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The Ratings are in... How did the WWE do?
By Mr. Tito
Jan 17, 2012 - 9:02:52 PM

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The Smackdown rating for last Friday's show was a 2.2 rating... What, you were expecting the RAW rating? Seems like the Federal Holidays are delaying Monday Cable ratings, so we'll probably have to wait until tomorrow to see those numbers... and then a few more days for the 15-minute quarter hour breakdowns.

For Smackdown, consider the ratings history on the awesomeness known as the SyFy Channel:

12/2: 2.0
12/9: 2.2
12/16: 2.0
12/23: 2.0
12/30: 1.9
1/6: 1.8
1/13: 2.2

So yeah, a good number for Smackdown and if you look at Smackdown's ratings on the SyFy channel, they really took a ratings hit after the 2011 Draft (around a 1.7-1.8 consistent rating during the summer) but has been hovering consistently around 2.0 since the fall. The average rating for 2011 was about 2.0...

It's not bad. Smackdown has found a core audience who appears to like several of the wrestlers on that roster and that's good considering how SyFy isn't available on everyone's cable package. At the very least, getting better ratings than TNA Impact should continue to be the WWE's goal for Smackdown on SyFy (which isn't that hard to do).

Sad thing is that if any wrestlers are enjoyed on the Smackdown roster, they'll be drafted to the RAW roster.

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