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RAW is TITO EXTRA - Mick Foley, Bryan/Big Show, Brodus Clay, and more
By Mr. Tito
Jan 17, 2012 - 8:45:34 PM

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Welcome to RAW is TITO EXTRA... Writing a RAW review beyond 11:00pm is beginning to wear me out, especially if I have other matters to attend to before I begin writing RAW. This week, I foolishly started at 12:30am and I was dead tired writing it... There was plenty of various news and notes to discuss that I had to leave out without my head banging on my new computer.

I thought it was a very strong night for Mick Foley. You could just tell it on his face that he was happy with the segments he was a part of and he enjoyed getting a taste of in-ring action at the Main Event level on RAW. There is still some value in Mick Foley, IF used right. I've contended that Foley should go back to the Mankind character, the pre-corporate sell-out version where he wore all brown. He would be a perfect manager on the outside for Kane, for example, and it would make sense because of their previous tag history.

Good opening segment with Foley, as well as a good interaction between Dolph Zigger & CM Punk to actually sell the Royal Rumble. Well, considering that Punk vs. Ziggler is actually 1 out of 2 matches booked for the show with 2 RAWs left, it was a good segment. My only issue is that I'm not so sure that Ziggler is "over" to win the Championship. Of course, that won't stop the WWE and their "World Titles Get Wrestlers Over" mentality that they began with Randy Orton prematurely winning the World Title at SummerSlam 2004. And as I've already wrote about in my Top 10 Recommended "Surprise" Royal Rumble Entrants column, Foley would be a welcome addition to the Rumble. Too bad it's not 40 entrants, as Dude Love, Mankind, and Cactus Jack could each enter the Rumble...

Exactly why should I care that AJ Lee was injured accidentally by the Big Show on Smackdown during his match with Daniel Bryan? These type of injury angles have been overdone and it's made worse with the WWE not committing to on-screen relationships for a longer period of time. In today's WWE, 3 months with a valet as your manager is considered an extensive period of time. Big Show needs to attack Daniel Bryan on the basis that his World Heavyweight Title win was CHEAP and only cowards cash in their Money in the Bank after another World Title match. Then, of course, Daniel Bryan unleashes on the Big Show at Royal Rumble 2012 to prove him wrong.

Interesting impromptu Battle Royal between R-Truth, Miz, Sheamus, and Jack Swagger. Hopefully, the WWE considers a mini-Rumble for next week's RAW for the 30th spot. Something like Chyna winning the Corporate Rumble in early 1999, which is easily Chyna's best wrestling moment (Vince takes one HELL of a bump over the top rope!). We'll see next week...

What can I honestly say about Brodus Clay? The gimmick is so over-the-top ridiculous that I believe it's being done on purpose to later have Clay reject it. If I were considering finishing moves for Brodus Clay, I would seriously consider Bill Goldberg's Gorilla Press into a Power Slam move as seen here with a low quality YouTube Video:

^ PERFECT finisher for Brodus Clay, when pushed as a serious monster, in my opinion.

Oh, and a Spinning Pile Driver if he's going to continue to look like Zangief from Street Fighter 2.

Overall, I enjoyed the Main Event... I was actually fooled into thinking Chris Jericho would actually wrestle and thus give away the payoff to his behavior, but luckily, he walked out of the match to keep the "what will he do next" scenario going. The match was goofy, but it did push the John Laurinaitis mystery further and CM Punk telling him off was awesome. As I said in my initial RAW is Tito review, it's a SHAME that we didn't get the "CM Punk vs. WWE Establishment" storyline directly after Money in the Bank 2012.

Instead, we got a "Chief Operating Officer" who hasn't showed his face lately and a failed 2-time WWE Champion in Alberto Del Rio.

And yes, I'm beating the shit out of the dead horse because I'm right.

Just chill... Till the next episode!

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