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Unsolved Mysteries FIX - Texas Most Wanted
By Mr. Tito
Feb 1, 2012 - 8:10:28 PM

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It's WEDNESDAY and that means only one thing... Unsolved Mysteries FIX!

This week's fix, the terrifying "Texas Most Wanted" segment that is easily one of the creepiest segments going. The segment starts out with a wife saying goodbye to her husband for the day... The wife goes back inside and while she was fixing her hair and applying make-up, an intruder shows up with a hunting knife. As a kid, seeing that image raised the hair on my neck and it was one of those Unsolved Mysteries segments that made you cautious of your surroundings.

Previously, the intruder terrorized a neighborhood one morning by exposing himself to kids outside and then shooting the teenage kid who contronted the guy. Actor Matthew McConaughey starred in the segment as the teenager.

Messed up behavior on display that just disturbs me personally.

UPDATE: The person behind the murder and home intrusion was caught in 1993 after this segment aired in 1992 and is behind bars for 70 years (although up for parole in 2013).

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