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WWE nXt Results- August 26, 2015
By JCool
Aug 27, 2015 - 12:55:05 AM

Opening Promo

We get a recap from Sunday’s nXt Takeover: Brooklyn. It featured clips of Triple H’s and Stephanie McMahon’s promos, paired with the highlights of the matches and a catchy “New York City” hook for a musical contribution.

On commentary tonight are Rich Brennan and Corey Graves.

Opening Segment

So, neat fact, nXt was taped Saturday night before Takeover from Brooklyn aired live! Colin Cassady & Enzo Amore are out first to a HUGE pop from the nXt audience. There’s even a Cassady/Amore section. The crowd shouts along with their usual mic work as they slowly make their way to the ring.

Once they’re in the ring, Big Cass shouts, “NEW YORK CITY!”, and Enzo says let’s get down to brass tacks, which means Cass has a word to spell out for everyone... it has five letters: SAWFT! The rest of the teams come down for the first match of the night.

Eight-Man Tag Match: Colin Cassady & Enzo Amore and The Hype Bros vs. Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder and Jason Jordan & Chad Gable

Mojo Rawley and Dash Wilder kick things off. Rawley brings Wilder to their home corner. Zack Ryder tags in and is slingshot by his partner into Wilder. Rawley gets his turn to clothesline his opponent. Ryder goes for a pinfall and gets a 1 count. Wilder tags in Dawson who tries to have his way with Ryder but, for that, he receives a pair of knees and then a top rope dropkick to the face. Another 1 count for Ryder, who drags Dawson over to his corner, tagging in Enzo, who proceeds to step on Dawson’s back. After some parroting, they begin a little fist-fight before Dawson pushes Enzo towards his home corner. No tag to his teammates, so Enzo hits all of them, slides under Dawson’s legs and this brings in all 8 men into the ring!

The good guys clear the ring and stand tall and in control, while Wilder climbs the top rope, launches himself at Enzo and receives a painful attack from each man, ending with a Broski boot from Zack Ryder. Then, Big Cass throws Enzo over the top ropes at the other 3 opponents, who lands ass first on the lot of them. The crowd loves it.

We go to commercial.

When we return, order has been restored. Enzo is lying on the mat with the referee checking on him. Jordan moves the straps of his singlet down and spears Enzo into the opposite corner. He drags him out and goes for the cover: 2 count. Jordan goes for a headlock and really wrenches it in. He tags in Gable, who climbs to the second rope and hangs over the ropes ,while administering an armbar on the left arm of Enzo Amore. Back in the ring, he continues to work on the arm for a few moments until Wilder tags himself in. He works the arm briefly, then tags in Dawson who goes for the pin. 2 count.

Another quick tag brings Wilder in who stomps on Enzo’s arm and then applies a chicken wing armlock. Gable is tagged in and he continues to isolate Enzo and work the arm with an armbar. While Gable is bragging, Enzo throws Gable into the corner. He kicks Gable in the face but runs for the wrong corner. When he goes the right way, Gable thwarts him and kicks him over himself to the wrong corner. He tags in Wilder who pins Enzo for a 2 count and continues to wear him down with punches. He sits Enzo up on the top right turnbuckle, but Enzo pushes him and then connects with a jumping DDT. Wilder manages to roll to his corner to tag in Jordan, but Enzo is too exhausted and can’t make a tag in time. Jordan throws Enzo into his corner, jaws at Big Cass and then misses the spear attempt. Jordan tags in Gable who is immediately thrown off the apron on to the mat below before he can enter the ring. Wilder rolls Gable back in so he can tag himself into the match, but, simultaneously, Enzo finally tags in Big Cass.

