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MR. TITO STRIKES BACK - WWE TLC 2016 Pay Per View Predictions & Bill Goldberg and Roman Reigns Comparisons
By Mr. Tito
Dec 3, 2016 - 11:24:14 PM

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Good evening... I've been writing wrestling columns for 18 years now for / You'll have to bear with me as I plaster on a fake smile and plow through this crap one more time! (Bill Hicks). I'm always excited to do Pay Per View predictions columns. Yes, thank you WWE for running TWO Pay Per Views a month now...

I always love the delusional WWE yes-man fan who loves and worships everything that Vince McMahon and family do. For example, repeatedly giving away Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks for FREE. For this week's RAW, we were over 3 million viewers... Congrats to the WWE, but many readers are coming at me with "see, see, women's wrestling is a draw!!". But last week was over 3 million viewers, too... So if the Main Event from this past week's RAW of Sasha vs. Charlotte drew then you HAVE to admit that Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins during 11/21 RAW was a draw as well. We've been stuck under 3 million for a while so thus, if you're going to brag up Sasha/Charlotte then you better brag up who main evented the previous RAW to break 3 million.

But I'm here to tell you that none of that is drawing... RAW coincidentally is above 3 million viewers for back-to-back shows following Survivor Series 2016. And sure, I enjoyed Survivor Series... Good show. However, what had people talking was ONE match on the card and that was Bill Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar. Instead of having a long drawn out turd of a match where Brock Lesnar would "get his win back", we were treated to a SHOCKING squash victory by Bill Goldberg and it had everybody talking heavily about it in the weeks that followed. Then, on the subsequent episodes of RAW, both Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar have announced their intentions of entering the 2017 Royal Rumble match to become the #1 contender for a World Championship. That's HUGE... On the heels of a SHOCKING finish, the next time you'll see them possibly squaring off again is in the crazy environment of 30 men over the top rope to seek a title shot. THAT DRAWS.

So for anyone doubting the WWE or even Vince McMahon for being senile... He just proved why he's the #1 wrestling promoter of ALL TIME. He still has some magic to deliver to fans and now ALL of us are looking forward to Royal Rumble 2016. That, and he made Survivor Series a decent Pay Per View franchise again. When was the last time you actually CARED about that show and then talked about it weeks later? The booking of Bill Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar was genius!

Here is what needs to be said about Bill Goldberg. He's a former pro football player that entered pro wrestling. Sound familiar? Roman Reigns is also a former pro football player who entered pro wrestling. Granted, Reigns did not make an NFL roster before the start of the regular season (Goldberg did), but Reigns did play some Canadian Football... Bill Goldberg had about 1 year's worth of training before debuting on the main WCW roster. Roman Reigns? Over 2 years of training with Florida Championship Wrestling/NXT before he joined WWE. But why was Goldberg VERY over in year 1 of his WCW main roster job compared to Roman Reigns struggling to get over for 4 years in the WWE?

Simple. It's about the PERSONALITY/CHARACTER of Bill Goldberg and the much better booking in place for Goldberg in WCW. Granted, I'm talking about 1998 World Championship Wrestling (WCW) which horribly botched the Sting Crow gimmick, kept the New World Order on life support, and could not stop pushing the older Hulk Hogan. Oh yeah, refused to create new Main Event stars... Besides Goldberg! Something was very broken with WCW during 1998 but they got Goldberg mostly right. They pushed him like a monster BUT it was the person, Bill Goldberg, who took full advantage of that push and injected his personality into that role. He took the intensity of being a former football player and represented himself well as a pro wrestler. He looked the role, sold the intensity of his character with his natural personality, and he had a great finisher combo (Spear & Jackhammer). Didn't hurt that he looked like Steve Austin, but as you an see during 2016 at the tender age of 49 (he's seriously going to turn 50 years old in 24 days!), he's STILL OVER despite a 12 year absence from the WWE and 15 year absence from WCW. He brought in 400,000 new eyeballs for his WWE return on RAW! Now, RAW is back over 3 million viewers thanks to the brilliant booking of his Survivor Series 2016 match.

So... Roman Reigns has football experience but he had more training than Bill Goldberg (I'd argue, BETTER training as WCW's Power Plant didn't exactly churn out stars)... But he's NOT over? Despite the WWE's non-stop efforts of pushing the guy to the moon since early 2014? Ya know, being the ONLY member of the Shield to defeat CM Punk. He's had nothing but World Title shots gift wrapped to him and is a 3-time WWE Champion. Yet, as I statistically proved in my 10/3/16 column, Roman Reigns is a bigtime negative draw as WWE Champion. Seriously, my model projected that Reigns would lose a full point in the ratings when champion!

I've argued it for YEARS that the WWE Creative Team is poor and just big enablers for bad Vince McMahon ideas... But, Roman has had incredibly favorable booking from the Creative Team. They have given him every opportunity to win fan sympathy and convincingly become THE MAN... But he's not over. So what's wrong?

