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Mr. Tito Strikes Back - CM Punk Messed Up BIGTIME, WWE Certain to Take Action
By Mr. Tito
Oct 9, 2012 - 12:51:09 AM

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CM Punk screwed up royally. As Monday Night RAW concluded with CM Punk escaping through the crowd after his match against Vince McMahon after John Cena and Ryback got involved, Punk was seen in the crowd striking a fan twice in the face. The "how" or "why" CM Punk decided to take it upon himself to attack doesn't matter, as Punk's actions are certain to change things within the WWE.

For one, the WWE is a publicly traded corporation. Public Relations is key for a corporation and a wrestler attacking a fan is an embarrassment to the WWE. It's going to give the WWE mainstream media news for all of the wrong reasons. Certainly, the possibility of financial liability with the attacked fan is out there.

Second, WWE is pushing this "PG" stuff and presenting the WWE as a safe haven for families for entertainment. Now, however, the perception is there that the wrestlers could attack you in the audience. CM Punk broke character and exposed the business by attacking a fan, which I don't believe goes over well with parents.

Third, Linda McMahon is running for Senate. On the same night where she might have to explain why Arnold Schwarzenegger is the "social media ambassador" for the WWE to female voters, she will take questions on why a WWE wrestler attacked a fan.

For RAW this past night, it was supposed to be the "rebound" night with Vince McMahon being involved. The ratings have been embarrassing and holding consistently below 3.0 to the WWE's dismay. Vince vs. CM Punk was supposed to be the big ratings segment for RAW and to make the 3rd hour stronger with ratings. With Vince actually looking on, chances are that Vince returned backstage and was furious. Instead of wrestling fans talking about Vince's return, the talk will be about CM Punk attacking a fan! In fact, as I write this, "CM Punk" is trending worldwide regarding the fan punching incident.

I'm certain that a suspension is imminent and that the WWE Title will be dropped soon, be it at the upcoming RAW/Smackdown or the Hell in a Cell Pay Per View. Maybe even an outright release by the WWE. The stakes for the WWE Corporation and Linda McMahon's political career are THAT high.

If so, it's a complete shame because CM Punk remaining as WWE Champion and heading into Royal Rumble 2013 against the Rock would have drawn some serious bank. To be denied this great match opportunity would be a shame, but CM Punk would have nobody to blame but himself. Granted, the WWE has booked his title reign poorly, we're still looking at close to a year at WWE Champion which is unheard of in this A.D.D. era of WWE booking.

CM Punk attacking this fan just gives the WWE a reason to justify the bad booking we've seen for Punk since he joined the WWE. They tried their best to not showcase him on the ECW brand, but he overcame it... They gave him poor World Heavyweight Title reigns and undercut him in his match against the Undertaker on the Smackdown brand, but he overcame it... Shoved him into the Nexus angle but then the WWE quickly gave up on the group, but he overcame it... WWE was given the star making opportunity of a lifetime at Money in the Bank 2011 with CM Punk winning the title despite the "contract dispute", but the WWE squandered it. But CM Punk overcame it and was awarded the WWE Title again later at Survivor Series 2011. WWE refused to even put CM Punk in the main events as champion, yet here CM Punk is, overcoming the bad booking to remain champion.

But now, with the bad public relations and the threat of a lawsuit possible, CM Punk's own personal unscripted actions just fuels his critics' fires.

It was nice knowing you as WWE Champion, CM Punk. As much as we, the WWE Universe, have defended you, we cannot defend you tonight. You dropped the ball and the WWE hammer is likely to fall on you hard.

Ryback as WWE Champion, anyone?

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