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Mr. Tito's PHAT NXT Takeover London Review with Match Ratings and Show Grade
By Mr. Tito
Dec 18, 2015 - 12:28:38 AM

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"When are you going to review NXT Takeover?"

"When is the NXT Takeover review coming out?"

"Where is the NXT Takeover review?"

Geesh, you would think after writing TWO columns this week in which I covered the TLC 2015 Pay Per View and RAW on Hulu, you'd give me a break... Welcome back to the EXCELLENCE IN COLUMN WRITING here by yours truly, Mr. Tito, that is exclusively here at / Alright, you've twisted my arm enough... I'll review NXT. And since I've been a regular viewer of NXT since July 2015 when I acquired the WWE Network, I feel that I can now present a good opinion on the show and WWE's developmental system. I have many thoughts on that, particularly the male Main Event division, to share today.

Mr. Tito's PHAT NXT London Takeover Review

First of all, I LOVE the atmosphere of NXT big events. Less flashy production, lights turned off with the exception of the ring, and the crowds are always passionate. Secondly, it was funny to see Triple H having to act like the show promoter despite probably having to sell the effects of the Roman Reigns attack. Oh well...

Opening match was AMAZING with Emma vs. Asuka. Emma, with a little extra NXT seasoning, is ready for the WWE roster again. She has the heel persona down, she looks hot (love how she's in sync with her music with the poses), and is a great wrestler. She really matched up with Asuka well and in my opinion, helped make Asuka look strong in a longer match. Most of Asuka's matches have been relatively short and thus she needed someone who could absorb her offense for a while also receiving it from Emma. GREAT ending, too, with Emma and Dana Brooke doing everything they can to cheat or get Asuka disqualified. In the end, Asuka overpowered Emma's heel attempts and hits the kick for the win. LOVED THIS MATCH. [ **** ]

I was really impressed by the Mechanics, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder... They are one of the most fundamentally sound tag teams that I've seen in a long time. They just worked Enzo and Big Cass and suffocated them as a tag team. Polished tag team wrestling by the Mechanics and I loved every second of it. They forced both members of the Enzo and Cass tag team to play "face in peril". The referee in this match was ON HIS GAME too because he actually busted the Mechanics on the Legal Man rule. Loved that. Hopefully, we see an extensive program between the Mechanics and Chad Gable/Jason Jordan. [ *** 1/4 ]

And now for the disappointment of the show. I thought Baron Corbin turned in a poor performance at NXT Takeover London against Apollo Crews. He was just off on his psychology and delivery of moves and I thought his taunts of Crews came off as cheap. Corbin taunted him with "Go Back to Ring of Honor". Huh? I don't even think Crews had a trip to ROH. I'm sure that the WWE brass will punish Corbin in some way for that. Apollo for much of the match tried to sell Corbin's stuff but there was just no psychology or chemistry present between the two. I came into this match thinking that Corbin and Crews were the most "WWE ready" guys, but I'm downgrading that a bit here especially Corbin. I've always said that Crews is just an offensive juggernaut without psychology, but he was trying to sell but there was just no emotion or flow by Corbin. Still, Crews should have taken charge of this match when the other guy is falling short. [ *1/2 ]

Bayley vs. Nia Jax told an amazing story... Bayley is the champion, yes, but Nia Jax has been physically dominating her opponents. Jax has the weight advantage but also plays a real heel who gets cocky when they are ahead. Bayley put up a good fight but was repeatedly overpowered by Jax. When nothing worked for Bayley, she began various chokeholds to wear the larger wrestler down. Eventually, Bayley made her tap. The London fans were fully into Bayley as she's the babyface sensation on the female side that the WWE has lacked for years. Before this match, Nia Jax had an interview when she saw Asuka standing nearby... That could get very interesting. For this match, I'm going [ *** 1/2 ].

Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor was very good for the main event. Both guys worked their arses off and put together a very competitive match. My only criticism of this match is that if felt very Indy-like and maybe not what the main WWE roster would want to feature. That's what I believe harms Finn Balor from receiving a WWE Main Roster promotion anytime soon. Samoa Joe is still a great performer but he doesn't feel as large of a dominating presence as he was during the mid 2000's. But, on this very day, the two put on a great wrestling match to end possibly the best Pay Per View of 2015. [ *** 3/4 ]

LAST WORD: GREAT show with only 1 match disappointing. NXT's best part is its midcard. Women's wrestling is for real in NXT and we're seeing real tag team wrestling as well. Best part of NXT, in my opinion... But what NXT doesn't have right now are WWE ready-made male superstars. Samoa Joe might be too old, Finn Balor might be too small for Vince's tastes, and Baron Corbin has to deliver consistently in big matches. I think Apollo Crews remains the top prospect but even he has some work. The WWE is a much different animal and those 4 wrestlers need to give Vince McMahon something special or additional besides what they've presented in NXT so far.

WWE needs a strong developmental system, too, because the WWE roster is depleted right now. However, WWE raided its top talent in the past few years (Rusev, Bray Wyatt, etc.) and the potential main event pool isn't what it used to be. Not sure that when called upon if Corbin, Balor, and Samoa Joe could be used properly by the WWE or if they'd work out. I think that Apollo Crews has a real shot to work out but he needs a little bit of seasoning... For as many people that NXT does employ, they should have more options to promote. Maybe Sami Zayn is that guy?

A grade for this show. Go out of your way to watch it. Well worth the $9.99 per month to subscribe to the WWE Network. Strongest recommendation for 2015.


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