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TITO DAILY - I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
By Mr. Tito
Feb 7, 2012 - 8:52:51 PM

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The "Excellence in Column Writing" is upon us, and for the last time for now. As much as I enjoy the Mr. Tito gimmick and entertaining my loyal readers and the audience, I can't do this any longer. For one, I'm in "over my head" in attempting to create multiple entries for A completely foolish venture that I've taken on, as it's only doubled or tripled the Tito work. That, and it's much easier to enjoy the fruits of the machine and being directly on the main page as opposed to creating my own brand. I don't have the energy to keep a fully updated website and I'm spreading myself thin by my insistance of posting at least providing 2-3 posts a day (hurts the quality). It makes you appreciate what Calvin Martin, owner and operator of LoP, does and it's why I've never left

During much of 2010 and 2011 when I was writing Blog is Tito before it was destroyed by losers spamming it, I typically wrote entries between 10:00pm and 12:00am when the rest of the family was asleep and then I would get to bed at a reasonable 12:00am after writing the "Brilliance in Blogging". Sometime during late 2011 when I got involved in a few big work related and political projects, that time between 10pm - 12am was beginning to be devoted to non-Tito things. But stupid me, loving the big megaphone given to me, insisted that I must write even if it was beyond 12:00am... Just check out my last posting times for each night:

1/30/2012: 11:38pm
1/31/2012: 12:46am
2/1/2012: 12:58am
2/3/2012: 1:47am
2/5/2012: 1:56am
2/6/2012: 12:50am

^ This has been a typical pattern since probably August of last year. The insomnia that I've developed just to serve my Tito "fix" is unhealthy and it has practically made me dependent on caffeine to get through the day. And at age 31, the premise of Danny Glover from the Lethan Weapon movies is setting in with the idea of "I'm getting too old for this shit". Sure, I could post at an earlier time, but if you know what a workaholic that I've developed into, you'd understand that's not possible. Again, just look at the posting times that are consistently beyond 12:00am.

The most rewarding part of being Mr. Tito is the readers, especially the longtime readers. To see many readers from the late 1990's and early 2000's actually comeback to to continue to read me here in 2010-2012 has been tremendous. I'm incredibly grateful for my audience and it has kept me going from not retiring during last year due to the same issues causing me to exit today. A big THANK YOU to all of my loyal readers from the past and also a special thank you to the many new readers who discovered me. Without you, the readers, there is no Mr. Tito.

And of course, a HUGE thank you to Calvin Martin. He let me come back in late 2009 when the Blogs Forum was just starting and I'd like to say that I was worth the investment to return. Linking that Blogs Forum to made for a second coming of my writings and 2011 was a very successful year for yours truly, insomuch that it was deemed a threat to others who observed the attention I was getting for the Wrestlemania themed columns and of course the "CM Punk is Buried" stuff. The post-Night of Champions blog entry surged to 23,800 pageviews which is just absurd and even got a Tweet mention by CM Punk himself (thanks Mazza!).

To the critics... As much as I'm deemed to be "negative", at least I'm consistent in my views and attempt to explain my positions with whatever logic I'm using. It's just hilarious to see the same critics flipping and flopping whenever you dare say something about the drive-by IWC's favorite trio, CM Punk/Daniel Bryan/Zack Ryder. Good God... It's as if I were writing columns about someone's mother based on the sudden rage some readers would suddenly have if you dare say something about those 3 wrestlers, positive or negative. And furthermore, just to hear pathetic slurs like "f*ggot" or even racial ones (even though I'm white as day!) for a wrestling column is just absurd. Petty stuff like this wears on you, as I wonder how these haters would talk to their parents or professionally with an employer. Oh yeah I know, it's called the courage of posting from your desk on a computer.

Sure, I could have just dissolved this absurd venture known as that I was failing at and probably be afforded the opportunity to write for at once-a-week pace for a wrestling column, but it's time to go folks. I have nothing left in my "basement" and I've more than proven myself with my comeback. I've had great readers, a great webmaster in Calvin Martin, and have had lots of fun over the years spending a large chunk of my life in writing for the big audience. In my early 30's, it's time to devote my time to other projects, responsibilities, and God help me, some actual sleep.

I encourage you, my loyal readers, to stick with and certainly check in with me here on Twitter, @titowrestling. I've grown to like Twitter, especially for the quick access to news headlines that it gives me (sports, especially). I will probably take a more casual approach to watching wrestling, as I'll reduce my viewership back to just the 10:00am hour again to just chill and not think of how I'm going to write on it later. I devoted myself too much again to a wrestling column and a gimmick named after a Jackson 5 member (Tito Jackson).

I gave you the best that I had and your support was very much appreciated on this end.

Until I come out of retirement once again, just chill till the next episode!

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