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MR. TITO STRIKES BACK - WWE Monday Night RAW Thoughts and Wrestlemania 30 Predictions
By Mr. Tito
Mar 31, 2014 - 11:30:40 PM

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The "Excellence in Column Writing" has returned and it's my Wrestlemania 30 predictions column. Old man Tito here has now existed for more than half of the Wrestlemanias since my debut during October 1998. During that time, I have written many predictions columns. Am I right more times than not? I don't know... quite a chore to go back and count. Probably not. I tend to roll the dice way too much on my predictions and often let how I'd book it influence on what will actually happen. But I keep posting my predictions because I get harassed when I don't post a predictions column.

Usually, I split the Pay Per Views 3 ways with my old friends... But this year, one of them purchased WWE Network and we'll go to his house to watch it on his Playstation 4. He was a big WWE/WCW tape collector back in his day and he's loving the huge Pay Per View collection in high quality streaming video. It's quite nice, I must say...

Once again, the internet is losing itself on the "GO HOME" edition fo Monday Night RAW before Wrestlemania 30. With experience, you easily know that the WWE uses the RAW before ANY Pay Per View to rest the talent. More segments, more video packages, and many fluff matches. Usually, I just sit back and write my Pay Per View predictions as the show is going on and just add comments here and there if something important happens. Certainly, this kind of hype show is difficult to swallow for 3 hours, but it's USA Network who granted the WWE 3 hours. If you consider that RAW has become "boring" for 3 hours, then point the FINGER OF SHAME at USA Networks for foolishly extending RAW. Then again, you don't have to watch all 3 hours...

RAW tonight did have some really good segments, particularly to hype John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt and Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar. I liked that Brock and Undertaker couldn't wait for Wrestlemania to GET IT ON and the match was hyped well by it. Finally, just two guys wanting to fight in order to simply prove who is tougher. No theatrics, no mysterious coffins, no excessive smoke (well, that happened tonight). This isn't the mid 1990's WWE when that stuff happened in excess and didn't draw. We're all about the in-ring product now and the elder Undertaker is a great in-ring performer once a year at Wrestlemania. Furthermore, would it KILL the WWE to actually use this video?

I know, I know... The Undertaker is a character and the WWE is protective of this. But damn, this was a real life staredown with the Undertaker willing to stand up to Lesnar after Brock just fought a UFC bout. Why not use it? Furthermore, WWE should milk that it has one of UFC's biggest stars in their promotion now.

John Cena vs. the Wyatt Family wasn't compelling me, but I thought tonight's execution of the Wyatts/Cena segment was really well done. Cena appeared in the ring with the Wyatts with a sheep mask and confused the Wyatts. Cena took the mask off and whooped on the Wyatts but Bray was able to get away. Backstage, Cena cut a really nice promo. Too bad the storylines heading into this match were lame. But that's my opinion... I know that many of you enjoy the Wyatt Family and I encourage you to like what you like and never be ashamed of it. Don't let old man Tito tell you "get off my lawn" on something that you want to see. I'm just here to entertain and give you a different viewpoint.

As for the whole Daniel Bryan/Triple H/Batista/Randy Orton situation... I wouldn't make too much of Triple H's raging dick comments this week. It's a pretty good sign, to me, that he's doing the J.O.B. to Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania 30. If that's the price we pay, so be it. The main event was actually a No Disqualification match between Batista vs. Randy Orton. Seriously, this was supposed to be the Wrestlemania 30 MAIN EVENT and we're getting it on RAW. I do like the psychology, however, of Triple H putting on this match just to soften each guy up for Wrestlemania 30. Early into this match, the crowd was dead and thus justifies all of our criticism on how badly this match would have drawn on its own at Wrestlemania. I still want to know who places Kendo Sticks under the ring?

The match was going alright with some decent chairshots, though nothing spectacular... Like I said, dead crowd. Then, Daniel Bryan attacked Triple H at ringside and the crowd exploded! Fans went crazy for HHH and Bryan brawling and the "YES!" chants were deafening! Holy shit Daniel Bryan is crazy over!

Overall, I give RAW a B+. Perfectly acceptable HYPE show, although the midcard for Wrestlemania 30 still sucks. Undertaker/Lesnar, Bryan/HHH and then the WWE Title match with Batista/Orton, and Cena/Wyatt were booked extremely well tonight.

I'm pumped... Onto my predictions!


In the famous WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN / WHAT WILL HAPPEN format that everybody uses these days...

Andre "the Giant" Battle Royal

Pretty obvious who will win this match. In honor of Andre, the WWE will have the close comparison to him win the match. No doubt in my mind.

WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN: Someone needs to win this to be elevated. Don't know who, but someone other than the obvious choice.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN: Big Show wins the battle royal.


The Shield vs. New Age Outlaws/Kane

At almost 150 years combined, Kane and the Outlaws will be used as elevation talent. Billy Gunn and Road Dogg are being rewarded with a Wrestlemania spot for their comeback. With Kane, I'm just not sure how effective his role with the Authority has been... The Shield just turned babyface and shall use this match to catapult them as faces. Then, in the months to come, Rollins/Ambrose turn.



