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WWE nXt Results- August 23, 2017 (Post-Takeover Brooklyn)
By JCool
Aug 23, 2017 - 11:48:53 PM

WWE nXt Results

August 23rd, 2017

On commentary tonight, at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY, are Mauro Ranallo, “Showtime” Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness.

Opening Segment

We begin with a recap of Takeover: Brooklyn III.

Singles Match: No Way Jose vs. ???

No Way Jose arrives at ringside and two conga lines of fans from either side of the ring emerge. Jose directs them until Lars Sullivan attacks from behind. He beats him up at ringside for a bit until rolling him into the ring.

Sullivan squashes Jose in the corner. Side slam with one arm by Sullivan. He leaves Jose writhing in pain in the ring.

Match never started

One cool point for Sullivan because he took out a pretty well established star on the nXt roster. That’s a good way to get attention around these parts and while it may not have helped him get a tag partner, he doesn’t seem too interested in that at the moment.

Second Segment

“No Fear” by Phil Ade feat. Saba Abraha & Tate Kobang was one of the theme songs for Takeover: Brooklyn III.

Recap: We see highlights from the opening match at Takeover: Brooklyn between Johnny Gargano and Andrade “Cien” Almas. Almas got the win.

Earlier today, Gargano was interviewed about the results of the match. Gargano says he has no excuses. It was his fault he lost. He needs to be better next time. He knows a lot of people out there still believe in him and that was far from the end for Johnny Wrestling.

Recap: We see highlights from the nXt Women’s Championship match between Asuka (c) and Ember Moon.

Post-match, Asuka was asked questions by the press gallery. She says she was not worried about losing at any point in the match.

This week, however, WWE announced that she suffered a broken right collarbone which will take her out of action for 6-8 weeks. Asuka stated on her Twitter feed that she would be back, like the Terminator.

Up Next: Peyton Royce w. Billie Kay vs. Sarah Logan

Third Segment

Backstage, Wolfgang and UK Champion Pete Dunne are interviewed. They will be fighting Trent Seven and Tyler Bate tonight. Dunne says when he won at Takeover: Chicago, it was the beginning of the UK Brand getting stronger and stronger.
Wolfgang says he’s been waiting for his opportunity for a title shot after the tag match. Dunne says don’t get ahead of yourself; focus on tonight.

Singles Match: Peyton Royce w. Billie Kay vs. Sarah Logan

The two ladies lock up and exchange side headlocks. Royce reverses it, throws Logan to the ropes for a knockdown. Logan trips her on the next run, takedown and armbar on Royce. Ranallo says Logan was trained by Taka Michinoku.

Royce escapes the armbar and re-applies the side headlock. Logan gets free. Off the ropes, Royce hits a spinning heel kick to the head. She brings Logan to the corner and stomps her down. Corner toe choke to Logan where Royce shows off her flexibility. She throws Logan through the ropes to the apron and locks in a modified surfboard stretch, using the ropes. Crowd cheers this one.

Royce slaps at Logan and taunts her a bit. Logan ducks a spinning heel kick and hits her with a German release suplex. Both women are down after that, fighting back to their feet. They exchange chops to the chest. Running knockdowns by Logan. Front dropkick and a pinfall attempt by Logan for a 2 count.

Kay tries to help Royce and gets knocked off the apron. Both girls roll up one another for
2 counts. Beautiful fisherman suplex with a bridge by Royce to get the pinfall on Logan.

Winner:Peyton Royce via pinfall in 4 minutes

One cool point for the Iconic Duo because they finally got a win on nXt TV. Royce looked fantastic in her match, showing off her flexibility and her high kicks. They needed a boost after so many months of little to no in-ring action and, finally, they seem to be getting the attention they deserve.

Logan will be featured in the Mae Young Classic which starts next week. We’ll see how it goes for her. She has been well spoken of this summer on nXt TV.

Fourth Segment

Featured for Takeover: Brooklyn III was the song “Poison Pens” by Creeper.

Recap: Highlights from the nXt Tag Team Championship match were shown. In the end, SAnitY defeated the Authors Of Pain to become the new Tag Team Champs. Post-match, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly attacked the entire group.

