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TITO DAILY - Why on Earth Would You Turn John Cena HEEL?
By Mr. Tito
Jan 12, 2012 - 11:55:01 PM

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I've been fighting this good fight since 2010, and yet the drumbeat on this drive-by Internet Wrestling Community (IWC) idea is getting louder recently. But I'll repeat myself one more time so that I can keep spoonfeeding reality: the WWE CAN'T turn John Cena heel?

Could it be a good idea? Sure... Heel turns are often interesting, especially with a longer face run and when the turn is unexpected.

BUT - The fact remains that the WWE needs to keep John Cena as a face for BUSINESS. He's a proven draw on the Houseshow circuit and continues to have great merchandise numbers. You, the drive-by IWC, need to tell me WHO replaces that as a face?

You can't. You'll probably tell me but-but-but CM Punk. CM Punk what? His new white t-shirt sells well and suddenly that compares to John Cena's 5 years of merchandise dominance? CM Punk might be doing well with the adult fans, but Cena continues to sell well with the younger fans. No denying that.

In recent times, the WWE has foolishly booked John Cena. How exactly are they going to keep the cash cow strong by letting the Rock humiliate him and this stupid push to sell merchandise with "CENA SUCKS" on it... WWE is letting their company face get diminished as an asset but the sad fact is that fans have no one else to turn to... Still, Cena still draws well and is mostly a sturdy wrestler. Again, who replaces Cena as a face with the same success?

INSTEAD of criticizing John Cena or begging him to become a heel, why don't you, the drive-by IWC, criticize the WWE's current heels? That's right, the WWE has been pushing Alberto Del Rio and the Miz ALL YEAR LONG and neither guy is proving to be a heel draw of value. The WWE is resting their hopes on Dolph Ziggler to be that guy, but in my opinion, he's too chained up by Vicki Guerrero not giving him the ability to speak and act on his own.

That's the TRUE problem. John Cena has never had a HEEL complement to help him grow the company. Hulk Hogan had an army of heels to feed him. Steve AustinThe Rock and the entire 2000 roster had Triple H. Cena has nobody that he can call his "equal". The closest Cena ever had to a heel equal in interest was CM Punk for a brief moment through the Money in the Bank Pay Per View.

Which begs the question... If Miz/Del Rio/Ziggler isn't getting the job done, what's next? WWE could place a lot of hope in Chris Jericho, which we might see unfold with Jericho squaring off against CM Punk at Wrestlemania 27. Jericho could do it, but it's a matter of his (a) long-term plans and (b) if the WWE Management wants him as the top main eventer for heels. After all, the WWE pushed Miz to the WWE Title very early and shoved Del Rio down our throats HARD for the second half of 2011.

And if not Jericho, consider turning Randy Orton heel upon his return... He is a LOUSY face and a proven weakness as a houseshow/Pay Per View draw. Turn him heel and blend the snob you saw with the Evolution stable with the strong in-ring performer that Orton is now, the WWE has their top drawing heel that could equal John Cena.

Either way, DO NOT turn John Cena heel. He's too important to the WWE's financial statements right now. Other things require more attention than ruining a good thing.

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