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TITO DAILY - Website Updates, Zack Ryder as the Latest Ratings Scapegoat, and more
By Mr. Tito
Dec 28, 2011 - 1:22:41 AM

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Welcome to Tito Daily, my daily column here at the awesome I have to admit... My hands are pretty full right now. No, not on work stuff, but the MONSTER that will be unleashed around Thursday called the 2012 Predictions column. I spent some time writing 1/3 of the column today and damn it's going to have some length.

Other things I have a few Top 10's lurking in my head. Digital_Phreak gave me a great idea on "Top Intercontinental Champions" of all time... Conversely, as an oldschool WCW fan, I'd have a ton of fun with the U.S. Title and TV Title top 10's... We're also into Royal Rumble territory, and I hope to write some Top 10's and other reflective columns of past Royal Rumble shows.

I'm going to float some non-wrestling columns out there... I hope to continue with the financial columns, but I would also like to dig deep into politics, sports, and entertainment. Also, I would like to just rant on the most random things, such as today's "BAD TITO" topic about ungrateful teenagers demanding iPhones from their parents for Christmas.

I have a lot of great things in store for you in 2012, so stay tuned...

Some wrestling thoughts...

First of all, I love me some Wrestling Observer/Figure 4 Weekly... They've been excellent at breaking stories lately, especially in terms of WWE Creative Meeting notes. THAT SAID, who is leaking WWE backstage news? I'm sorry, but you don't see IBM, Bank of America, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, etc. leaking trade secrets through a media source. The WWE Corporation has rats all over the place wanting to reveal company secrets.

The latest reporting is that Zack Ryder is Scapegoat #2 for the recent ratings dip (with CM Punk being Scapegoat #1, with the WWE already thinking about moving the title off of Punk). Hence, the move to Hour 1 and being thrust into a possible romance storyline with Eve Torres. Maybe I'm crazy, but how is that a demotion?

Survivor Series 2011 buy estimates were reportedly downgraded from the intial 280,000 total buys to 260,000 total buys. That's just up from last year's 244,000. Thus, the Rock's first actual match since Wrestlemania 20 can only give the WWE just 16,000 additional buys?

Just goes to show you how important the Creative process is. Rock was thrust into a Tag Team match that nobody was that excited to see. Seriously, who believed that Miz and R-Truth had a chance in heck to win that match?

I have nothing else...

So just chill... Till the next episode!

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