Big Cass throws the punches at Gable x3, knocks Dawson off the apron and then splashes Gable in the corner. Then it’s the big boot and the crowd chanting , “S A W F T” with Cass before the Empire Elbow is delivered. Jordan breaks up the pinning attempt. Big Cass throws him into the turnbuckle but misses the splash. That’s okay because Zack Ryder is ready and delivers a Rough Ryder to Jordan. Dawson & Wilder have recovered though and they get Zack with a double team gutbuster. Rawley enters the fray and he takes care of both men, sending them to the outside by way of punches and a major face plant. As he departs the ring, Big Cass delivers a massive East River Crossing to Gable. He calls for Enzo to go to the top rope and then throws Enzo on to the fallen Gable for a splash and 3 count pinfall.

Winner: Enzo, Big Cass & The Hype Bros via pinfall in 11 minutes and 11 seconds.

One cool point for Enzo Amore, for working the majority of this match.
One cool point for Zack Ryder, for making the most of his moments. The crowd loved seeing him deliver the Broski Boot and the Rough Ryder.
Another cool point for Dawson, Wilder, Jordan & Gable, for their efforts in trying to weaken Enzo by attacking only his left arm. I appreciate that kind of strategy.

After the match, William Regal reminds us of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament which will begin next week. Neville interrupts him politely and asks if there is a spot available for him to compete. He shares a kind word about Dusty paving the way for him, and Regal agrees and gives him a spot in the tournament.

Recap: nXt Championship Ladder Match between Finn Balor and Kevin Owens and an interview with Balor post-match. Balor says he proved that he deserves to be nXt champion. He also showed a new side of himself and nXt in that match.

Second Segment

Promo: A video on Emma and the Emmalution’s joys and struggles during her time in nXt.

nXt interviewer Devin Taylor meets with Charlotte and Becky Lynch backstage. She asks them about tonight’s fatal four-way match. Charlotte discusses Dana Brooke’s attempts to prove she’s the most dominant female. She says Emma is her lapdog which gets Becky Lynch’s attention. She makes a pun about Emma being rough/ruff. Charlotte’s only agenda item is to fight. Becky says may the best Team PCB member win. Charlotte ends with a “Wooooo!”

Promo: A video on Becky Lynch’s time in nXt so far and her desire to be Divas champion and revolutionize women’s wrestling.

Singles Match: Eva Marie vs. Carmella

Graves says Eva Marie is getting better week by week and she’s beautiful. Carmella comes out with a mic and says she’s the princess of Staten Island. She does her usual shtick and the two get ready to fight. They lock up. Carmella locks Eva Marie’s arm, which Eva breaks away from by doing a somersault and a cartwheel. Carmella grabs her from behind, and the two jockey for position until Carmella trips Eva Marie and goes for a quick cover. It gets a 1 count. Carmella ducks Eva Marie’s punch and does the moonwalk.

Eva Marie charges her and finds herself in a headlock. She escapes and locks Carmella’s head under her arm. Eva runs off the ropes and knocks Carmella down, blowing her a kiss. Eva runs off the ropes again, jumping over Carmella, bounces off the opposite ropes and gets caught by Carmella with an atomic drop, then a dropkick. Carmella blows a kiss at a fallen Eva Marie. She grabs Eva from behind but is backed into a corner, elbowed in the head and then gets a running elbow and a running punch to the head. Eva then bounces off the ropes and hits a senton splash on Carmella.

As the two are on the mat, Eva holds Carmella’s right arm in submission behind her own head and this gives her a chance to jaw at the crowd who have been shouting “You can’t wrestle” and “We want Blue Pants”. Carmella finally gets up and flips Eva Marie over, beginning her own offensive. She climbs to the top rope as Eva Marie charges her, and lands a hurricanrana. She then lands two consecutive Lou Thesz presses as the audience cheers. Carmella spears Eva into the corner after the Staten Island shuffle, brings her boot up to meet Eva’s face and then slams her on to the mat for a 2 count. Eva Marie gets up, stuns Carmella with a chinbreaker and delivers “Sliced Red #2” aka Brian Kendrick’s finisher “Sliced Bread”. She goes for the pinfall and gets it.