Take Chris Jericho for example... He is 46 years old and has been in the WWE since late 1999. He actually debuted as a pro wrestler during October 1990. Yet, old Jericho is able to constantly re-invent himself and remain popular as a wrestler. Look at him right now, however... His current gimmick is that he carries around a clipboard with paper and puts anybody who upsets him on "the List". Think about how ABSURD that gimmick is yet the man behind Chris Jericho's WWE personality GETS IT OVER. I could easily argue that Jericho is the most over guy on RAW right now and in case you haven't noticed, Jericho has been a focal point of the Kevin Owens WWE Universal Title storyline and a big part of the last 2 weeks when Owens was wrestling. Gee, do you think that could be drawing as well.

So how can a 46 year old Chris Jericho get over with the fans but Roman Reigns can't despite the MEGA PUSHES he's received by the WWE Creative Team?

It's ROMAN REIGNS... No excuses. HE IS FAILING... Can't blame the WWE as they've tried their best to get him over. Hell, they've depushed other wrestlers and requested Brock Lesnar to sell HARD for Reigns like no other wrestler (well, besides Goldberg recently). Terrible on the mic, just OK in the ring (better in hardcore matches), and his look... Yeah, let's get into that look department. Poorly groomed facial hair, hair like he's taking a never ending shower, and wearing what looks like a bullet-proof vest. At least the other 2 members of the Shield have evolved with their looks and received NEW MUSIC. Reigns looks like he is still reliving the Shield days more than 2 years after their break-up. Roman Reigns doesn't have the "it" factor to have a magnetic personality to draw in fans. Just doesn't have it... Worse yet, the WWE won't let Reigns attempt to find "it" by working for years in the midcard. They want to push him prematurely as a Main Eventer NOW. What a mistake.

WWE is reportedly set to push Roman Reigns again to a World Title... Might as well, as Roman keeps beating WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens in dumbass non-title matches. It may happen as early as WWE Roadblock and it could happen after Roman possibly wins the 2017 Royal Rumble Match, ya know, the SAME Rumble Match that BOTH Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar are entering. Yikes!

Easy argument, folks... Look at Bill Goldberg's background and experience as a wrestler and yet he's MILES ahead of overpushed Roman Reigns as a draw. It's quite sad how it's an easy argument as to why a 50 year old former WCW superstar would make a better World Champion during 2017 than Roman Reigns in his so-called WWE prime.

Being a draw is more natural than it appears, WWE. When you attempt to polish a turd, it's still technically a turd!


Mr. Tito's PHAT Tables, Ladders, & Chairs (TLC) Predictions

Grandpa Tito here to complain about this TLC Pay Per View gimmick, again... Yes, "GET OFF MY LAWN" if you don't want me to rant about the obvious.

Why do we have to endure "because it's December, TLC like matches must happen"? It's so stupid... Unlike Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank where there is a World Title shot on the line, the TLC has NOTHING on the line that differentiates itself from other Pay Per Views. It just so happens that it's December and therefore wrestlers must compete in dangerous matches involving tables, ladders, and/or chairs. It's my SAME argument about the Hell in a Cell Pay Per View. Because it's October, we have to wrestle in a big cage. Huh?

And what differentiates this Pay Per View with Money in the Bank? Both have Ladder Matches with something on the line...

UGH. See, Cage Matches and Ladders should involve situations where REGULAR wrestling matches cannot settle the score. For example, when heels are able to escape loss in regular matches due to interference, that's when a cage goes up. When 2 wrestlers are unable to get a match result or have a controversial match result, that's when you hang the titles up high and see which wrestler can climb a ladder. Cage and TLC matches should NOT be scheduled but be spontaneous.

I know, I bitch about this every time that Hell in a Cell and TLC happen, but it's worth repeating. The LACK of logic in the WWE product keeps this promotion AND corporation down.


Chairs Match: Kalisto vs. Baron Corbin
What's the use of having a CHAIRS MATCH when you can't clobber your opponent in the head?!? I know, we're in the post-concussion world where we're concerned about head injuries... But shouldn't we be concerned about back injuries too? You know, there are just shoulder blades, ribs and vital internal organs back there that can rupture. No big deal... Almost seems like this gimmick will help enable David to defeat Goliath.

WHO SHOULD WIN: Taller and legit heavyweight Baron Corbin should squash him.

WHO WILL WIN: Kalisto will, thanks to an error that Corbin makes to land on chairs or fall through chairs.


Carmella vs. Nikki Bella
Nikki won the last Pay Per View... Honestly, I'm hestitant to predict this one because the results of the Alexa vs. Becky Lynch match would help me predict Carmella vs. Nikki match. Why? Because if Becky wins, it's evident that she'll be moving on and Carmella is the next heel up in the pecking order. And in my opinion, Carmella deserves it. Since her well timed heel turn that salvaged her NXT to WWE roster promotion, she's improved greatly in the ring and is excellent on the mic. Carmella and Alexa act like actual heels with pure arrogance and swagger about themselves. Both absolutely hate the fans surrounding the ring and have zero compassion for their opponents. To me, I believe in their heel characters much more than Charlotte who goes overboard a bit as a character. Charlotte will speak over and interrupt her opponents whereas Alexa/Carmella openly show vulnerability and are using heelish ways to close the gap against any babyface. THAT's how pro wrestling works and why Charlotte isn't drawing on the RAW roster.

