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WWE nXt Results- April 27, 2016 (Strong Style)
By JCool
Apr 27, 2016 - 6:28:14 PM

WWE nXt Results
April 27th, 2016

On commentary tonight, at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Center in Dallas, are Tom Phillips and Corey Graves.

Opening Segment

Tom Phillips begins by sharing the most important news of the night: Samoa Joe’s defeat of Finn Balor, entitled “Mayhem in Massachusetts”, to become the new nXt champion. That will be shown later in the show.

Non-Title Women’s Match: Asuka (c) vs. Eva Marie

Corey Graves instructs Phillips not to talk during Eva Marie’s entrance and wishes he wouldn’t talk at all. Ha!

Crowd chants “You can’t wrestle” to Eva Marie to kick things off..and Eva Marie responds by leaving the ring briefly. Anyways, the two girls engage and trade wristlocks. They struggle while Eva applies a side headlock. Asuka snapmares her and kicks her hard in the side. Eva takes a few moments to catch her breath and the two circle before Asuka grabs her from behind. Eva breaks free, throws Asuka off the ropes and shoulder blocks her to the mat. Off the ropes, Eva Marie ducks a high kick and on the way back, Asuka knocks Eva down. She beckons Eva, evades her, mocks her with some wiggling and then knocks her down again.

Asuka beckons Eva her way and tries to lock in the armbar but Eva gets her legs on the ropes to break the hold. While she’s getting to her feet, Asuka runs the ropes and launches her hips into Eva Marie, causing her to fall hard to the outside. The referee counts as Nia Jax saunters down to the ring to comfort the Red Queen and…

we go to commercial.

Back on camera, Eva Marie with shoulder thrusts on Asuka in the corner. She kicks her down to the mat in the middle of the ring, off the ropes and a senton. Only a 1 count though. Arm stretch and knee into the spine of Asuka but it’s not cinched in and Asuka fights back. She throws Eva off the ropes, misses her splash attempt and Eva makes her pay with a shot to the face. Eva chokes Asuka using her leg and the ropes. The two trade punches until Eva suplexes the champion and we’re back to the arm stretch. Eva has all the leverage as she applies this arm stretch, placing her knee on the upper back of Asuka. The champ is going nowhere right now.

A minute later, Asuka kinda breaks free…backslide pin, 1 count. Eva throws Asuka into the corner but Asuka leaps to the top rope and attacks Eva with a dropkick. Both women down on the mat.

The referee counts to 5 and both women are up, delivering punches. Both women run the ropes. Dropkick from Asuka. She continues with the kicks to the chest, misses the spinning back kick and is slammed to the mat by Eva. But Eva misses the senton and Asuka catches her with a sliding knee for a 2 count. Eva crawls to the corner. Asuka charges but gets a boot to the face. Out of the corner, Eva is hit with the spinning back kick by the champion for a successful pinfall.

Winner: Asuka via pinfall in 11 minutes

Post-match, Nia Jax enters the ring. Asuka feigns a spinning back kick on her and the two stare each other down. Nia helps Eva to her feet and leaves the ring, helping Eva return to the back.

One cool point for Asuka in what was a much longer match than I personally expected. Her kicks were mostly strong and accurate, but I was surprised she didn’t try to submit Eva more often. One cool point for Eva. Despite the slow pace of the match, she had some decent moments in breaking up Asuka’s attempts at gaining momentum, including her time on the outside where she caught her breath. That’s what a heel should do.

Recap from Lowell, MA: Tom Phillips narrates highlights from the third match between nXt champion Finn Balor and #1 Contender Samoa Joe. They show the kick attempt on the outside where Balor hurts his ankle in the barricade. Then, they show Joe’s musclebuster on Balor to get the pinfall and become the new nXt champion.
After the match, nXt cameras catch up with Joe, the nXt championship belt draped over his shoulder. Joe is asked for a word and he says I told you I was the inevitable. Balor survived the last two times; tonight, he didn’t.

Coming Up: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Elias Samson and The Revival in tag team action.

Second Segment

Tag Team Match: The Revival vs. Matt Lee & Jeff Parker

Possibly the angriest tag team in nXt right now, the former champs Dash & Dawson are ready for this one, says Tom Phillips.

Dawson and Wilder start off by beating up Parker pretty hard in their own corner. Dawson calls Lee into the ring but Lee says he’s respecting the rules. Crowd laughs at that. Lee starts a “Defense” chant as Fawson unloads on Parker. Picks him up over both shoulders, throws him right on to Wilder’s knee. Wilder lifts Parker up for a power bomb, which culminates in a Doomsday Device, completed by Dawson. Dawson still doesn’t pin him though. He tosses him to his own corner to tag in Lee and Phillips says that must be the worst decision he’s made in his career.

Dawson lays the boots to Lee. Wilder tags in. Dawson sends Lee off the ropes, throws him over his head and his face lands into the double knees of Wilder. They call it the “Shatter Machine”. This match is over.

Winners: The Revival via pinfall in 4 minutes

Post-match, Dawson gets on the mic. There’s a reason we’re called The Revival. They are the absolute best tag team on the planet and we all know it. The crowd chants “Alpha” in response. Dawson says they’ve got to have the nXt Tag Team Championships back. Every tag team is on notice. None of you are safe. We talk heavy. We hit hard and we won’t stop til we get back what completes us.

One cool point for the trouncing accomplished by Dash & Dawson. Haven’t seen a beatdown like that in a while. One cool point for Lee’s hilarity while on the apron. That was his only shining moment though and he was lucky to get that.

Up Next: Blake & Murphy vs. The Hype Bros.

Third Segment

Tag Team Match: Blake & Murphy vs. The Hype Bros.