Winner: Eva Marie via pinfall in 4 minutes and 7 seconds

A cool point for Eva Marie for mocking Carmella and the crowd while she had the armlock in. That’s the kind of thing a heel should do.

After the match, Tyler Breeze is seen backstage talking about his match with Jushin Liger. Breeze says they aren’t done yet, but, for now, he has another big idea to share with GM William Regal that will really put him on the map.

We cut to Emma and Dana Brooke in the locker room where Devin Taylor mentions the match tonight is to prove who’s best. Dana and Emma do a little trash talking of their opponents before leaving the scene.

Third Segment

Promo: A video on Dana Brooke and her claims to being THE Total Diva.

Recap: Bayley talks about the feeling of winning the nXt championship, backstage at nXt Takeover: Brooklyn. The four horsewomen moment meant the most to her and she wishes they could always be around to support one another. Her mom makes an appearance, too and she is very proud of her daughter.

Devin Taylor then finds nXt GM William Regal for some exciting news about the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Baron Corbin suddenly appears to the right of Taylor to say he doesn’t play nice with others, but he also expects to be in this tournament and to win it. Regal knows someone else who doesn’t play well with others, so why doesn’t he pair up Corbin and Rhyno together as a team. They will wrestle in the opening match against the most dominant tag team in nXt history, The Ascension.

Promo: Get ready to see the new and improved Bull Dempsey.

Recap: Kevin Owens says he’s gonna break Cesaro at Summer Slam after his ladder match with Finn Balor. He’s asked about his future in nXt and Owens opens the door and walks out into another room.

Singles Match: “The Drifter” Elias Sampson vs. Bull Dempsey

Bull Dempsey’s on his home turf tonight in Brooklyn and he has lost some weight!
The bell rings to start the match. The two lock up. Dempsey bounces off the ropes and hits Sampson with a shoulder block, sending him to the mat. He runs off the opposite ropes, jumping over Sampson who gets up after Dempsey passes and catches him with a shoulder toss. Dempsey hangs on though and keeps him in a head lock. He holds it for a few moments before Sampson forces him to the corner, kicks him and then locks in his own headlock. Dempsey gets out of it by throwing him off the ropes and elbowing him in the face.

He throws him into the opposite turnbuckle, but Sampson grabs the top ropes, jumps up and back kicks Dempsey in the chest. He runs at Dempsey who bends down and throws Sampson over his back. Sampson gets scared and backs off into the corner before charging forward with a punch to the gut. He begins kicking Dempsey, bringing Bull to his knees then to his back for a 2 count.

Sampson cinches in a side headlock as Dempsey squirms, trying to get loose. The ref asks if he’ll give up but Dempsey says “no!”. He gets back to his feet, backing Sampson into a corner to break the hold. Bull starts to "bull up" and Sampson’s punches aren’t working. But Bull’s punches are, jabs left and right and then a wind-up haymaker to the mouth. Off the ropes and he throws Sampson down and then smiles to the crowd while slapping his stomach. He throws his hips into Sampson, in the corner, who flops on to the mat. Bull goes to the top rope, jumps, and sits on Sampson for a 3 count.

Winner: Bull Dempsey via pinfall in 4 minutes and 36 seconds

Bull Dempsey gets a cool point for all the smiling he does inside the ring. That guy looks happy to be there and I like that kind of attitude.

Recap: Samoa Joe talks about the raucous nXt crowd and his win over Baron Corbin. He means absolute business by coming to nXt.

Promo: Nia Jax is coming soon to nXt. Women’s division, beware!

Fourth Segment

Recap: Apollo Crews talks about his nXt debut in front of the Brooklyn crowd, on his 28th birthday. The Apollo Nation was born.

Recap: Blake, Murphy and Alexa Bliss talk about losing the Tag Team Titles to the Vaudevillains to interviewer Devin Taylor. Bliss takes over the interview to whine about Blue Pants’ involvement in the title win. She is not welcome in nXt so Bliss is going to send her back to the clearance rack where she belongs.

