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TITO RISING - Undertaker/Triple H & Jericho/Punk at Wrestlemania 28, RAW Ratings, and Wrestler Comments in Public
By Mr. Tito
Dec 14, 2011 - 9:27:33 PM

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Welcome back to the paradise known as the "Excellence in Column Writing", Tito Rising. Folks, I've been doing this 13+ years now... Yes, I'm old... But each time I write a column, I have to THINK before I click SUBMIT. In other words, I need to not only ensure that I'm submitting quality to you, the readers, but also that my written word doesn't cause any harm. I'll admit, there have been several columns were I went into the gutter... Given my mood of the day or age, I probably took things too far... Some of my Blog is Tito entries probably went too far this year, especially on the "CM Punk was Buried" subject matter.

However, I'm writing for an internet website for purely entertainment purposes.

This is great contrast for someone who represents a publicly traded corporation (WWE) or someone close to a legal situation (Hulk Hogan's lawsuit). When I wrote about CM Punk's Twitter comment about pro athletes who use performance enhancers being "pussies", some of you took that completely wrong. Ditto for when I criticized Punk about his comments on the Rock and Miz getting the main event spot, instead of him, at Wrestlemania 27.

Let me preface this... I really like CM Punk. Go Google "Blog is Tito" for 2011. It's been very much pro-CM Punk, as I've liked his "Cult Leader" gimmick with the Nexus up and until his big push through the Money in the Bank Pay Per View. Since that show, I've defended CM Punk 100% and have insisted that the WWE Creative team mishandled the popularity momentum he has through Money in the Bank. Thus, when I criticize Punk about his spoken or Tweeted word, I'm trying to PROTECT HIM.

The WWE is a publicly traded company. They issue shares of stock and any piece of information can cause the stock to increase or decrease. When a non-wrestling fan investor reads that CM Punk is disgruntled about one of the all-time greats returning to the WWE, the Rock, that could cause the investor to look twice about buying the WWE stock. Ditto for the Miz/Wrestlemania 27 comment. If investors see workplace strife of any kind that gives an appearance of weakened morale, they might not invest in WWE stock.

With Performance Enhancers, the WWE took a MAJOR public relations hit when Chris Benoit killed his family and then killed himself. The crime was bad enough, but the discovery of performance enhancing drugs at his house and in his system gave the WWE bad news headlines for many weeks. It probably caused Linda McMahon to lose the 2010 Senate election despite the Republican wave that conquered many House and Senate seats that year.

NO WWE WRESTLER SHOULD EVEN MENTION "PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS", EVER. Many wrestler deaths and Chris Benoit's murder/suicide makes this topic off-limits for any WWE employee to even allude to, let alone outright saying it. Worse yet for Punk, as noted in Sports Illustrated's various written pieces, I would be wondering how his co-workers feel about that "****" comment? Sure, Punk could have been alluding to pro athletes in baseball, football, etc... Doesn't matter. WWE had a major public relations disaster in 2007 and there is NO escaping that.

I'm just trying to help...

A person that needs help is Eric Bischoff. At his age and multiple executive roles with multiple companies now, how on earth can he lack the maturity to make this nasty comment Hulk Hogan's ex-wife, Linda Hogan:

Eric Bischoff Tweet on 12/11/11: Been silent on the Hulk and Linda divorce since the beggining. Glad to hear he is filing a suit against her. She is a pig in every sense.

You should have stayed silent, Eric. You're a longtime business associate of Hulk Hogan and Hogan just filed a defamation lawsuit against his wife Linda... Do you not think that Linda's lawyers are taking note of what someone especially close to Hogan is saying? Good God, Eric. Lawyers will, no doubt, use what you've said and suggest that Hogan convinced you to make that statement.

There is NOTHING wrong with using things like Twitter, Facebook, etc. if you want to speak your mind... But damn it, there is no "freedom of speech" regarding your employer or legal matters. It's utter stupidity, towards yourself and how it harms others, to even not think before you click "submit".


Ratings for Monday Night Football were down with the awful Seattle Seahawks vs. St. Louis Rams match-up, so thus, the opportunity was ripe for a 3-hour special edition of Monday Night RAW, 1 week before a Pay Per View, to boom in the ratings... How did it do? 3.0 for the normal 2 hours of RAW...


Something is clearly not sticking with casual wrestling fans. That's a shame, because as I've said repeatedly, the WWE talent roster is LOADED. The WWE Creative team, and their multiple script rewrites, continues to deliver sloppy and inconsistent shows, week after week. That and the WWE is too Pay Per View driven in that RAW, 10 years after the Monday Night Wars ended, is nothing but an infomercial. The creativity is not there...

And the WWE better do something FAST... The issue is that the overall wrestling fan base is in decline right now. Nobody is growing... WWE thinks that the WWE Network will be the "firewall", but in essence, wrestling fans are getting tired of 5-6 hours available to them now, why would they want 24 hours a day of it? The demand isn't there...

Triple H vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania 28 - Told You So...

Going back to the Blog is Tito from 10/12/11: Wrestlemania 28 Predictions, I nailed 2/3 of the next Undertaker match with Pro Wrestling Insider reporting that Undertaker vs. Triple H, the rematch, happening at Wrestlemania 28. This would make 3 straight years of accurately predicting the Undertaker/Wrestlemania match...

But my prediction said Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H. One more wrestler needs to join this match and I believe that Shawn Michaels will, in fact, get the "wrestling itch". I wouldn't doubt, however, that the WWE already made the long-term plan to have HBK vs. HHH vs. Underatker before Wrestlemania 27. That in-ring segment between Shawn, Triple H, and Undertaker where the Undertaker ridiculed Shawn for losing back-to-back years was very much planned:

Why would Shawn Michaels allow himself to be subjected in such shame in a non-wrestling capacity?

Shawn Michaels is coming back for Wrestlemania 28. Count on it. In fact, I might even be bold enough to predict that Shawn will DEFEAT the Undertaker and end the 20th match. Shawn worked hard to give the Undertaker THREE of his best matches ever (Badd Blood, Wrestlemania 25, and Wrestlemania 26) and I believe that the Undertaker and the WWE would like to cement Shawn Michaels legacy.

Imagine that, a long-term plan...

What About Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk at Wrestlemania 28?

Rumors are spreading about CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho being booked for Wrestlemania 28, and the "Internet Wrestling Community" are losing their minds over two of their favorites matching up. I don't know about this one...

For one, CM Punk's booking plans have changed repeatedly in 2011. The major A.D.D. by the WWE Creative Staff on CM Punk's career convinces me that NOTHING is written in stone for Punk at Wrestlemania 28. When Chris Jericho was in the WWE, the same thing happened with him.

I find Punk and Jericho to very much the same person... They are very outspoken individuals both backstage and in public forums (hey, see above!), and thus, the WWE booking for them is often "subject to change".

I'll comment on it when the match is booked. The Drive-By IWC will enjoy slobbering over the rumor of the match and when it doesn't happen, criticism will be unleashed. For me, I'd rather see a strong and built up CM Punk vs. Miz or CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio match instead... Maybe even Dolph Ziggler vs. CM Punk...

Not Steve Austin vs. CM Punk, however... We'll see that at SummerSlam 2012, I'm predicting... Chew on that!


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