that was CM Punk's peak... He's finished now. Instead of cashing in on the possibility that CM Punk could take the WWE Title elsewhere, the RAW after Money in the Bank was used to put the entire spotlight on Triple H replacing Vince McMahon as the "authority figure" of the WWE. The following week, after a new WWE Champion was crowned in the phony tournament (Rey Mysterio) and then forced to immediately defend the belt against John Cena, CM Punk was rushed back and a rigged controversy over "who is the REAL WWE Champion" ensued with Triple H overseeing it. Complete and utter disaster, made worse by SummerSlam resulting in Alberto Del Rio cashing in the stupid Money in the Bank briefcase after CM Punk defeated John Cena for a second time.

Maybe things could have been OK if CM Punk would have wrestled Kevin Nash at Money in the Bank (typo) Night of Champions 2011, as Nash helped cause the WWE Title loss to Alberto Del Rio at SummerSlam. I would have been OK with that... But the WWE thought otherwise, not blaming the booking clusterfuck on the WWE Creative Team but the new star that they rewrote scripts to start pushing. That's right, those beautiful 3.0 ratings were scapegoated on CM Punk and we saw a "get it over with" match tonight between Triple H vs. CM Punk. Stupid Kevin Nash interference aside, Triple H just rolled in that ring and hit the Pedigree with ease, 1, 2, 3. Complete burial of CM Punk.

Instead of the possibility of Triple H adding himself as a wrestler to what I thought was becoming a nice stable of main eventers in John Cena, the Miz, Alberto Del Rio, and CM Punk (add Randy Orton if we're merging), he's the authority figure that's better than everybody on the roster. Nothing has changed. Despite the real psychology being that Triple H is over 40 and has only wrestled once in the past year, he can destroy the up-and-coming main eventer who might have legitimately helped boost Money in the Bank and SummerSlam Pay Per View revenues that might otherwise be strained.

I warned you, folks... The Triple H & Stephanie McMahon "backstage poison", and their enabling Father (or in-law), Vince McMahon, continue to do what they want and continue to figure that the competition won't ever catch up. Lower buyrates, embarrassing Smackdown attendance, and 3.0 RAW ratings are not the fault of those in the Creative Staff or operating the WWE, but the wrestlers themselves. This is why I'd rather not waste my time analyzing stupidity of the McMahon family. They are lazy at the top and care only about keeping Triple H strong and for some reason, booking John Cena and Randy Orton too strong against any rising opponents (I was SHOCKED that they let Mark Henry win tonight - good for him).

I have better things to do than to keep writing on this crap. WWE got my hopes up that they were going to let a new star shine, but foolish me, I went along with it. But that's OK... I don't have to write about it any longer. Now, will I stop watching wrestling? No... 10:00pm hour is possibly the most dry hour on television and I'll casually watch it as I have in the past. But I'm not dedicating the additional time wearing the Mr. Tito mask to write about something that cannot get repaired.

I am begging TNA Wrestling and Ring of Honor to "get their shit together". WWE is vulnerable right now and the rise of a well-run wrestling promotion could easily knock them off the top. TNA and RoH should realize that the WWE of the mid-1990's was thought to be invincible, too, but WCW thought otherwise. WCW through 1997 was thought to be unstoppable but the WWF reorganized themselves and fought back. All it takes is a little intelligence and innovation. I would gladly act as a FREE consultant to either promotion if they wish to seek my services.

I told you so, I told you so, I told you so... Ding dong, CM Punk's career is dead and Triple H not only did it backstage during a creative meeting, but by himself with a Pedigree.

I'll enjoy my "retirement", folks... WWE doesn't deserve my time, nor should they deserve yours. Thank you to the readers and thank you to Calvin/ for many years of great fun. I enjoyed the Mr. Tito character, and I won't close the door all the way... If, in the future, that writing on pro wrestling again makes it worth my time and effort again, who knows, I could come back... Never say never...

But for now, I'm done and once again, I told you so.


NOTE: This column was from 9/18/2011 and I'm NOT retiring. Just a flashback column for a time that I was irritated at the WWE for destroying CM Punk.


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