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Mr. Tito's PHAT WWE Survivor Series 2016 Pay Per View Review with Match Ratings and Show Grade
By Mr. Tito
Nov 20, 2016 - 10:27:55 PM

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Welcome to the Mr. Tito review of WWE Survivor Series 2016 exclusively here at / This is back-to-back Pay Per Views (or "WWE Network Specials") for yours truly as I covered NXT Takeover Toronto last night. I've consistently covered every Pay Per View since obtaining the WWE Network during June 2015 and submitting them to LoP instantly after the event. This event review is no different, as it was posted just as the show ended.

As for last night's NXT Takeover Toronto review, controversy over my Best 2 out of 3 Falls Revival vs. DIY Tag Team match's ratings. I gave it 3.75 stars out of 5 with my simple reasons being that it didn't fit the 2 out of 3 falls format well. If you look at the sum total time of the match, it was 22 minutes with the first fall being roughly 5-6 minutes in, the next being 7-8, and the last fall being 8 minutes or so. Point being is that the mashed 3 mini-matches that you'd see on regular television into one 22 minute segment and called it "Best 2 out of 3 falls". Nope... In fact, I felt that each fall interrupted the momentum that each team were having in the ring. It was MY OPINION that the match should have been single fall for 22 minutes instead of 2 out of 3 with falls taking place after a very short period of time. In my opinion, their previous Takeover match was WAY better because it didn't have interruptions.

Oh my GOD, I gave it 3.75 stars out of 5. Do the math, folks... The average between 0 and 5 is 2.5... So a 3.75 is well above average.

Remember, this column is my subjective view on things. After all, it's called "MR. TITO's" column... You can agree or disagree, but don't sound like a troll and attack me for a simple rating that I logically explained. And don't call me "negative", either. Did you not see my strong match ratings for the REST of the show (besides Authors of Pain)? Pretty sure that I gave that show an "A" and earlier in the column, I called it an "honor" to review NXT Takeover Pay Per Views. A 3.75 rating is a positive rating in my mind, anyway... If the match had better booking, i.e. going longer than 22 minutes OR being a single fall match, it would have pushed "Match of the Year" contention as their first Takeover match in my opinion.

Geesh. I give very positive Pay Per View reviews and yet it's always a nitpick that stirs controversy below. And you call ME negative?

Anyway - Heading into this event, I actually liked the booking of the show. I like the idea of trying Brock Lesnar vs. Bill Goldberg as a one-time special attraction and am happy that the Brand Extension actually provides a good reason to make Survivor Series great again. These 5 on 5 matches matter because there's "bragging rights" on the line between the two brands. See, that's all you need in wrestling... The matches need to mean something and the Survivor Series format provides the perfect concept to act like an ALL STAR GAME of sorts between the RAW and Smackdown brand. In fact, the WWE should push that as its gimmick and let that be the ONLY event where RAW and Smackdown brands ever wrestle (besides Royal Rumble during the Rumble Match). And to think, Vince McMahon almost eliminated the Survivor Series Pay Per View a few years ago... Ooops!

Onto the show review and again, I'm writing this column as the show happens and posted it immediately after the show. Enjoy.

Mr. Tito's PHAT WWE Survivor Series 2016 Review

5 on 5 Women's Match: Bayley/Nia Jax/Charlotte/Sasha Banks/Alicia Fox vs. Alexa Bliss/Naomi/Becky Lynch/Carmella/Nikki Bella was the HOT OPENER... Nikki Bella does an injury angle and then Natalya replaces her for the Smackdown team. Overall, it was a good tag team elimination match although I thought it was a vehicle to make the RAW brand look better than Smackdown. While I'll agree that the top members of RAW are better, the Smackdown has a better unit of wrestlers collectively. As predicted, Becky and Alexa could not function together and that ultimately cost Smackdown the match. I did like how Bayley looked strong at the end but what happened months before this match? Can't fix things with just 1 match as WWE has found out with Dean Ambrose. Months of losing doesn't get fixed by 1 win on one night. Match was solid, but nothing spectacular or new. [ *** ]

