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Tito Rising - CM Punk Need to Cure his "Foot in Mouth" Syndrome
By Mr. Tito
Nov 24, 2011 - 11:34:29 PM

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I see, Mr. Tito Rising... Happy Thanksgiving, one and all... As I watch and enjoy the NFL Network for the Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers, I can't but think that I'd like to see a wrestling event right now... I used to enjoy when WWE Smackdown was on Thursday Nights during the UPN days, as you could get a wrestling fix after a long day of devouring turkey. I'm sure with some hype, it could become a special event each year. Like the USA Network (playing "Elf" right now) and SyFy Channel (playing "Die Another Day", horrible James Bond movie!) couldn't afford the timeslot to air a highly rated WWE show.

But that's just me thinking for the WWE brand. I'll tell you who isn't thinking for the WWE brand, and that's CM Punk. What the hell is wrong with him? He is repeatedly showing off his "foot in mouth" syndrome by constantly speaking out about WWE company matters and also badmouthing the Rock. What gives, Punk?

Who cares if the Rock doesn't acknowledge you? The Rock did more for the WWE than you can EVER dream of, Punk. Without the Rock's surging popularity, who knows if the WWE would have been as strong of a competitor, long-term, against WCW. The Rock made the WWE tons of money from 1998-2003 when he was a main eventer and he'll make the WWE more money at Wrestlemania 28. Gee, guess what more profit earned to the WWE means for you, CM Punk?

What would you rather want, CM Punk? The Rock to not even acknowledge that he was once a WWE wrestler? For 7 years, he barely acknowledged his wrestling career and in fact, distanced himself from it. WWE's numbers were sagging during much of 2010, while you were on the roster mind you, and he opted to come back and significantly boost the viability of Wrestlemania 27. I guarantee that if you polled the 1,059,000 Pay Per View buyers of Wrestlemania 27 (up from the previous year's 885,000 buys), more would suggest that they bought because the Rock hosted the show than to see CM Punk wrestle.

Speaking of Wrestlemania 27, exactly when is it your business to publicly complain about the Miz getting the main event shot over you? You had your shots against John Cena during late 2010 and early 2011 and it must not have impressed. You, however, stepped up your game against John Cena for Money in the Bank (Match of the Year candidate) and SummerSlam. There is a TIME and a PLACE for everything, and obviously with Money in the Bank, when you work hard, you will get rewarded.

Pro wrestling, even in 2011, must maintain a realm of secrecy. Yes, it's well known that matches are predetermined, but how the matches are predetermined should remain a trade secret. Discussing WWE matters is BAD for business, and furthermore, it's bad for the WWE corporation. Why would I, an actual investor in the stock market, buy WWE stock when there appears to be issues within the company? By Punk speaking out about the Rock, that tells me that it could discourage the Rock from making any additional appearances beyond Wrestlemania 28. That's bad for business.

In the past, being WWE Champion meant that you represented the WWE as the face of the company...

I'm amazed that the WWE lets this stuff occur. In the past, they used their Media division to actually shutdown wrestler's personal websites and for a few years, they enforced a media gag order on their wrestlers in which wrestlers had to have permission by WWE officials to do any time of television or radio interviews. Seems like they've loosened up lately, at least on the internet side of things. Vince McMahon is reportedly fascinated with how Twitter/Youtube can be an avenue for exposure for his wrestlers. However, when wrestlers use it to reveal company matters or exploiting the wrestling business, it's a bad avenue to travel down.

Besides, if CM Punk wants to use his Twitter account, ESPN interviews, or Podcast appearances to complain about WWE matters, why can't he speak out about how poorly he was booked since the Money in the Bank Pay Per View, which now appears to be the "peak" of his career. Punk's momentum was CLEARLY stalled in favor of getting Triple H over as the "Chief Operating Officer" while also refusing to delay Alberto Del Rio's push. CM Punk was ripe to be an equal to that of John Cena in terms of Main Event presence and drawing power, but bad Pay Per View luck for CM Punk since Money in the Bank is a pretty clear indicator that the WWE didn't want CM Punk to achieve a higher superstar status.