Promo: A video on Charlotte Flair who gets her inspiration from her dad, Ric, and who wants to be the biggest star in the company.

Closing Segment

Fatal Four-Way Match: Emma vs. Dana Brooke vs. Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch

Emma & Becky and Charlotte & Dana square off, with Charlotte and Becky working together to clear the other two out of the ring, not once, but twice, before locking up with the timeless hand-hold for dominance. Becky wins, throws Charlotte to the mat and locks her up in an arm submission, pushing Charlotte’s left arm behind her back while doing a bridge. Also, the crowd’s chants are deafening: "Let’s go Becky! Let’s go Charlotte!" Charlotte finally escapes by twisting and going under Becky’s arm, then flipping her on to her back. Charlotte wraps her legs around Becky’s head and proceeds to do 3 somersaults while keeping Becky’s head between her knees. Pretty impressive.

Emma and Dana Brooke finally re-enter the ring and attack the two with punches. They double-team each of their opponents, sending Charlotte flying over the top rope to the outside. Then, they continue the assault by punching Charlotte in the face and back, and then working together to slam Charlotte into the barricade. We go to commercial.

In the ring, Emma and Dana are laying the boots to Becky. Emma slams her face into the mat and Dana keeps on kicking. Then, Dana slams her face into the mat. They bring Becky back to her feet, catch Charlotte trying to enter the ring and kick her back to the outside. Dana mounts Becky and throttles her for a few moments to boos from the crowd. The two double suplex Becky and just as Charlotte tries to re-enter the ring, Emma kicks her back to the outside. Dana leaves the ring to finish Charlotte off. Emma hits a double underhook suplex and gets a 2 count due to Dana’s interruption of the pinfall.

The two start arguing and slapping one another. Becky rolls up Emma for a 2 count, but Dana punches her down to the mat. She says, “I saved you” to Emma a bunch of times. They make up, but then Dana hits an enziguri on Emma and she is the only one left standing. But wait, as she’s striking a pose, Charlotte returns to the ring and lays in the chops, then a neckbreaker on Dana. She hits Emma with a big boot, rounds up the lot of them and hits a double DDT. All fired up, she tries to pin Emma, who kicks out and Dana, who kicks out, and then tries to pin the two girls again, to no avail.

As this ends, Becky sits up on the top rope, and, holding Emma and Dana, faces Becky who launches herself at the three of them. She begins to take the advantage, clotheslining and kicking the other wrestlers down, then hitting an exploder suplex on Emma. The crowd chants her name as she throws Dana into Charlotte who was slouched on the turnbuckle. Exploder suplex on Dana! Becky goes for the pinfall but Emma interrupts it, saving Dana. She grabs Becky and throws her by the hair. She proceeds to hit a running splash on Charlotte and then on Becky in opposite corners. Going for the pin, she surprises herself with a victory!

Winner: Emma via pinfall in 9 minutes and 33 seconds

Post-Match: Charlotte spears Emma. She grabs her by the hair and gives her the Natural Selection. She then pins her as the crowd chants, “1 2 3”. Her theme music hits and then Dana Brooke attacks her. Becky Lynch returns to the ring to deliver an Exploder suplex. Charlotte grabs her legs and cinches in the Figure Eight. Becky Lynch holds Emma in a Dis-Arm-Her. Charlotte’s theme music hits again and the two leave the ring, hands held high, saying “PCB”.

Four cool points for the women in this match. It was entertaining and satisfying to see Emma get the win. She truly has been through a rough ride the last year or so, and it was significant for her to get a victory over one of the latest nXt call-ups. Charlotte’s post-match attack was vicious, though. Yikes. Matches like these make it easy and desirable to see the women continue to get main event status. I have yet to be let down by a main event women’s wrestling match in nXt. Peace!