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WWE nXt Results- August 16, 2017 (3 Days Until Takeover: Brooklyn III
By JCool
Aug 16, 2017 - 11:20:09 PM

WWE nXt Results

August 16th, 2017

On commentary tonight, at Full Sail University, are Mauro Ranallo, “Showtime” Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness.

Opening Segment

nXt General Manager William Regal is in the ring to start the show…and there’s a table…with contracts and microphones. That means we are getting the typical championship match contract signing treatment for the Women’s Championship match.

Ember Moon is invited out first, then the champion, Asuka.
Moon praises Asuka for her accomplishments, especially her undefeated streak in nXt which has surpassed even Goldberg’s streak. This prompts an “Asuka” chant from the fans.

Moon says you’ve only taken shortcuts to win with one person… me. Injuring her before Chicago prevented the return match from Orlando. Moon says she refuses to be the victim. She is faster and stronger than she’s ever been because of Asuka’s shortcuts. Moon will say thank you to Asuka by ending the reign of dominance and becoming the next nXt Women’s Champion.

Moon and Asuka sign the contract. Regal makes it official.

Asuka dishes out some fierce Japanese in Moon’s face. She holds up the title and the two square off, intimidating one another to close the segment.

Promo: We see the Street Profits promo that we’ve seen for the past few weeks and they are up next for their second TV match.

Second Segment
Want to listen to one of the themes from Takeover: Brooklyn III? How about “Bleeding In The Blur” by Code Orange?

Earlier today, GM Regal is telling the cameraman a joke when Lars Sullivan arrives. He admits his shortcomings in the past but he wants one more chance in a tag match. He promises he won’t leave his partner again. Regal begrudgingly gives him one more chance.

Tag Team Match: Street Profits vs. Lars Sullivan & Chris Silvio
Street Profits are Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford.

Sullivan yells for Silvio to get in the corner cause he’s starting this match. Silvio rushes in and gets knocked down by Dawkins. Sullivan’s pissed but says nothing and goes to the apron. Meanwhile, Montez Ford is freaking out, running through the crowd to the delight of the fans.

Dawkins slams Silvio. He tags in Ford and they do their double team front dropkick (Ford), big splash (Dawkins) combination. They do a fancy handshake and Ford whips Silvio into the turnbuckle. Silvio fights out of the corner and almost reaches Sullivan’s hand for a tag, but Ford grabs him by the tights and clotheslines him in the back.

He decides to mess with Sullivan on the apron. Sullivan yells “you’re mine!” Ford points his fingers at him and says, “NO!” and returns to Silvio. Dawkins tags in and they are staying far away from Sullivan. Big spinebuster by Dawkins. Frog splash from Ford. This one’s over! 1-2-3.

Winners: Street Profits via pinfall in 2 minutes

Post-match, Sullivan is visibly disturbed as the Street Profits celebrate. They back off slowly out of the ring and up the ramp, running to the backstage area. Sullivan has not moved from his spot on the apron.

A “Lars is gonna kill you” chant kinda starts up. Sullivan looks very angry but, instead of hurting him, he picks up Silvio over his shoulder and brings him backstage. He brings him outside to a picnic area and slams Silvio against a guardrail fence. He throws him into a small dumpster as bystanders hide their faces and look away from Sullivan’s exit.

One cool point for the Street Profits’ double team combinations. They, like Heavy Machinery, have created some fun double team moves to watch and they’re effective ones against their opponents too.

One cool point for Lars Sullivan getting some TV time, even if it wasn’t in the ring. Dude’s inability to find a decent tag partner has the potential to lead him into a great story for the Dusty Tag Team Classic in a month’s time. I like that the groundwork is being laid for that now.

Up Next: Ruby Riot vs. Billie Kay w. Peyton Royce

Third Segment

Singles Match: Ruby Riot vs. Billie Kay w. Peyton Royce
Kay evades Riot’s attempts to lock up. She and Royce share a laugh about it. Royce even tries to trip Riot from the outside. Kay lunges in but Riot locks up with her and gets the upperhand quickly. She even has a go at mocking Kay’s gestures. Kay gets pissed off about that. Riot bounces off the ropes, catches Kay looking down and goes for a sunset flip. Only a 1 count.

Kay retorts with a heel kick to the head and a discus clothesline for a 2 count. Kay kicks at Riot in the corner. She leads her out to the centre where Riot fights back with elbow and forearm strikes. She runs the ropes but Kay catches her, leans back to the mat but leaves her foot high, slamming Riot’s neck against it. Ouch. 1-2- kickout by Riot. Lackadaisical cover, says Ranallo.

Kay with a suplex slam on Riot and she transitions that into a submission where she torques back Riot’s fingers on her hand. Then she executes a modified surfboard stretch, kneeling behind Riot and pulling back on the arms. Fans cheer for Riot. Riot flips Kay over and kicks her legs. Dropkick knocks Kay to the mat.

Riot runs at Kay in the corner. Kay exits, going around her. Riot uses the turnbuckle to lift herself horizontally, landing her knees on Kay’s shoulders and slamming Kay’s head into the turnbuckle! McGuinness calls it the Nightshade. She goes to run the ropes and kicks Peyton Royce in the face when she got up on the apron. Kay wags a finger in Riot’s face. Riot drops down and hits a bicycle kick of sorts to Kay’s face. 1-2-3!

