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RAW is TITO - CM Punk/John Lauinaitis, Zack Ryder's US Title Loss, and more
By Mr. Tito
Jan 17, 2012 - 1:33:27 AM

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Welcome back to the "Excellence in Column Writing" known as Writing columns after Monday Night RAW is just so easy, as it's a goldmine of topics that you could spend hours writing on...

The biggest thing I obtained out of RAW is how sad I am to see "what could have been" with CM Punk and John Laurinaitis. I've said it time in and time again, after Money in the Bank, we should have seen Punk vs. Laurinaitis THEN instead of NOW. We've blown 6 MONTHS after Punk own the title at Money in the Bank on wasted storyline after storyline. I'm sorry, but where is that magnificent "Chief Operating Officer" named Triple H again? Funny how he disappeared when the ratings returned to 3.0 and below after SummerSlam 2012.

CM Punk verbally thrashing John Laurinaitis was great, but we'll forget about it because the iron on CM Punk is no longer hot as it was during July/August 2011. If the WWE boldly makes Dolph Ziggler as WWE Champion, what a mistake. I like Ziggler, but he's not ready for the WWE Title just yet... What's wrong with building him up until he's fully over as a heel?

Speaking of titles... Wow, what a joke of a title victory for Jack Swagger defeating Zack Ryder in an unannounced U.S. Title match. For one, the WWE is getting ridiculous about their titles again with the U.S. Title and Tag Titles getting defended so close together and completely without hype. Ryder got jobbed, as he lost the title with zero hype and to a guy who struggled badly as World Champion, Jack Swagger.

Ryder has been scapegoated for bad ratings... Ouch. When are others going to take their medicine, too? Don't forget who was wrestling an actual match while Ryder was changing the tire...

On Sunday, I actually wrote a column that I pulled back on... Yes, a possible first. I saw the news that the WWE was going to promote celebrity gossip blogger, Perez Hilton as a special guest announcer for a Divas match. With the WWE pushing the "Be A Star" anti-bullying campaign as well as being a publicly traded company, I wrote a column that displayed why bringing in Perez Hilton would be a bad idea. I went incident by incident that Perez has been involved with, as well as example blogs and altered images that doesn't speak highly of him... I also had anti-WWE quotes.

BUT - I held back. Not that I wasn't looking for a fight, but because I'm tired of repeatedly calling out hte WWE and its wrestlers for bad behavior. I would rather let the WWE take the bad publicity hit from Perez Hilton appearing on the show rather than letting myself take the shots as the messenger. It wasn't worth it... WWE shouldn't need the spoonfeeding for understanding what is right and wrong.

Chris Jericho leaving the match was awesome... As much as I'm hammering the WWE Creative Team today, Jericho's appearances have been great and I'm curious as to what he'll do next...

There is a lot more to add, but I'm tired...

Just chill... Till the next episode!

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