Sami Zayn vs. Miz was up next... Solid match, as both were crisp in the ring... Nice back and forth between the two. Just a shame that both wrestlers were kept on separate brands and couldn't really build up any heat for this match. I LOVED the finish, though, as Maryse ran the bell early as Sami had the Figure 4 on Miz. Sami thought that the Miz submitted and that led to Miz rolling him up while holding the tights for the 1, 2, and 3. [ *** 1/4 ] How about moving Sami Zayn to Smackdown to let this feud continue? Smackdown needs him more than RAW does, as obvious by the way RAW wastes Zayn's talent.

Next up was the 5 on 5 RAW vs. Smackdown Tag Match. Breezango was quickly eliminated, which was OK... But then Uso eliminated Kofi Kingston with a superkick, wow... Didn't see that coming! RAW brand acts like it won't get along at first, tagging themselves in... Gable plays "face in peril" until he and Jordan are able to overcome one of the Shining Stars for a Doomsday Device like move but with a bulldog instead of a clothesline. With 3 on 3 teams, we get chaos in the ring with all of the teams brawling. Great work by American Alpha, as they overcome Sheamus/Cesaro (beautiful sequence that led to Gable hitting a German on Cesaro!). Gable jumps over the top with a flip and that leads Anderson/Gallows to ambush Jordan to eliminate American Alpha. Afterward, Team RAW began to argue and that led to Rhyno getting tagged in and eliminating Anderson/Gallows. Then, Enzo & Cass do some work on the Tag Champs and Enzo ends up pinning Rhyno to eliminate them. Then, the Usos take advantage of Enzo and Samoan Splash eliminates Enzo. Cesaro/Sheamus vs. Usos are your last 2 teams and nobody predicted that! The Usos almost beat Sheamus but Cesaro saves. Then, Cesaro gets the hot tag and cleans house! Jay Uso goes for a spin and then a Sharpshooter but the other Uso kicks Cesaro in the leg and then jumps through the ropes to hit Sheamus. Jay Uso locks in his submission and just when it appeared to be over, Cesaro reverses it into a Sharpshooter. Superkick on Cesaro attempted by Sheamus destroys Uso with his own kick. Jay taps for Team RAW to win. [ *** 1/4 ] Seemed like the wrong teams got eliminated early and I don't care about the "element of surprise". New Day getting eliminated early was a JOKE.

Cruiserweight Title match between Kalisto vs. Brian Kendrick was up next. Kendrick dominated the start of the match until an amazing move off the side of the apron was hit by Kalisto. Wow... Kalisto got in some offense but then Kendrick took advantage again. Dangerous move off the top rope by Kendrick and into the Captain's Hook. Ouch. Just a split moment, that could have broke Kalisto's neck! Kalisto eventually gains the advantage but then Baron Corbin, with ZERO limp, runs in and attacks both wrestlers for the No Contest or Disqualification? [ **1/2 ]

Backstage, Baron Corbin argues with Daniel Bryan... Bryan is mad about Cruiserweight Division, but Corbin argues that Kalisto is a "little pest" and staring in Bryan's face, Corbin argued that Smackdown didn't need any more of those. DAMN.