Winner:Ruby Riot via pinfall in 4 minutes
Post-match, Royce gets on the mic and says all Riot’s done is prove that lightning strikes once. She calls Riot a loser and says she’ll never be iconic. Riot just stares her down as she walks back up the ramp. Royce helps Kay out of the ring.

One cool point for the mockery exchange by Kay and Riot. That was fun. One cool point for Riot’s unique Nightshade move. One cool point for Royce’s suggestion that Riot is not iconic and never will be. Seems like a feud is a-stirring! That’s good news for the women’s division.

Fourth Segment

Featured for Takeover: Brooklyn III is the song “Poison Pens” by Creeper.
The commentary team run down the matches on the Takeover: Brooklyn III card.

Promo: A pretty cool summary of the Authors Of Pain/SAnitY feud is shown in a video package.

Final Segment

“No Fear” by Phil Ade feat. Saba Abraha & Tate Kobang is one of the theme songs for Takeover: Brooklyn III. A much different vibe from the other hard rock/alternative songs…more of a contemporary pop/hip-hop tune.

Singles Match: Drew McIntyre vs. Roderick Strong
A victory for Strong tonight would earn him a future opportunity to compete for the nXt Championship.

The two men lock up. Noticeable size difference between these guys. Strong is the first to connect with a jumping kick to McIntyre’s head for a 1 count via lateral press. Strong whips McIntyre, reversal, and Strong uses the ropes to spring up…his mid-section lands on McIntyre’s knees. That stuns Strong and McIntyre suplexes Strong, almost like a throw suplex. Off the ropes, another big dropkick from Strong. Lots of running kicks from Strong and another one sends McIntyre to the outside.

Chop exchange between the two. Strong drives McIntyre’s back into the apron. He runs at him and McIntyre launches him over his head into the ringpost behind him. Strong crawls on all fours away from McIntyre. McIntyre pursues him around the ring, chopping him. Big back drop by Strong on McIntyre who lands hard on the apron before rolling off of it.

Commercial Break.

On the return, Strong is stomping down McIntyre in a corner of the ring. The ref pushes Strong away to give McIntyre space. Strong returns to his opponent. Backbreaker. Pinfall attempt is unsuccessful. Strong locks McIntyre in an abdominal stretch. As McIntyre forces his way loose, the two begin an exchange of punches and chops, which ends with McIntyre slumped in the corner.

Strong strikes McIntyre with a running knee to the head. He has control until McIntyre decks him with a strong arm clothesline. Strong continues with his kick-based offense but, in running the ropes, McIntyre catches him for a throw belly to back suplex! Both men lie on their backs in pain and exhaustion.

The two exchange punches to the face. McIntyre gets his clubbing arm going, beating on Strong in the corner. Running body attack. He climbs the turnbuckle and comes down with a forearm on Strong’s upper body.

McIntyre connects with a high kick to the face and then a reverse Alabama slam. 1-2- kickout by Strong. McIntyre loads the chamber, stomping on the mat in the corner. Strong explodes from the mat with a running knee to the face. He picks up McIntyre, walks out from the corner and hits a backbreaker! Huge strength. 2 count. Still no winner.
Strong runs to McIntyre, springs on to the apron and hits a jumping knee to the head of McIntyre. Strong climbs the turnbuckle. Headbutt from McIntyre and both men are in a daze. McIntyre sits Strong on the turnbuckle. He climbs up, gets junked on the ropes and tied down into a tree of woe. Strong punches him and then gets forced off by nXt champion Bobby Roode!

Roode stomps at McIntyre in the tree of woe. He chucks his suit jacket on to the mat and mounts McIntyre for more punches to the face. McIntyre can barely protect himself. Roode leaps down to the outside and sends Strong crashing into the steel ring steps.

Winner: No Contest in 11 minutes

Post-match, Roode picks up his championship belt and slowly paces the ring as the crowd boosl McIntyre grabs at Roode’s shirt, trying to get up and he receives a glorious DDT for his efforts! Roode poses in the turnbuckle and then stands over McIntyre, doing his “glorious” pose. He yells that he is nXt to McIntyre.

One cool point for Bobby Roode’s interference. He knows how important this match was to Strong and he trashed it. Strong got to taste the steel steps and we can expect a return of the favour at Takeover.

McIntyre matched up well against Strong. He may have the look of a top wrestler and he may be able to play the part, but the fans aren’t super behind him yet. Despite the undefeated streak, McIntyre looked beatable tonight, even before Roode’s interference.

Takeover: Brooklyn III Predictions
nXt Championship: Bobby Roode (c) retains title against Drew McIntyre
nXt Women’s Championship: Ember Moon defeats Asuka (c)
nXt Tag Team Championship: Authors Of Pain (c) retain titles against SAnitY
Aleister Black def. Hideo Itami
Johnny Gargano def. Andrade “Cien” Almas

Looking forward to reading your cool point suggestions and comments on tonight’s nXt show.