Recap: Highlights from the nXt Championship match were shown, including entrances, between Bobby Roode (c) and Drew McIntyre. We see the post-match attack by the newly arrived Adam Cole, along with Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly.
McIntyre will return, next week, to visit the FSU fans as nXt champions.

Backstage, post-match, Roode is not interested in answering any questions from the interviewer. He just wants to leave the building. The camera pans to Roderick Strong, in a suit, blowing a kiss his way and saying “see you soon”.

Last night, Roode made a surprise debut on the Smackdown Live roster. nXt cameras caught up with him earlier today. He’s asked if he’ll be gone from nXt now. Roode says he never leaves unfinished business anywhere. He needs to take care of Roderick Strong and then he’s going to get his rematch against Drew McIntyre. After that, he will make Smackdown Live glorious.

Final Segment

Want to listen to one of the themes from Takeover: Brooklyn III? How about “Bleeding In The Blur” by Code Orange?

Recap: Highlights from the Aleister Black vs. Hideo Itami match are shown.

Black is approached backstage in the arena after the match. Quite a few interviewers throw questions his way as he departs, but he says nothing.

Tag Team Match: Wolfgang & Pete Dunne (UKc) vs. Tyler Bate and Trent Seven

Bate and Dunne are the first in the ring. Crowd is buzzing with excitement for this match and a “UK” chant begins. The two start off with chain wrestling on the mat. Plenty of counters from both men.

Commercial Break

On the return, Bate dropkicks Dunne and tags in Seven. Bate bounces off Seven’s shoulders and sentons Dunne. Dunne blast Seven with a forearm to the face. Wolfgang tags in and gets chopped multiple times by Seven. Wolfgang covers up to avoid the chops, so Seven grabs Wolfgang’s head and DDTs him. Dunne distracts Seven long enough for Wolfgang to spear/slam him to the mat.

Dunne tags back in and works a finger lock into an arm breaker stomp. Dunne wraps Seven in a seated hammer lock.
Dunne steps on Seven’s head but that’s not enough. He tries to break Seven’s fingers Wolfgang is back in. Wolfgang picks up Seven and drops him to the mat over and over again. Wolfgang picks up Seven in a fireman’s carry but Seven counters and German suplexes Wolfgang! Cue the comeback?

Bate and Dunne each tag in. Bate catches a leaping Dunne in midair and suplexes him across the ring. Bate German suplexed Dunne but Dunne landed on his feet. Dunne tosses Bate into the ropes but Bate bounces off and hits Dunne with a flying clothesline Airplane spin by Bate! Long one too, Woooo!

Wolfgang breaks up the pin. Seven fights back and hits Wolfgang out of the ring. Dunne connects on Wolfgang to hit him out of the ring. Dunne with an enziguri on Bate. Bate with a somersault kick on Dunne that knocks him towards the ropes where Wolfgang blind tags himself in. Meanwhile, Bate hits the Tyler Driver on Dunne. Wolfgang leaps off the top and swantons Bate. Pinfall attempt…1-2-3!

Winner:Wolfgang & Pete Dunne in 9 minutes

One cool point for the champs who worked well enough together to get the win. Nice to see the UK division get a little love tonight. If it builds towards a Wolfgang/Dunne match, so be it, but this was a good reminder to fans of the top guys of the division. The match fit right in on a post-Takeover special.

Takeover: Brooklyn III Prediction Results

I was horrible for predictions this time out. Only got the Aleister Black win right. Match of the night, for me, was the Women’s Championship match. Loved seeing Asuka win by submission. Moon had hit everything she could and had nothing else left in the tank. Asuka’s submission work meant that she could wear down Moon and she did exactly that.

Next week is when we’ll truly see the start of a new chapter in nXt programming: McIntyre and SAnitY as champions and a Bobby Roode with a vengeance. Damn shame seeing Roode lose the title. His was a fine era in nXt history. Sad to say it looks to be at an end with his promotion to Smackdown Live.

Looking forward to reading your cool point suggestions and comments on tonight’s nXt show.