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SMACKDOWN is TITO - WWE Smackdown... Is it REALLY Worth Watching?
By Mr. Tito
Feb 4, 2012 - 1:47:08 AM

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Obviously, I don't give the Smackdown roster enough attention... And why should I? The damn show is on Friday evenings and on the SyFy channel. About every June after Wrestlemania, the RAW roster raids the roster. Furthermore, why should I even bother watching Smackdown now that the roster has moved to RAW to wrestle?

ANYWAY - I could watch this week's show on the replay on the Universal HD channel that I have... What I'm going to boldly do tonight (or early morning) is to REVIEW THE RESULTS and see if that, alone, can entice me to actually watch the show during Saturday night.

Remember, I'm REVIEWING THE RESULTS... Note that disclaimer...

First of all, I love me some Teddy Long. I feel like I've watched him for 2 decades, and oh, I have. Actually, a few more years beyond 2 decades. He started off as a NWA/WCW referee before he started going rogue. He then managed one of my favorite teams of all time, Doom. Thus, if Teddy Long is still on this roster in any capacity, it's at least worth a consideration to watch.

The 20 minute segment looked to set up the Smackdown brand's Elimination Chamber match where Daniel Bryan will defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Wade Barrett, Big Show, Cody Rhodes, Mark Henry, and Randy Orton. I guess the winner will get Sheamus? Did I ever mention how much I HATE the Elimination Chamber match?

Sheamus vs. Cody Rhodes for a 5:00 match? Meh, could be good... Probably too short of a match.

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan appears and wrestles on Smackdown... Nostalgia always draws me in. I actually met Duggan one time. He wrestled for a local independent promotion and he was a funny guy. Me and my buddies were at ringside for this event so thus we were harassing Duggan's opponent. Duggan was joining in with us and making fun of the other wreslter, saying they found him from a bar or something. We asked him why he couldn't find another opponent and Duggan said "as long as the check doesn't bounce, I don't care".

And of course, Jim Duggan was able to tag with Santino to take on the NEW Tag Team Champions that nobody is hyping whatsoever, Primo and Epico. A nice, solid 2:30 match here... Yes, that was sarcasm.

Looks like we have a big middle interview segment with Daniel Bryan and Michael Cole.... Zzzzzzzzzz.... By the way, I'm beginning to think that Big Show might win the Elimination Chamber match for a "hoss match" at Wrestlemania against Sheamus.

I'm 100% against the farting gimmick for Natalya. What a joke. She deserves better, much as other divas who were humilated regularly (Molly Holly, for example).

Looks like we had a good match between Randy Orton and Wade Barrett. Barrett seems to be learning a great deal by working with Orton, even with Orton over the past year being very controlling in that ring. Barrett has the perfect look and size that the WWE craves, and if he only gets more experience before the WWE makes him win a stupid Money in the Bank match to cheapen his first World Title win.

CONCLUSION: Well, should I watch it or not? Yeah, why not? This looked to be a good show on paper although they seemed to save the best wrestling effort for last.

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