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Tito Rising - WWE RAW Review & Grade
By Mr. Tito
Nov 28, 2011 - 11:30:42 PM

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Here we are again, back with the "Excellence in Column Writing" known as Tito Rising. Things are looking up here at, as new things are on the horizon for yours truly here shortly. For those of you who enjoyed the incredibly successful BLOG is TITO and missed my daily musings... Stay tuned... Just keep an eye on or Follow me on Twitter (@titowrestling) for any details or changes.

I really enjoyed Monday Night RAW tonight... I'll give you my grade up front... We'll go A as we had great wrestling and strong angles from the WWE Creative Staff. Wait, am I giving credit where it's due? Absolutely. I actually WANT to watch Smackdown because of how well the whole Daniel Bryan/Michael Cole segment was handled and how it transitioned into hyping Mark Henry vs. Daniel Bryan on the special Tuesday Night Smackdown.

As I've said time in and time again, the 2011 WWE roster IS talented. It's not the wrestlers' fault. The creative team has their own agendas and enjoys pushing them because of the virtual monopoly that the WWE has on the wrestling business. John Cena, Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler (blossoming into a great wrestler before our very eyes), Alberto Del Rio, the Miz, R-Truth, and a whole crop of younger wrestlers (Sheamus, Wade Barrett, etc.) are enjoyable to watch. Even Big Show, Mark Henry, and Christian have contributed well this year.

Great main event match between CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio... You know me... Old Man Tito will say "why are you giving this match away for free?", as Punk and Del Rio are fresh off their Pay Per View bout from Survivor Series 2011. I make a great point... BUT I'm sensing that the WWE is moving on to CM Punk vs. Miz and I'm very much OK with that. Miz and Punk seem to have chemistry together and I personally believe that Del Rio still needs to find his niche in the WWE.

Many fans of John Morrison are losing it this evening, based on the way he's been squashed as he exits the WWE for possible TNA pastures. Folks, get over it... Something between Morrison/Melina and the WWE just did NOT work out. Vince McMahon is historically tough to deal with and something between Morrison and Vince just didn't gel. That's fine. All John Morrison has to do is to prove himself either in whatever promotion he joins. Proving the McMahons wrong will feel great, John, so work hard, get better, and prove all naysayers wrong. Then, in a few years, Vince McMahon could beg to bring you back...

I LOVE it when the WWE brings back Roddy Piper... Even at his older age, he can still bring value to the WWE. Amazing how great talkers never lose that craft, and it was once again proven that way with Roddy Piper. I LOVED his speech before Survivor Series 2010 (I believe) when he got on Cena about his referee job in the Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton. If you'll recall, Piper reminded Cena that he never got to be WWE champion and it would be a disgrace to him and any other wrestlers who didn't get to become champion if he helped Wade Barrett win. Interesting play with Piper, as he really dug into Cena's role into a face and how he was getting booed against the Rock. I'm sure that will spur many HUGE NEWS!!!! JOHN CENA TURNING HEEL rumors that I'll have to strike down with laughter.

Good to see my girls, the Bella Twins, getting some WWE facetime... But Kelly Kelly/Alicia Fox dismantled them. Bellas are in a tough place as heels with the "Divas of Doom" firmly in place.

Good match between Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler... Ziggler is continuing to prove that he's becoming a stud in the ring and the rest of the roster might need to begin keeping up... One thing I've noticed about Randy Orton is that he's very controlling of the match tempo and always has to lead. It FEELS as though I'm beginning to watch the same match with Orton, time in and time out, and he's just not adding any additional emotion to his matches. With due respect to Orton, as talented as he's become, I'm just not running to or elsewhere with any sudden cravings for Orton matches. He just seems to be missing something...

Nice cheap win for Dolph Ziggler, still the heel on the upswing while it puts heat on Orton vs. Wade Barrett in the future.

DAMN good segment between Michael Cole and Daniel Bryan. I never knew that Bryan could show off on the microphone. Michael Cole ridiculed him bad, and I enjoyed that, but Bryan verbally punched back with a nice cutting promo on Cole and the World Heavyweight Championship scenario. Then, Mark Henry comes out to add talk smack and of course to hype their Tuesday Smackdown match. Bryan did NOT back down from Henry and not only verbally smacked him back, but kicked Henry's injured leg on the way out of the arena. Great stuff that actually has me wanting to watch Smackdown tomorrow night. That's what the WWE needs!

So yeah... Great show. One of the best RAWs of the year and given the talented WWE roster, this is what I expect out of the WWE. Just officially merge the damn rosters and titles already and let the good times roll...

Let me emphasize it again for John Morrison: PROVE CRITICS WRONG. Same thing for you, Melina. Both of you have some sort of reputation that you've earned and going public with your WWE criticisms is not the professional way to handle things. Unless there is a legitimate "whistleblower" moment where your employer is doing something illegal or improper, stop being cowards and running to your Twitter accounts or any media outlets that will wrestle. Just shut up and wrestle.

There is no fate but what we make for ourselves...


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