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TITO DAILY - RAW isToo Important Tonight for the WWE to Mess Up
By Mr. Tito
Jan 2, 2012 - 2:25:31 PM

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Tonight's Monday Night RAW is TOO important for the WWE Creative Team and the McMahons to mess up.

It is the first RAW without the chains of the National Football League (NFL) holding it down. Sure, the NCAA is trotting out their joke of Bowl games tonight, but it's NOT the NFL. Thus, if anything under 3.2 occurs, the WWE Board of Directors needs to meet and reconsider their entire WWE Creative Team process.

Tonight is the first RAW of 2012 and we're weeks away from the massive Royal Rumble Pay Per View. WWE can ignore the downslides of 2010 and 2011 and provide a quality brand of wrestling with a RAW roster that is incredibly talented. The tools are there to succeed but it's a matter of grown adults named "McMahon" figuring out how to actually grow their product again.

Who am I kidding? CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler has "hotshot" written all over it, as the WWE management is high on Ziggler and have been recently down on CM Punk as if he's 100% to blame for 3.0 and below ratings. Even though Ziggler might not be ready for the WWE title, as well as not proving to be a draw, WWE management seems to be hellbent on not letting CM Punk become the company's top star. He's not a "McMahon Darling" and thus internal efforts are created to sabotage his success.

And oh joy about Brodus Clay's debut. He didn't impress me much when he first arrived and I suspect he won't this time around. He's a big boy, though... We're long past the 1980's when "hoss" wrestlers actually drew. I hope he loses a match where the "Loser Shaves their Mohawk".

I don't care about who debuts with the It Begins stuff. The promos were stupid and it paints who is debuting more like a child abductor than a pro wrestler.

So bah humbug to the WWE to start 2012, as they have a lot to prove compared to the many fumbled opportunities seen in 2010 and 2011 that could have grown the business.

RAW review later tonight...

So just chill... Till the next episode!

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