It's absolutely bad business to trash your own company and fellow wrestlers publicly. What, you can't speak up backstage to any of the McMahons or other members of WWE Management? Keep things in-house, as going public will not only cause the Creative Team to stick it to you, but it gives outsiders the impression that the WWE's "house" is not in order. Grown adult men can handle things internally instead of crying to the media. Have the balls to say things to the McMahons' faces instead of running to the media.

It's quite evident to me why CM Punk was "buried" after his incredible Money in the Bank PPV night. He's a guy that the WWE doesn't trust to be the top guy and crying about company matters to the media is proving that. There is probably a good reason why we didn't see Triple H vs. CM Punk at Survivor Series 2011, as well as Punk probably never getting a rematch to avenge that loss.

Better watch out, Punk... Don't doubt that with the Miz now free of the Awesome Truth team, Miz will get a huge Main Event and could receive some of Punk's facetime by WWE management to spite Punk. Furthermore, just think what else could happen... Do you want Steve Austin vs. CM Punk to happen? Why, when you badmouth the WWE publicly, they won't be as accomodating on a possible dream match should Steve Austin want to return. Maybe the Miz could take on Steve Austin instead?

Go public when the WWE is doing something illegal or if you're absolutely sure that you're leaving them... But speaking out in attempt to influence change within the WWE? Idiotic. And if the WWE is soooooooo bad, why don't you leave it? Go prove how "great" you are by becoming a draw in TNA.

Going public by revealing company matters and exploiting the wrestling business is not very professional. Be a man and tell the McMahons, to their faces, how you feel.

5 Things I Think

1) Issues with Programming. Some of you have not only asked about why my Columns are being positioned "last" on the Columns section, but where are my Column archives as well? The Posting URL that I use to post my "Tito Rising" Columns is different than that of the other columnists, so thus how my entries get posted does not mix well with the others. Owner and operator of the website, Calvin Martin, is currently working on a solution, which is not only why my Column Archives are missing for the moment, but also why my column has a permanent link at the bottom of LoP's Columns section.

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I'm quite proud of the Top 10 Survivor Series Moments column... I put a good bit of effort into that one, and if you're a newer wrestling fan, it's a good historical piece to read. I tried to inject as much history behind each moments that I could.

2) "Wrestling with Shadows" is STILL a great documentary. After I wrote my Survivor Series Moments column, I ordered "Wrestling with Shadows" myself to enjoy. It still holds up as a great insider perspective on what happened during 1997 between Bret Hart and the WWE heading into Survivor Series 1997 and then the aftermath. Very fortunate that Bret Hart commissioned a film crew to not only follow him that year, but also the WWE allowing the filming to occur. Highly recommended for any wrestling fan.

3) Oh, you didn't know? Road Dogg now works for the WWE. That just blows my mind that the Road Dogg works for the WWE now. That is fascinating... Some might suggest that he wasn't exactly a mindblowing wrestler, but I'd argue he could be decent because he's been exposed to the business extensively through his family. Given his track record on tag team wrestling, he could be a good asset to oversee the Tag Team division in need of help and attention.

4) WWE 12 news everywhere... Interesting to see the fervor over WWE 12, the next video game release by the WWE... Maybe it's because of Brock Lesnar being in the game, among other legends added to the game? I don't know... For me, the WWE games for the last 5 years have been OK... Nothing special... Seems to me that the WWE is in a creative rut with THQ and video games, which is why I think WWE All Stars was received well because it was a new twist to the WWE games.

For me, I still hold up the 1st WWE Day of Reckoning GameCube game as the "best ever". It was perfectly made, had great control, awesome create-a-wrestler, and just felt great using the GameCube controller.

5) Not sure on John Morrison/Melina to TNA Wrestling. Personally, I like John Morrison as an in-ring wrestler. He's talented with his aerial moves and he bumps incredibly well... However, he lacks other intangibles such as using psychology against his opponents and lacking personality traits to make fans care about him either as a face or a heel. Not sure if he joins TNA if he'll make an impact or not, should TNA push him to the moon like the other WWE imports. Then again, he can certainly prove everybody wrong!

Anytime you're mad at your own employer or if you go elsewhere for employment, it's best not speak out (right CM Punk?)... Use that anger and focus on proving someone wrong. There is no better feeling in life than proving someone wrong who said you can't do something.


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