No Alexa Bliss tonight. Blake & Murphy are dressed in black and neon green and pink tights. Rawley and Ryder are wearing bright green boots and trunks.

Rawley and Blake kick things off after Rawley does his pre-match football routine. Rawley takes Blake down, leads a “he ain’t hype” chant with the crowd, and tags in Ryder. Ryder with a flipping neckbreaker on Blake for a 2 count. Side headlock. Off the ropes, Murphy tags himself in. The 2 leap over a running Ryder but on the turnaround, Ryder slams both of their heads into the mat. Running forearm on Murphy in the corner. Blake brings Murphy out of the ring but Ryder kicks them through the ropes with a front kick. Ryder throws Murphy back into the ring and as he kicks at Blake for grabbing his foot, Murphy attacks and seizes the upper hand, working the left leg. He’s pulling on it and hitting it. He tags in Blake who continues to target the leg.

Blake twists the lower leg, holding Ryder down for about 40 seconds until Ryder was able to kick him away. Murphy tags in and applies what Graves calls a modified Indian deathlock. He slams the leg down again and tags in Blake. Blake wraps the leg on the second rope and presses down with his leg. Murphy’s tagged in again but this is where Ryder escapes and tags in Rawley. Rawley with multiple shoulder blocks off the ropes on Murphy. Huge splash in the corner. Blake tags in but runs right into Rawley who picks him up and uses him to knock out Murphy. He tags in Ryder and the two execute the Hype Ryder finisher for the win.

Winners: The Hype Bros. via pinfall in 5 minutes

Post-match, Rawley & Ryder are leaving the ring and are rushed from behind by The Revival. Dash & Dawson leave both Hype Bros. laying on the floor with the referee telling them to leave. They’re on the warpath.

One cool point for both teams who delivered a fairly decent short match. Nice to see a little extra edge from Blake & Murphy who, I would say, are struggling to stay relevant in a competitive tag division. Hype Bros are on an undefeated streak and their energy is over with the crowds. Dash & Dawson reminded everyone that they are still top dawg though.

Coming Up: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Elias Samson

Fourth Segment

Singles Match: Carmella vs. Aliyah
Aliyah is one of the newest wrestlers in the division, hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Weird seeing Carmella without Enzo & Big Cass these days…she now has to make her own mark.

She starts by doing the moonwalk to avoid being hit. Dropkick on Aliyah for a 2 count. She attempts a powerslam but Aliyah slides off and knocks Carmella down, mounting her for lefts and rights. Pinfall attempt for 2. Full Nelson lock by Aliyah. Carmella tries to get up and gets her legs swept out and now Aliyah modifies the hold using her legs. Carmella spins out once Aliyah’s legs are fully extended to pin her for a 2 count.

Crossbody into the corner on Carmella by Aliyah. She sits on the top ropes and asks “How ya doin’ now, princess?” before dropping the leg on Carmella for a 2 count. Another pin attempt results in a 1 count. Carmella with a flipping takedown, followed by a Lou Thesz press. Aliyah’s face meets Carmella’s boot on the top turnbuckle. Slow hurricanrana is followed by a vicious kick to the face. Aliyah sits in the corner and receives a Broncobuster from Carmella. Cool takedown maneuver by Carmella and she wraps her legs around Aliyah’s head for a triangle submission. She reaches for her heel and once she grasps it, Aliyah taps immediately.

Winner: Carmella via submission in 5 minutes

One cool point for both women. I really enjoyed this match. Plenty of versatility from both women, showcasing their striking and submission skills, as well as agility and flexibility. It was a fine debut for Aliyah, and good to see Carmella getting the win, as she is probably in the top 5 of the division at present.

Backstage, Devin Taylor asks Elias Samson about the match he has with Nakamura. Samson says GM William Regal misinterpreted his song and his words. Samson says he’ll show Nakamura why he’s the drifter and why he shouldn’t have drifted into nXt.

Final Segment

Next Week: Austin Aries will be in action! Is this TNA Impact in disguise?

Singles Match: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Elias Samson

The two men lock up and Samson pushes Nakamura into the ropes for the referee to break up. Nakamura asks Samson to attack him after resting his head on Samson’s stomach. Samson kicks him in the gut, pushes him off the ropes. It’s reversed. Nakamura stops Samson, flips him on to his back and drops the knee for a 1 count. In the corner, Samson is choked by Nakamura’s boot. Nakamura gets cocky, turning his back on a rushing Samson who clotheslines the crap out of Nakamura. Powerslam and a cover for a 2 count. Samson claws at Nakamura’s eyes, brings him to his feet and forces him off the ropes. Nakamura catches him with a knee. Samson retorts with a hard slap to the chest. Vertical suplex and a 2 count. Samson’s dishing it back pretty well tonight.

Headlock on Nakamura brings the newcomer to a horizontal position on the mat. This lasts for a bit until Nakamura reaches the ropes with his legs. Both men on their feet and Samson continues to lay into him. The two trade strikes. Nakamura with a spinning kick to Samson’s ear. Samson throws Nakamura into the corner but it’s Nakamura who makes the most of that by tumbling away and then rushing in with a knee to Samson’s abdomen. Inverted exploder suplex! Kinshasa! 1-2-3! That escalated quickly.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura via pinfall in 4 minutes

One cool point for both guys. Another short but entertaining match. I liked seeing Samson work pretty strong against the master of strong style himself. Liked the aggression that Samson brought in this one. His character may be odd and not so well-received but his in-ring work has been more than acceptable thus far. Nakamura’s charisma has won over the crowd quickly. He didn’t need to do too much to win tonight, but the inverted exploder is a nasty move that could knock anyone out. What do you think? Are we heading towards a Nakamura/Samoa Joe championship match this summer?

Looking forward to your thoughts and cool point suggestions on tonight’s episode.