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Why I'm Taking Today, January 8th, Off and So Should You!
By Mr. Tito
Jan 8, 2012 - 10:36:06 AM

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Why I might not post today... I'm with Gary Busey on taking today, January 8th, off...

CLICK THIS LINK (YouTube Embedding is Down for the Moment)

I'm with Busey...

Two quick comments:

1) This clip is from the movie D.C. Cab, which is a highly underrated comedy and movie. It was an R-Rated comedy that I watched as a kid only because Mr. T was in it, but I was treated to a pretty absurd movie in return and introduced to Gary Busey. At the very least, check out the "Venus Club" scene as well as "The Run" with Tyrone on the train tracks.

2) Many of today's youth don't understand how GREAT Elvis Presley was. It's been 35 long years since he passed away in 1977. Most think of him as a parody from his later days after 1970, which you can see throughout Las Vegas. That's a shame because before 1970, he was the most talented musician with only the Beatles rivaling his popularity.

AT THE VERY LEAST, put a few of his classic songs on your iPod/iPhone. I recommend the following:

Top 5 Elvis Song Download Recommendations

5) Are You Lonesome Tonight? - Many will know this because the Rock in 2000 on Saturday Night Live actually did his own rendition of it, and I believe in Rock's movie Game Plan, he also sang his own version of the song. But it's a great song from 1960 and it showcases how strong of a singer Elvis is by switching gears so much.

4) Hound Dog - You ain't nothing but a hound dog, crying all the time! This song feels older, but it was a 1956 hit that swept the nation. For this one, I like how Elvis shouts the lyrics to add a bit of aggression to it.

3) (I Can't Help) Falling in Love With You - 1961 song that was a beauty. Elvis knew how to write a ballad long before 1980's hairbands made it their standard 2nd single. The lyrics to this song are perfectly written and Elvis delivers them as only he can.

2) Love Me Tender - From 1956 (amazing), this beatiful melody sounded very ahead of its time and it's timeless. Just a beautiful song that if you still played it today for a girlfriend, it's an almost guarantee that you'd get laid!

1) Perfect Strangers - I'd argue at 1969, this was Elvis's last true hit (he had one more top 10 hit after this), but it was certainly his last #1 single. It's a great song because Elvis took advantage of what was improving music product at the time to produce a timeless strong. If Elvis kept on this path, I could honestly listen to ALBUMS worth of it. Great song!

So remember kids... Don't be like Busey and take incredible amounts of drugs and live dangerously. However, take today off because it's Elvis's Birthday, huh huh huh huh...

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