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Apr 2, 2013 - 11:10:46 PM

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Delivering the goods since October 1998 here at the awesomeness known as /, the "Excellence in Column Writing" has returned for more Mr. Tito mayhem! Folks, we have the final Monday Night RAW before Wrestlemania 29 in the books. I've stayed silent, at least in column form, on the hype, card, and expectations of Wrestlemania 29. And I must say, I'm indifferent about this year's show. In some ways, it looks like a decent show and I'm excited for the New York City (New Jersey) crowd. However, in other ways, I'm almost bored to tears with the lack of good hype for this show and the how predictable how the Triple Main Event appears with its finishes.

In my opinion, here are the probabilities of finishes for the Triple Main Event matches at Wrestlemania 29:

- Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar: Brock Lesnar won at SummerSlam 2012, thus Triple H is expected to win the rematch. Triple H, with only the Undertaker and at times, Shawn Michaels/Rock, does not lose rematches. Triple H will likely "get his win back" to set up a possible 3rd match with Brock Lesnar's second contracted year with the WWE.

- Rock vs. John Cena: Rock won last year at Wrestlemania 28, much to the dismay of the younger WWE fans. Like him or not, John Cena is the perfect spokesperson for the PG-Era WWE Corporation. He still sells merchandise and the WWE has to offer refunds at Houseshows when Cena is out with injury. For the WWE to make Cena lose to the Rock again is crapping all over the younger fanbase who look up to Cena as a legitimate role model. The WWE can't risk alienating these fans. Plus, it sets up a 3rd match...

- Undertaker vs. CM Punk: The Streak is on the line. Vince McMahon reportedly loves the streak and is the one backstage pushing for it to continue, despite Undertaker reportedly having no problems losing. In addition, the real person behind Paul Bearer passed away. With CM Punk dogging the Undertaker about Bearer's passing, there is no way CM Punk wins this match. Undertaker will dedicate the match to Paul Bearer and early reports are that John Cena will be the man to break the Undertaker's streak at Wrestlemania 30.

The victories for Triple H, John Cena, and the Undertaker seem SET IN STONE. In fact, Wrestlemania's top matches being predictable has been argued to be a possible cause for a lower buyrate than expected for Wrestlemania 29. In addition, the previous John Cena vs. Rock and Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar matches weren't up for "Match of the Year" for 2012, while many fans have a sour taste from the end result of the 2009 feud between CM Punk and the Undertaker. Reportedly during 2009 when CM Punk was World Heavyweight Champion, Undertaker questioned CM Punk's clothing style, as it did not look professional for a champion in his opinion, and Punk reportedly lashed out in response to Taker and questioned why Cena could dress the way he does. Undertaker, very close backstage with the McMahons, reportedly voiced his opinion and CM Punk was soon dropping the World Title to Undertaker and losing repeatedly to him thereafter.

Thus, we're expecting good, but not incredibly great matches with predictable finishes. Thus, Wrestlemania 29's success hinges upon the midcard performing well... Fandango vs. Chris Jericho?!?

But the WWE does have the GAME CHANGER result, if they so choose to book it...

First of all, John Cena HAS to win. I don't see any way around that. WWE has booked themselves into a corner on that match thanks to Wrestlemania 28's result and no rematches since. With Triple H and Brock Lesnar, it could go either way... I don't see fans emotionally invested in wanting Triple H to get his revenge. Triple H has burned his bridges with fans for years and they aren't emotionally invested in his quest for revenge against Brock. Win or lose, it just doesn't matter as much. SummerSlam was hyped too much for Brock vs. Triple H and the match was good, but not great. Lesnar might be better suited for the "David vs. Goliath" match instead, although David already slayed Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules 2012 when John Cena was victorious over Lesnar.

But there is ONE MATCH RESULT that could turn Wrestlemania 29 around and get wrestling fans pumped up for the rest of 2013 and carry into 2014. It all starts with CM Punk DEFEATING the Undertaker and the rest of the year falls into place perfectly.


I know what you're thinking... "Tito, you're on crack!" Yes indeed, especially with the failed Soap Opera writers led by a Communications major consisting of the WWE Creative Staff. Oh, the days when Vince McMahon surrounded himself with actual former pro wrestlers/personalities or creative minds to be on his WWE Creative Team. The days of Pat Patterson calling finishes, Jim Cornette keeping with tradition, Vince Russo being innovative and bold while on a leash, and the storyboarding of Chris Kreski are over. Vince McMahon is influenced by nepotism and lacks motivation without competition banging on his door. But, for free, I'm here to help. I have the absolute PERFECT way to not only boost interest in the replay value of Wrestlemania 29, but to make 2013-2014 VERY interesting for the WWE.

CM Punk HAS to win. I know that the WWE has been building that the Undertaker will get revenge on the dastardly CM Punk for mocking the late Paul Bearer. Sure, it's in poor taste to use Paul Bearer in the storyline, but the WWE has done worse SO **** IT~! Bearer's legacy has been honored by the WWE enough and Bearer's character was a big part of the Undertaker character's life that it could be included in a storyline. It's certainly adding much needed heat to the match in spite of what appears to be a predictable finish to the Punk vs. Undertaker match. Why be so damn predictable? Grow some balls, WWE, and END THE STREAK!

