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RAW Ratings are in... They Increased But By How Much Heading into Royal Rumble 2012?
By Mr. Tito
Jan 18, 2012 - 8:49:54 PM

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OK, the actual RAW Ratings are in... Some of you were cursing me for posting the Smackdown Rating that was cleverly worded to fool you into believing the RAW rating was available... Yeah, I know a thing or two about marketing.

But the RAW rating for the 1/16/2012 edition was a 3.0. Good, right? Well, considering that viewership increased to 4,279,000 viewers from last week's 4,008,000 number, you can say that without football, the WWE grew its audience by just 271,000... Wow... If you were to double that, it could be like twice the amount of viewers that a Zack Ryder segment could lose!

I kid, I kid... I know that Zack Ryder is a sore spot for many in the drive-by IWC and therefore in this instance, I am indeed trolling. To further "troll", I will insist that the 2nd hour defeated the 1st hour (just slightly) for the first time in months because Zack Ryder wasn't in the 2nd hour! Yes, I'm well aware that he 2nd hour's rating is worse because the population of television viewers went down by 62,000.

Enough about the FORMER United States Champion, Zack Ryder. Onto more pressing, relevant matters. Just a gain of 271,000 viewers SUCKS for the 2nd RAW heading into the Royal Rumble and WITHOUT football airing as competition. Royal Rumble is the time of year when casual fans have historically cared about the WWE because from Royal Rumble to Wrestlemania, it's the WWE's peak time of the year.

Maybe it's because of the MASSIVE 2 matches booked on the Rumble card? Maybe it's because the latter half of 2011 became a disappointing one? Either way, the WWE's Board of Directors should stare down its Executives and insist upon a "game changer" to strike up interest in the WWE brand. However, we know who owns the thick majority of the WWE shares and no such change will happen.

WWE is banking everything on Rock vs. John Cena for 2012, while hoping that the WWE Network drives up interest for the second half of the year. Yes, notice how I said "second half of the year" because the WWE Network has been delayed in its debut. So much for that Wrestlemania time start-up. OOPS!

Make or break next week for Royal Rumble 2012. Anything short of last year's 446,000 buys should cause heads to roll.

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