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WWE nXt Results- April 20, 2016
By JCool
Apr 20, 2016 - 1:14:53 PM

WWE nXt Results
April 20th, 2016

On commentary tonight, at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Center in Dallas, are Tom Phillips and Corey Graves.

Opening Segment

Non-Title Tag Team Match: Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady vs. American Alpha (c)

Chad Gable and Enzo Amore start things off with a little mat wrestling, which is broken by Enzo getting to the ropes. Test of strength between the two transitions into some fancy footwork and roundabout, under and over movements. Gable attempts a pinfall at one point but not long enough to register a count. Instead, he switches to an arm submission, sitting on Enzo’s back. He twists Enzo’s arm, tags in Jordan who leg drops him, and continues wrenching the left arm back. Arm twist and a tag. Fireman’s carry slam and then Gable comes in to cover Enzo for a 2 count. And they’re still working the arm over in their own corner. Jordan repeats the same sequence as above, slowing the pace down as desired. The fans get behind Enzo but he can’t get close enough to Big Cass for a tag. Gable tags back in to continue the left arm wrenching. Another quick tag and the armwork continues. Off the ropes, Enzo seizes the opportunity to tag in Big Cass who stares down Jordan and…

we go to commercial.

On the return, Enzo is pinning Jordan for a 2 count after Cass powerslams Enzo on to him. Side headlock by Enzo. Jordan picks him up and lifts him off. They run the ropes. Jordan grabs Enzo and Gable tagged in to flip Enzo on to his back. In the corner, the two collide and both men are holding their heads after the double forearms. Big Cass tags in. He slowly picks Gable up by the hair and wrenches Gable’s elbow back behind his head. Gable tries to fight back but he’s slammed down. Enzo tags in and gets tossed into Gable in the corner. Pin attempt for a 2 count and Enzo’s back on the side headlock strategy to wear down Gable.

A minute later, Gable’s doing his best to escape the hold. He almost tags in Jordan but Cass was tagged in quicker and he prevents the tag. Cass throws Gable into the opposite corner and it’s a running splash of the 7 foot tall kind! Cass squeezes the hand, lifts Gable up by that hand and slams him down, still holding the hand. He does it again and the crowd applauds in respect. Left arm submission. Cass throws Gable into the turnbuckle but misses the splash. Both men on the mat, reaching for their partners and they each make it.

Jordan unloads punches and a dropkick on Enzo. Overhead belly to back suplex! Jordan goes for a spear in the corner but Big Cass interferes and takes the fall instead. Enzo off the top rope is caught by Jordan for another overhead suplex. Wow. Running spear in the corner is successful. Double team finisher with Gable is executed and Enzo is pinned by Gable for a 3 count.

Winners: American Alpha via pinfall in 12 minutes

One cool point for American Alpha AND Enzo & Big Cass for a really great tag match. I liked the submission work both teams were doing to wear one another down. I liked the quick tags, especially employed by Jordan and Gable. I liked that Big Cass got some time to shine and not just for a hot tag. I liked the momentum that Jordan gathered leading up to the finish. Lots to like from the new tag champions and possibly soon to be #1 Contenders on the main roster.

Backstage, Apollo Crews says he doesn’t like bullies so he doesn’t like Samoa Joe. He’s well aware of what Joe’s accomplished. Apollo Crews can do a lot too. Joe will find out tonight. Welcome to the age of Apollo.

Up Next: The graphic for No Way Jose plays…we’ll find out who Jose is next.

Second Segment

Singles Match: No Way Jose vs. Alexander Wolfe

Alexander Wolfe is one of the newest group of nXt signees and developed quite a reputation in the German independents where he’s known as “The Axeman”.

No Way Jose, wearing white and dancing his way down the aisle, makes his debut. Graves says he reminds him of a shady guy hanging around outside of a party. He doesn’t trust him.

Jose shows off a few more dance steps before the two men grapple. Wolfe begins with a wrist lock. Jose pulls off more dance steps before getting Wolfe into a side headlock, followed by a takedown. Snapmare, followed by an airplane spin of Wolfe on his shoulders…then he spins the opposite way and executes a senton! Crowd is firmly on his side as he drops the leg on Wolfe. In the corner, Wolfe delivers some punches and a takedown for a 1 count.

Wolfe now with a weird looking chinlock on Jose, which Jose gets out of fairly easily. A set of jabs by Jose is followed by a single arm takedown. Powerslam. Two hand hits. He stands in the corner, pretends like he has a pitch to throw and then delivers a fastball of a two handed punch to Wolfe. Knockdown, dragout, 1-2-3.

Winner: No Way Jose via pinfall in 4 minutes

One cool point for No Way Jose who did well to show off what his character is about during his first match. He’s dance-oriented, happy-go-lucky, but very capable and quick with his moveset. I’m not too interested in him yet, but, like any new wrestler, he needs time and a major feud to help provide depth and meaning to his presence on the show.