RAW vs. Smackdown Main Eventer 5 on 5 Survivor Series Match is next as I'm amazed that Goldberg/Lesnar will be main eventing. Interesting... Team Smackdown comes out and of course, some hinted tension between Ambrose and Styles. Chris Jericho gets a HUGE pop for his entrance. Granted, we're in Canada, but his "List" gimmick is getting over. Lots of talent on both teams and Shane McMahon... Champions start the match but Owens soon tags in Jericho. And then we appear to have Styles vs. Rollins but Styles tags in Dean Ambrose. Jericho gets tagged in and he's still pissed at Ambrose for destroying his jacket. Ha! Shane McMahon comes in and hits some backyard wrestling like armdrags... Argh... Why is he in this damn match?!? Loved seeing Jericho dropkick him in the face! IN THE FACE!!!! Roman Reigns is in and getting booed heavily... Again. Brawling on the outside now, AJ leaps and then Owens flips onto everyone. That was impressive... Shane tries to jump off the top but now Braun Strowman gets a hold of him. Smackdown Team fights off Strowman but then Styles and Ambrose start brawling. Styles hurts Dean and causes Strowman to defeat Dean with a powerslam. Braun is cleaning house now (tosses AJ over the ropes like a football) until confronted with Bray Wyatt. Strowman appeared to be siding with his old mentor but soon attacks him. Braun tries to clear off the announcer tables but then Randy Orton hits the RKO on him. Sets up Braun on the other table and of course, Shane McMahon jumps off the top rope on him with his elbow. Countout for Strowman but he couldn't get into the ring because James Ellsworth held his leg from under the ring. Afterward, Strowman chases Ellsworth, catches him, and tosses him off the stage. OUCH. We get 4 on 4 for a long time and that's fine by me... Kevin Owens attacks AJ Styles with THE LIST and gets disqualified but that angers Chris Jericho and distracts him enough to eat an RKO. Now it's 2 on 4 with Rollins/Reigns vs. Wyatt/Shane/Orton/Styles. Shane gets in and manhandles both Rollins/Reigns with ease... Sigh. Shane goes for the Van Terminator, gets Speared by Reigns in mid-air, but Shane kicks out at 2? BUT, Shane landed hard and the referee eliminates him due to injury. Looked like Shane took a shoulder under the chin and then landed hard on the canvas. Bad accident for a move idea that shouldn't have been done in the first place. I hope that Shane's family tells him to STOP doing that. Smackdown begins to dominate but then Dean Ambrose returns to attack AJ Styles. Security comes out to stop Dean Ambrose but Rollins/Reigns comes to his aid. The SHIELD then powerbombs AJ Styles through the table! Crowd, of course, loves this and then AJ Styles got pinned. 2 on 2 now with Rollins/Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt/Randy Orton. Luke Harper appears at ringside for a brief distraction and then attacks Reigns on the outside. Seth Rollins later tries a Froggy Splash on Orton but RKO OUT OF NO WHERE defeats Rollins. Reigns vs. Orton/Wyatt. Of course, Reigns is cleaning house on BOTH. BUT... As Reigns attempted to Spear Wyatt, Orton pushes Wyatt out of the way (sacrifices himself) and then Wyatt hits the Sister Abigail for the 1, 2, 3. [ ****1/2 ] Nice, long match and I have no problems making Wyatt/Orton look strong because Smackdown needs someone else in the Main Event right now versus Styles. DAMN fine example of how Survivor Series matches can still work.

The MAIN EVENT was Bill Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar, as I'm amazed to be seeing this match in 2016. Both entrances were huge and the crowd is hype! Early in the match, Brock picks up Goldberg, slams him into the corner but he shoves Lesnar. Lesnar gets up but briefly turns his back on Goldberg. Spear! 2nd Spear on Lesnar and then a JACKHAMMER! 1, 2, and 3!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bill Goldberg SQUASHED HIM, what the hell?!? [ * ] for the match but HOLY COW for that finish! I'm SHOCKED! Afterward, Goldberg salutes his kid after the win. WWE just extended the life of the Bill Goldberg character. Good psychology of the win, though, as Lesnar briefly turned his back and ate the Spear.

LAST WORD: Hey, the Survivor Series format STILL WORKS... It's a nice vehicle to showcase wrestlers against others they haven't fought before and also creates storytelling elements when heels & faces have to tag up with each other. Both RAW and Smackdown have tons of stories after this event and that's what matters. But that Goldberg/Lesnar match and squashing of Lesnar was a complete shock. Hey, at least we'll always remember this show. [ A- ]


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