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RAW is TITO - Review & Thoughts... Jericho vs. CM Punk, Can You Feel It?
By Mr. Tito
Feb 7, 2012 - 12:50:43 AM

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Welcome back to RAW is Tito, one of the longest running RAW review columns around (if you ignore my blackout of 2006-2009). Tonight's show honestly felt like an Infomercial. Just felt like the video promos were a bit excessive and I felt myself wishing Monday Night Football was still on... Seriously.

BUT - Last week's RAW was superb and having back-to-back strong RAWs is asking a bit much of that awesome WWE Creative Team.

What I'm getting out of this week's RAW is the continued momentum from last week that Rock vs. John Cena is going to be accompanied by 2 incredible match-ups in Undertaker vs. Triple H part 3 and Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk. I'm glad that the WWE seemed to take an appreciation for Punk vs. Jericho because their match-up could absolutely steal the show at Wrestlemania. But we'll see... Both Jericho and Punk are outspoken wrestlers about themselves and the WWE likes wrestlers who say "yes Vince" to everything.

Shawn Michaels will be on RAW next week and that's huge, I believe. I'm still holding out hope that the Undertaker might gift his streak to Shawn Michaels once the Triple H match is made into a 3 way bout. The Dirt Sheets are suggesting "special guest referee", but I believe that the WWE planned Michaels possible return from last year's awesome segment with Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Undertaker:

Michaels insists that he's "retired", but Chris Jericho was also insisting that he'd never wrestle for the WWE again. Mick Foley retired in 2000... Never say never. I believe that in a rare case of long-term booking, I believe that the WWE planned HBK vs. Triple H vs. Undertaker last year with that above segment.


I do like how the WWE is slowly morphing Daniel Bryan into a heel. They are turning him into a coldhearted wrestler, but I have a better idea for Bryan's character: LET HIM BEAT RANDY ORTON CLEANLY ON SMACKDOWN THIS WEEK and then LET BRYAN RIDICULE ORTON FOR WEEKS ABOUT IT. 100% clean defeat and Bryan brags non-stop to Randy Orton. That could perfectly set up a GREAT Wrestlemania 28 match up for the World Title. Oh, what's that? Are you meaning to tell me that Triple H reportedly pushed HARD for Sheamus to win the Royal Rumble?

Odd tag team match-up with Great Khali/Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes/Wade Barrett... I'm just never sure what the WWE expects or wants out of Great Khali, but it appears that Khali is getting the love again by the McMahons.

I don't know what to say about the 8 woman Divas Tag Match...

Good lord... More WWE Board Decisions for John Laurinaitis. Too bad the REAL WWE Board isn't so quick on the trigger. Someone should have been demoted or let go for that embarrassing WCW/ECW Invasion that caused the WWE to lose millions. Yes, over 10 years later, I still hold a grudge!

Overall, a decent "6 pack" of a main event between Chris Jericho, Miz, CM Punk, R-Truth, Dolph Ziggler, and Kofi Kingston. Tough injury for R-Truth... Seemed like Punk was enjoying himself out there and why wouldn't he against that superb talent in the ring? Nice win with Chris Jericho pulling CM Punk off of Ziggler after the GTS for Jericho to cover Ziggler for the win. Last man out of the Elimination Chamber...

CONCLUSION: You know what? Last week's RAW was so good that I won't hammer the luscious WWE Creative Team for this week's show or what I thought appeared to be an Infomercial. Things could be much worse... I'm probably going to bypass the Elimination Chamber Pay Per View and just wait for Wrestlemania. I hate that stupid cage! We'll go B- on the show's grade.

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