Backstage, it’s Alex Reyes with Austin Aries. Reyes says Corbin said Aries’ win was lucky. Aries doesn’t believe in luck but Corbin’s entitled to his opinion. Aries doesn’t need luck; he has skill. Corbin thinks he’s the better man? Well, Aries is not a hard guy to find. He’s here to prove he’s the greatest. There’s a lot of A-level competition but only one guy at AA-level…Austin Aries.

We see Samoa Joe in the back preparing for his match later tonight.

Then, the cameras cut to Elias Samson playing guitar in a storage room when a man walks into the picture with a chair and sits down. It’s nXt General Manager, William Regal. Regal’s been listening to his songs and it seems like Sampson wants an opportunity. Sampson questions him. Regal says I know what’s best for nXt and next week, you’ll face Shinsuke Nakamura. Samson strums a broken minor chord and we’re off to the next match.

Third Segment

Singles Match: Nia Jax vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Graves says Deonna’s a glutten for punishment. He and Phillips both agree that she’s improving every week but she gets beaten up.

Nia Jax brings the beatdown to Purrazzo with a corner splash and then a shoulder breaker to begin the match. Off the ropes, big elbow drop and another. Purrazzo rolls away towards the corner. Jax slowly moves in. Purrazzo tries to take Jax down to no avail. Even off the ropes with splash and chop attempts, Jax isn’t giving an inch. Jax catches Purrazzo across her shoulders for a Samoan drop. Leg drop off the ropes and it’s over.

Winner: Nia Jax via pinfall in 2 minutes

One cool point for Nia Jax’s domination of Deonna Purrazzo, reminding us that she is a unique entity in the Women’s division.

Backstage, Devin Taylor is with Bayley, asking her about the Eva Marie vs. Asuka match next week. Bayley says anything could happen and as long as the Women’s champion is in the picture, she’ll be watching.

The cameras cut to Apollo Crews walking backstage towards the ring. His match with Samoa Joe is next!

Final Segment

Next Week: Asuka vs. Eva Marie, the Red Queen, and Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Elias Samson

Singles Match: Samoa Joe vs. Apollo Crews

The two grapple and Joe’s first to latch on the wristlock. Crews rolls out of it and reverses it. Joe pushes Crews to the corner and the hold is broken. The referee sets them apart and the two restart. Side headlock by Crews. Off the ropes, Joe can’t push Crews off and he falls to a knee in the middle of the ring. Pushed to the ropes by Joe, Crews breaks the hold. They reset again; the two trade wristlocks and side headlocks until Joe slaps Crews. He follows that with a series of quick jabs. Slap across the chest, punches and a headbutt by Joe on Crews. Knee to the abdomen. Off the ropes, Crews leaps over a running Joe, ducks under and dropkicks Joe to the mat.

Crews lays into Joe with a few right hands and…

we go to commercial.

On the return, it’s Joe with the advantage, a running elbow in the corner and an enziguri, which knock Crews down. Joe is beating Crews around the 4 corners of this ring. Crews’ response is a few slaps, right hands and a run off the ropes, straight into Joe’s big elbow. Joe wrenches on Crews’ neck as the referee asks Crews if he wants to continue. The crowd begins to clap, trying to motivate Crews, but Joe just throws him down to the mat. He proceeds to stretch the arms out and knee into Crews’ spine. Crews slowly pushes out of it. Tries to throw Joe into the corner but gets an atomic drop, a big boot and is senton splashed by Joe, earning the Samoan a 2 count.

Jabs are met by jabs. Joe headbutts Crews. He tries for a suplex but Crews falls to a knee to defend it. He goes for a suplex again but Crews counters with a vertical suplex of his own. Both men down on the mat. The referee gets to 6 as both men punch each other. It’s Crews who gains momentum with punches and a corner splash of his own. Then, it’s a jumping clothesline and he beckons Joe to get up. Jumping heel kick. Standing Moonsault on the fallen Joe and a pin for 2.

Joe counters with a powerslam and a 2 count pinning attempt, showing off some speed and power of his own. The two trade punches and slaps, one by one. Crews counters Joe’s lift attempt with a bicycle kick! Crews tries for his powerbomb finisher but Joe throws Crews to the mat. Crews rushes him in the corner and receives a spike slam, bouncing off the mat from the power of the slam. Leg strikes by Joe and he’s locked in the Coquina Clutch. It could be the end for Apollo Crews and, indeed, it is! He taps out.

Winner: Samoa Joe via submission in 10 minutes

One cool point for Samoa Joe who follows up his nXt Takeover: Dallas match with an important win over Crews. It’s a win that I feel proves he is still the de facto #1 contender to the championship, since Crews was one of a few singles competitors that had challenged Balor in recent months. When Joe locks in that Coquina Clutch, it’s exciting to watch and to see if the other guy can manage to escape. Such a no-nonsense submission move. One cool point for Apollo Crews’ standing moonsault. That’s a thing of beauty.

Looking forward to your thoughts and cool point suggestions on tonight’s episode.