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TITO DAILY - I'm Just Not Buying Daniel Bryan as World Champion
By Mr. Tito
Jan 12, 2012 - 12:18:10 AM

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Heading into Smackdown this week, we have Daniel Bryan taking on the Big Show in a rematch from last week. At the risk of upsetting Bryan's loyal longtime fans, including those Ring of Honor diehards, I'm going to boldly say that I'm just not buying Bryan as a World Champion (even if it's Smackdown's championship!).

That, and I have zero belief that a 5'10" 200 pounder could even harm someone legitimately 7'0" and 400+ pounds in weight. Sorry, but there's something about a full foot in height and double the weight that has too much of an advantage for me. Honestly, how could Bryan harm Big Show?

Worse yet, aside from an obvious mis-match against the Big Show, I don't believe Daniel Bryan is OVER enough to merit a World Championship. Yeah, I know... We're in the modern day WWE where the belief is that the World Title gets someone over. Yeah, it's worked on every young wrestler since the WWE Title was given too early to Randy Orton in 2004. World Titles are being given to wreslters who aren't over with the fans and do not have actual drawing power in an arena. Ratings/Buyrates/Attendance are all heading downward and the WWE wonders why their World Champions aren't drawing.

Worse yet to Bryan's size and popularity, he's a Money in the Bank induced World Champion. Cashing that stupid briefcase in after another World Title match... WWE is ruining that first moment of actually EARNING the World Title by this cheap, stupid gimmick known as Money in the Bank. It's doing no favors for Bryan, especially as he hyped cashing it in at Wrestlemania 28 and suddenly, he's not.

And it's not like Bryan has been working for the WWE forever. He's been on the main WWE product since 2010 and he wasn't even on the Wrestlemania 27 card!!!.

I just don't buy it... He's too small to be WWE Champion, given the existing talent that's also in existance right now on the WWE roster. There shouldn't be shame in fighting over the Intercontinental Title, but unfortunately, there is now and has been since 1999 when that title became inflated with winners. Before 1998, the IC Title mattered and was a proud secondary title. Now, it's insulting to carry that belt...

But he's the World Champion. This is a case where listening to the ROHbots and their constant WWE bashing has backfired. Then again, who else can be champion on Smackdown that could legitimately draw in fans?

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