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TOP 10 - The Top 10 Recommended "Surprise" Royal Rumble Entrants
By Mr. Tito
Jan 12, 2012 - 8:14:32 PM

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One thing I LOVE about the Royal Rumble are the surprise entrants from the past and present that the Rumble match itself can provide. I'm actually PISSED that the WWE reduced the Rumble back to 30 after 2011 saw 40 entrants. The larger number of entrants allowed for the WWE the possibility for more surprise entrants than before.

Still, the WWE should reserve at least 3 to 5 spots for random entrants of wrestlers who aren't full-time WWE performers. At the very least, these "surprise" entrants can only have a WWE Legends contract... And I have a handful of wrestlers who I'd recommend for these spots.

By the way, I'm not counting Steve Austin and the Rock. Rock is technically under contract while who knows what the agreement is with Austin. That, and I believe the Rock will enter the 2011 Rumble match.....................

Top 10 Recommended "Surprise" Royal Rumble Entrants

#10 - Razor Ramon/Scott Hall - Kevin Nash's WWE return last year was fun with the return of "Big Daddy Cool", Diesel. If Scott Hall is reasonable shape, a good confidence boost to how bad the last few years have been would be to see how many older WWE fans still love Da Bad Guy. Rehab is the most important thing for Hall now, but giving Hall any reward for improved behavior could go a long way.

#9 - Bobby Lashley - If this guy is serious about a WWE comeback, this is as good of time as any for a comeback. He reportedly has interest in a WWE return and it's as good night as any to make a big splash. Then, turf him to the Smackdown roster...

#8 - Bill Goldberg - For one night only, he'd do it... And for one night only, the WWE fans would cheer for him.

#7 - New Age Outlaws - Oh you didn't know? The Road Dogg is back with the WWE as a backstage agent and working out great. Meanwhile, Billy Gunn is floundering on the Indy Circuit. Bring the pair in as a single entrant and do the whole "Oh You Didn't Know" entrance. The crowd will eat it up! If needed, it could just be a one-time deal for Gunn.

#6 - Batista - I think Batista is CRAZY for getting away from the WWE and then badmouthing it in the process. He underestimates how good he once was. He's tried a few things with moderate success but he was made to be a pro wrestler. WWE could use his starpower right now to complement the deep younger roster.

#5 - Mankind - One thing that the WWE has to realize with masked wrestlers who cover up most of their body with their tights/costumes is that those wrestlers can look timeless. It's the genius behind the band KISS. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley look like they've never aged because they wear facepaint. Kane right now looks like he did years ago, while slapping on the Hannibal mask on Mick Foley would bring back Mankind as we all knew him. Plus, Foley didn't quite have a physique that everybody could suggest has been lost...

#4 - Diamond Dallas Page - Self High Five! The interesting thing I notice is that in hindsight, many older fans are realizing how good Diamond Dallas Page became in WCW and how vital of a midcard force he was in 1997 during the peak of the New World Order. It's almost a shame that Randy Orton's injury puts him out because this would give ample opportunity to see the Diamond Cutter vs. RKO, as DDP is suggesting lately with his WWE comments.

#3 - The Sandman - He is only #3 if and only if Enter Sandman by Metallica plays. Otherwise, move him to #9... To have the former beer drinking, cigarette smoking master of the Singapore Cane come out to his ECW trademark style would be an amusing Royal Rumble add.

#2 - Psycho Sid Vicious - I LOVE me some Sid Eudy. Many ridicule Sid for being a lousy wrestler, but someone's trash is always someone's treasure. I love Sid for being completely over-the-top with his character and the more Powerbombs, the better! I think of the Psycho Sid music hit, the crowd would go CRAZY and mark out.

#1 - Brock Lesnar - OBVIOUSLY. Given his sudden retirement from UFC at the end of 2011, if we were to hear his awesome theme song hit and Brock Lesnar enters the Royal Rumble match, the crowd would lose their minds! The pop would be tremendous based on the fact that he probably doesn't have any legal ties to UFC and can freely return to the WWE again.

And imagine if they let him win it and rightfully destroy Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania 28. Give Brock Lesnar a lighter schedule as long as he's there to get Smackdown on the SyFy Channel some more eyeballs? I'm all for it...

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