WHO WILL WIN / WHO SHOULD WIN: Carmella, just on the simple fact that Nikki won the last Pay Per View match. Plus, Carmella has a lot to gain by getting a big win whereas Nikki will be just fine in her role.


Tag Titles (no gimmick): Rhyno/Heath Slater vs. Bray Wyatt/Randy Orton
Match should be easy to predict... Orton just had a baby recently and has been receiving some time off lately from the road. He might have additional time off between December and Royal Rumble for some family time... As much as I've enjoyed the Wyatt/Orton duo, I don't believe that it's concrete. WWE needs babyface Main Eventers particularly if John Cena takes extensive time off from here on out. I see some money in Orton vs. AJ Styles, for example... Knowing past booking patterns of the WWE, I can see a break-up happening here at TLC and then Orton vs. Bray Wyatt will be a nice match for Royal Rumble. After all, WWE wants to make these combined Pay Per Views as 4 hour shows... Need high profile matches to fill the card.

WHO SHOULD WIN: Randy Orton & Bray Wyatt. Sorry, but the Slater/Rhyno team has lost its magic to me. Their Tag Title victory was fun and emotional but they're lacking a second act. Of course, which tag team could actually beat Orton and Wyatt if they won?

WHO WILL WIN: Slater and Rhyno. I believe that the Wyatt turn on Orton will happen.


Tables Match: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Alexa Bliss
WHY is this match a TABLES MATCH?!?!? Maybe if you made this a "Falls Count Anywhere" gimmick to satisfy their last match's result (Bliss's foot on the ropes), but a Tables match? Exactly what is the logic of this gimmick? In my opinion, this match is the HARDEST to predict because of the gimmick added and the brawl from Smackdown. Becky did get shoved through the table on 11/29 Smackdown BUT this match's gimmick allows for Becky to lose to the heel without losing much babyface momentum. Then, Becky can win the 3rd match which is a regular match. So confusing...

WHO SHOULD WIN: Becky Lynch. I'd like to see a tad more seasoning of Alexa Bliss. In my opinion, the WWE could swap feuds between Becky and Carmella and then have Nikki Bella vs. Alexa Bliss. It would work just fine and then see who is over enough for the Wrestlemania feud.

WHO WILL WIN: Alexa Bliss. The match's gimmick can give her a safe win to keep Becky strong and set up match #3 with Becky seeking revenge. Honestly, WWE has great options in the Smackdown Women's Division and I'm cool with either result.


Intercontinental Title: Miz (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler
This feud is STILL going on? Smackdown needs to badly elevate someone to the upper midcard. Although I like an extensive feud more than some, there is just no value being added to the Dolph Ziggler character. Miz's character has grown into a stronger heel but Ziggler's character hasn't evolved. That Smackdown 900 title change was damaging to any momentum Ziggler had following his emotional win. Highly questionable booking decision, in my opinion, and it put final nails in Ziggler's WWE coffin. Just doesn't matter any longer and in my opinion, he needs to LEAVE the WWE whenever he gets the opportunity. WWE needs to push others towards the Miz but sadly, the WWE already disposed of Apollo Crews against the Miz... Argh!

WHO SHOULD WIN / WHO WILL WIN: The Miz via Maryse or Spirit Squad interference.


WWE Title - TLC Match: AJ Styles(c) vs. Dean Ambrose
It's PAYBACK time in this match... Sorry, but AJ Styles losing THREE times to jobber James Ellsworth, albeit controversial, is embarrassing to any world champion. For him not to get redemption here will just tear away at the fabric of Smackdown's Main Event credibility. I believe that Ellsworth will play a role in this match but he'll help AJ Styles win. No, not a heel turn but an error... Some are suggesting that this match might see the Undertaker appear in some fashion to set-up the rumored AJ Styles vs. Undertaker at Royal Rumble 2017. We could see AJ Styles winning the match and then the Undertaker appears afterward. Otherwise, where are the babyfaces for AJ Styles to wrestle?

WHO SHOULD WIN / WHO WILL WIN: AJ Styles due to James Ellsworth accidentally causing Dean Ambrose to take a big bump. HOWEVER, it wouldn't surprise me that Dean Ambrose wins to set-up a rematch at Royal Rumble. AJ would win then and possibly wrestle Cena/Orton at Wrestlemania? I don't know...


Good chance that I'll have a WWE Smackdown TLC Pay Per View REVIEW column after the show and I'll try my best for an INSTA-COLUMN review format. I've consistently reviewed almost every Pay Per View in a row for the last 2 years now and most have been immediately posted after the show. I'm working hard for you, the readers.


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