WWE Divas Title: AJ Lee (c) vs. Everybody Invitational

This match is just to feature Wrestlemania 30 on Total Divas. Honestly, I could give two flying ****s about this match other than if any of these ladies wear hot outfits on Pay Per View. WWE doesn't care to book this division well other than hyping up Total Divas. I was going to predict a Naomi win, but tonight's RAW result with Naomi defeating AJ Lee tells me otherwise.

WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN: AJ Lee retains the Divas Title and much of the other divas talent are released. Make way for Emma and Paige.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN: AJ Lee retains the title.


WWE Tag Titles: The Usos(c) vs. Jack Swagger/Cesaro vs. Ryback/Curtis Axel vs. Los Matadores

Did I ever mention that I HATE 4 way tag matches? Almost seems like these happen often by the WWE as lazy booking for Wrestlemania and other shows (at least I think several have happened at Wrestlemania?). Either way, this match just seems like a way to get as many people on the Wrestlemania payoff as possible (ditto Divas match, ditto Andre the Giant battle royal). Nobody in this match seems to be a serious tag team threat long-term, so I'll go with the champs as my prediction.

WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN: Swagger and Cesaro win the Tag Titles to be a dysfunctional tag team after Wrestlemania. WE THE PEOPLE!

WHAT WILL HAPPEN: Usos retain the WWE Tag Titles.


John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

It's too early for Bray Wyatt to have a match at Wrestlemania against the #1 star. We SHOULD be enjoying another Wyatts vs. Shield match instead, but the McMahons/Triple H are pretty high on Bray Wyatt's talent. I believe Wyatt has talent and upside, but pro wrestling is all about timing and forcing it down fans' throats historically doesn't work out well. But if John Cena plays ball, just as he did for CM Punk in 2011 and Daniel Bryan in 2013, we could be in for a great match. In my opinion, if Bray comes up short in a "losing effort", he grows up to be a much stronger superstar than if he beats Cena. After all, if he beats Bryan at Rumble and Cena at Wrestlemania, what is left to accomplish early in his WWE career?

WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN: John Cena wins 100% clean in a tough match with 2-3 Attitude Adjustments.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN: John Cena wins via DQ when Wyatt Family run-in occurs.


Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar

EAT, SLEEP, BREAK THE STREAK! Well, that's not happening. Brock Lesnar could be gone after Wrestlemania 31 (signed a 2 year extension after Wrestlemania 29) and the WWE would rather utilize the streak rub on an up and coming talent... Make the call in 1 year, folks... Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, or even (finally) John Cena. Brock Lesnar hitting the F5 on the Undertaker tonight ices it officially.

WHAT SHOULD/WILL HAPPEN: Undertaker wins and continues the streak. Should be a physical match...


Winner Joins WWE Title Main Event: Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H

I believe that Triple H will do the honors in this match. He's not a full-time wrestler and he knows that giving fans hope for Bryan to win the WWE Title will make the main event red hot. There is a SLIGHT chance of a double disqualification, no contest, or something else that causes Triple H and Daniel Bryan to BOTH join the Batista/Orton match. However, Vince/Triple H don't want to risk the New Orleans fans hijacking the main event due to a flawed HHH/Bryan finish.

WHAT SHOULD/WILL HAPPEN: Daniel Bryan wins 100% clean.


WWE Title Match: Randy Orton (c) vs. Batista vs. (Daniel Bryan or Triple H)

The original reported plans where to have Batista make a welcomed return, win the Royal Rumble, and then defeat Randy Orton to be crowned WWE Champion. However, Batista was put in the middle of the "Yes!" movement just as Randy Orton was there for the end of 2013. But Vince McMahon/Triple H have proven to be stubborn on plans... I wouldn't doubt that some sort of screwjob is in the works for Bryan. In addition, I wouldn't doubt that Triple H wants one more WWE Title reign. BUT BUT BUT, the WWE doesn't want the New Orleans fanbase rioting and they know that Bryan winning would well more DVD/Blu-Ray videos of the show. As I look into the crystal ball for my prediction, I'm honestly torn.

WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN: Daniel Bryan is put over as a mega star by not only defeating Triple H 100% clean, but squeaking out a win from Batista/Orton to celebrate the night away. Then, we get a "Summer of Bryan" where Daniel Bryan gets repeat clean wins over Batista and Orton to build him up as a strong babyface.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN: Batista or Triple H wins the WWE Title. Something smells... I wouldn't doubt that the McMahons/Triple H might want to use Wrestlemania 30 as a means to fuel storylines after Wrestlemania. I'm sensing that "Evolution" may legitimately reform to attack Daniel Bryan and maybe CM Punk is member #4 along with Triple H, Batista, and Randy Orton. CM Punk is way too addicted to his Twitter account to just walk away. There's something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear.


Thank you for reading! I may have several columns to post this week including a FINAL COUNTDOWN (which has been in the works for weeks) and my LoP Hall of Fame induction column for the faction winner by you, the voters. I might write another one as well, but time is always the issue.

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