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Tito Daily - The 2011 Tito Awards for the Best in Professional Wrestling
By Mr. Tito
Dec 21, 2011 - 1:30:39 AM

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Thank you, to one and all, for making an immediate success. I'll work damn hard to keep giving you great content to read, in addition to the great material at the mothership, I believe that in the end, this new site will work out well for everyone.

I do see some of the "haters" who helped take down the Blogs Forum which hosted the wildly successful Blog is Tito crying foul that I have my own website. Well, if there's a problem with me, then why not contact ME directly about it at [email protected] or argue with me on Twitter (@titowrestling)? I don't bite... And as much of an "egomaniac" that I'm claimed to be, you'd be surprised at how well I listen to feedback...

But the fact is that the Tito brand is very successful here at and the readership is strong for my content, like it or not.

On a daily basis, I'm going to continue to write my Editorial-style entries and call them TITO DAILY plus whatever the subject will be... Thus, welcome to the first edition of Tito Daily... And for the first edition, we'll give out my annual TITO AWARDS.


Best Female Wrestler: Eve Torres (WWE)
I have to be honest here... The WWE Divas division and whatever TNA is attempting has been painful to watch. I say that about the "wrestling part", as both the WWE and TNA have incredible depth on the looks department... For 2011, the best in-ring product that I've seen out of any female has been Eve Torres who has been using her athleticism to make a few female matches look decent. The WWE has been heavy on pushing Kelly Kelly and she's not the dedicated athlete that Eve is.

Best Tag Team: Beer Money (TNA)
This used to be a proud award during the early 2000's... Not so much any longer. With the WWE completely void of any care for tag team wrestling, at least on the serious side (just see how long the tag titles were ignored when the former Nexus members held them and never defended them), we look to TNA and they had a great tag team that I wish would have ventured to the WWE. James Storm and Bobby Roode are excellent together. Good for them that they are now venturing out as single stars, but they made a fine tag team and gave TNA at least one good reason to watch.

Best Storyline: CM Punk's Contractual Situation (WWE)
Real or not, started off real but turned into work... Whatever the case may be, the WWE had wrestling fans eating out of the palm of its hand heading into Money in the Bank 2011. There was a "sense of urgency" created by the storylines that made you feel that there was a legitimate risk that CM Punk would retire champion. The match paid off HUGE against John Cena and immediately, wrestling fans were buzzing as to what would happen next... "Summer of Punk" had started but, well, we know what happened there... Thankfully, we have the "Winter of Punk" right now to redeem it.

Best Title Belt: United States Title (WWE)
The United States Title did its job for the latter half of 2011... It gave Dolph Ziggler something to do for a few months after he switched brands while also allowing him to season in the midcard and it was then passed off to the next guy that the WWE intends to elevate in Zach Ryder. A close second is the Intercontinental Title which the WWE is using well to manufacture Cody Rhodes into a star.

Best Announcer: Michael Cole (WWE)
Call me crazy, but I love the heel play-by-play guy. He still calls the matches well, despite the distractions of being a heel, and he actually generates tons of heat for his roles whenever he interacts with other wrestlers. Sometimes over the top, but I think most are still getting used to an actual heel play by play commentator.

Best Singles Wrestler: John Cena (WWE)
After what I thought was a null 2010 for John Cena, I thought he bounced back well for 2011. In my opinion, he was a big help to the Miz through Wrestlemania 27 and the months afterward on teaching Miz how to be a main eventer. Cena has had a handful of good-to-great matches on both RAW and on the Pay Per Views, including my "Match of the Year" honors. He's a better in-ring worker than he's given credit for and I felt that he had a more consistent 2011 than other wrestlers (Punk has been stronger for the latter half, ditto for the Miz, etc.).

MATCH OF THE YEAR: John Cena vs. CM Punk at Money in the Bank (WWE)
1 of 2 matches that I gave 5-Stars for the year (the other being Triple H vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania 27). Storyline-wise, this match was well hyped with CM Punk's possible exit out of the WWE due to a contract expiration. Heading into this match, there was a "sense of urgency" that heightened the importance of this match. The WWE gave them 33 minutes to develop something great and both guys worked great together to pull it off. The ending was perfect, too, as Vince McMahon/John Laurinaitis came to the ring due to Punk's contractual situation but it was John Cena who decided to let it be a distraction and it cost him the match. Afterwards, CM Punk laughed at Vince McMahon and walked out of the arena with the WWE Title and an expired contract...

This match should have ignited a strong latter half of 2011... And of course, it didn't... You can hear my violin playing on this, but let's face it, the WWE DROPPED THE BALL on CM Punk's momentum after this MATCH OF THE YEAR winner at Money in the Bank 2011. The WWE was hell bent on pushing Triple H as "Chief Operating Office" while also insisting that Alberto Del Rio HAD to be crowned as World Champion at SummerSlam. Both McMahon induced decisions ruined everything.

But now, we have the "Winter of Punk" and with the rising merchandise sales seen on Punk, the WWE probably realizes the error of their ways and is pushing Punk as WWE Champion for now... But, what I said above is what I argued during the entire "Summer of Punk" and lower ratings and pathetic buyrates later to prove it, it's a grand "I TOLD YOU SO" that I thoroughly enjoy.

"Brilliance in Blogging", indeed!

So Just Chill... Till the Next Episode!

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