But there is one way to END THE STREAK and protect all wrestlers involved... Let me show you a piece of video footage first:

At UFC 121 during October 2010, then UFC Fighter Brock Lesnar fought Cain Velasquez. After the match, the Undertaker was spotted at ringside and was interviewed on camera by's Ariel Helwani . During the interview, Brock Lesnar walked by the Undertaker and the two stared each other down with the Undertaker saying "you wanna do it". After the incident, the interviewer asked what happened and the Undertaker said "it's personal". Reportedly during their work together during 2002-2003 on the same Smackdown brand, the two didn't mix well and did get a big physical in the ring against each other. After Wrestlemania 20, the WWE scheduled Brock Lesnar to feud with the returning "Deadman" gimmick of the Undertaker. In addition to the burnout of an exhausting schedule, Brock Lesnar disliked the creative direction of the WWE through 2004.

The WWE should send Ariel Helwani a big THANK YOU for a huge storyline opportunity. Simply put, Brock Lesnar causes the Undertaker to LOSE at Wrestlemania 29 against CM Punk. If necessary, the Shield can assist...

This accomplishes many things at once... For one, it sets up Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar, feeding off the real life UFC 121 heat. It's a match that would not only draw WWE fans, but it could snatch interest from the MMA world who were curious about the Undertaker's presence and words with Lesnar at UFC 121. HUGE money to be made off this match or series of matches. SummerSlam 2013 could be a perfect home for this match-up and would draw well a few months after Wrestlemania 29.

Secondly, it catapults CM Punk. Reportedly, the WWE has had early discussions of crowning John Cena as "the man" to take down the Undertaker's streak. How on earth does it help John Cena, who has been proven to be superhuman for much of his post 2005 career? CM Punk, heading into Wrestlemania 29, was defeated twice by The Rock and then lost to John Cena on RAW. Punk had the one-up on John Cena from their 2011 matches, along with escaping 2012 bouts, and was one of the few things helping him to appear credible as a Main Eventer. This disappeared when Cena defeated him on RAW this year. And then weeks later, Kane defeated CM Punk. This is after a mostly disappointing WWE Title run where CM Punk wasn't allowed to beat anyone cleanly and didn't even main event most Pay Per Views as WWE Champion.

But the biggest part if the official formation of the new Dangerous Alliance, officially linking all of Paul Heyman's guys together to form a nearly invincible stable. Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, and The Shield... PERFECT heel stable!

I keep hearing HILARIOUS speculation on the message boards about Randy Orton, Sheamus, or Ryback "turning heel" at Wrestlemania 29 to "lead the Shield". Funny stuff! For one, all 3 guys don't fit the attitude or the mold of the other Shield members. Randy Orton has been flipped and flopped on sides so many times that any turn now isn't effective. Just no heat in the heel turn. Sheamus was a heel and the WWE pushed him hard as such. Didn't work as well as it should. And Ryback? Not exactly the charismatic addition to the Shield. It would be like the Giant or Big Show joining the New World Order. Nice dominant piece added, but nothing flashy that jumps out.

CM Punk fits as the heel leader. "Voice of the voiceless" as he declared during 2011. The Shield epitomizes the rebel attitude that CM Punk projects and the Shield just coincidentally helped CM Punk during late 2012. Paul Heyman, who began managing CM Punk during 2012, was revealed to be behind the Shield (and also Brad Maddox). In addition, Paul Heyman manages Brock Lesnar. It all fits...

Lesnar, Punk, and the Shield... The PERFECT drawing heel stable.

In opposition, the WWE could align John Cena, the Undertaker, Triple H, Randy Orton, Ryback, Sheamus, and even Alberto Del Rio against this super heel group. If Lesnar/Punk/Shield need more members, the WWE was reportedly looking at rehiring Shelton Benjamin. Perfect addition. The WWE could ride the wave of this HEEL stable for 2 years, easily.

The biggest growth periods were dependent upon strong HEEL stables. Four Horsemen for NWA/WCW during the late 1980's. Bobby Heenan's Family in the WWE during the late 1980's. New World Order during 1996-1998 for WCW. Degeneration X during 1997-1998 and then the Corporation during 1998-1999. Even Evolution had its moments during 2003-2004.

Lesnar, Punk, and the Shield managed by Paul Heyman makes way too much sense.

But the Undertaker must lose. It's time for a GAME CHANGER, WWE. The ball is in your court to make the New York City (New Jersey) fans shit their pants in shock because Brock Lesnar cost the Undertaker his match at Wrestlemania 29 and ended the streak. There is way too much money to be drawn here not to shake things up.

Winning 20 straight Wrestlemania matches is still in tact. That's STILL an incredible feat that nobody will be able to accomplish. Undertaker's star remains in tact while putting over CM Punk and opening the door up to some major money with Brock Lesnar.

You're welcome for the free booking advice, WWE. Now go make money!

Just chill till the next episode!

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