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WWE nXt Results- August 2, 2017
By JCool
Aug 2, 2017 - 11:04:32 PM

WWE nXt Results

August 2nd, 2017

On commentary tonight, at Full Sail University, are Mauro Ranallo, “Showtime” Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness.

Opening Segment

Singles Match: Johnny Gargano vs. Raul Mendoza

Johnny Gargano arrives on the stage with his #DIY music playing. He points back at the giant screen and shakes his head. Suddenly, his new video and theme song begin to play, finalizing the split from Ciampa.

A “Johnny Wrestling” chant starts as the bell rings and here we go.

Mendoza and Gargano both show off their quickness and countering ability from the opening grapple. Gargano successfully applies a side headlock takedown to slow down Mendoza for a few moments. Mendoza with a sweet kip up from a shoulder takedown. Some really beautiful tumbling and evasion tactics follow. Mendoza takes a moment to beckon Gargano towards him but he pays for it.

The two guys run the ropes, evading one another’s strikes until Mendoza connects with a sharp kick to the head. He gets a 2 count on Gargano. He follows it up with cross chops in the corner. Gargano hates that and pursues Mendoza to the opposite corner. Mendoza slips through the ropes, springs up on the top rope and rolls with ease on the mat as Gargano charges him. Mendoza runs back and, through the ropes, it’s Gargano with the spear!

Both men retreat to opposite sides of the ring. They’re slow to their feet. Gargano with left hands. Big clothesline off of a whip reversal by Gargano. Off the ropes again, Mendoza with a beauty of an enziguri on Gargano to knock him to the mat. Mendoza climbs the turnbuckle and does a front flip, seeing Gargano up on his feet. Gargano applies the crossface immediately…Mendoza’s got nowhere to go. He taps out.

Winner:Johnny Gargano via submission in 4 minutes

One cool point for Gargano who starts off his post-#DIY tag run with a victory. Mendoza caught him with some sharp kicks but I liked Gargano’s speed too, using it to ramp up the force of his clotheslines and forearms. Kind of an awkward transition into that crossface submission, but I liked seeing Gargano put Mendoza’s left arm behind his neck. It immobilized Mendoza better than putting that arm between his legs.

Coming Up: nXt Champion Bobby Roode and nXt Women’s Champion Asuka are in the building tonight!

Second Segment

Continuing with the hard rock trend for Takeover songs, Code Orange’s “Bleeding In The Blur” will be featured at Brooklyn III.

Recap: SAnitY confronted nXt Tag Champs Authors Of Pain before their non-title match last week. After a brief brawl in the ring, Akam and Rezar were able to remove Dain and Wolfe from the ring. We will see that match at Takeover and it will be for the nXt Tag Team Championships.

AOP Manager Paul Ellering, flanked by his champs, has a message for SAnitY. They will write the chapter in Brooklyn but, until then, be prepared because monsters are real.

nXt Women’s Champion Asuka grooves her way to the ring, half-dancing, half-walking and she has something to share on the mic. She says she beat Ember Moon before and she will beat her again. Ember is not ready for Asuka!

Naturally, this prompts the #1 Contender to walk down to the ring and answer this challenge. Moon has done everything she can to prepare for this match since Takeover: Orlando. She says Asuka is afraid of the truth. Asuka isn’t ready for Ember Moon.
Asuka extends her hand for a handshake, nodding at Moon. Moon puts her hand out and Asuka lifts hers before slapping Moon. Moon is enraged and she clocks Asuka to begin a brawl. Asuka kicks Moon in the head and chucks her out of the ring. She holds her title high…until Moon launches herself from the turnbuckle to hit a nasty looking Eclipse. It wasn’t a clean one. But the message was clear to Asuka…Moon IS ready.

Backstage, nXt Champion Bobby Roode is being clipped with a mic for an interview. He talks about Roderick Strong’s trailer park family playing the lottery, and how Strong played the Bobby Roode lottery and lost. Of course, there’s disappointment and sadness but Strong will want to play the lottery again. Problem is he doesn’t belong in his nXt.

He’s asked about the new #1 Contender, Drew McIntyre. Maybe McIntyre is a new man since his return. He proposes a sitdown conversation between the two of them. He’s about to leave when Roderick Strong enters the interview area, being fought off by 4 of his nXt colleagues.

nXt General Manager William Regal immediately enters and tells Strong this is unprofessional behaviour. Strong says he’ll do anything Regal asks; he just wants Bobby Roode. Regal says the Takeover: Brooklyn match is already set.

One cool point for Asuka and Moon’s confrontation. I’m kinda hoping we don’t get another contract signing. Getting tired of that segment being used so often. Asuka’s been such a strong champion. It’ll be sad to see Moon win even though she’s absolutely a good match for the champ.

Bobby Roode oozes charisma and confidence. He’s so good at being dismissive of his competition, making Roderick Strong look all the more frantic and ridiculous for letting his emotions get the best of him. Whether Strong gets added to this match or not, nXt needs Roode as its champion.

Third Segment

Promo: A promo for a new tag team called Street Profits is shown. From their swag cam, we can see glimpses of them partying and being out and about. More to come.

Singles Match: Sonya Deville vs. Jenna Van Bemel

Both women are wearing silver and black. Van Bemel with the size advantage but Deville seems to have the speed advantage.

Deville’s showing off a little more arrogance tonight, talking smack to Van Bemel and goading her into striking. Deville evades every attempt, bounces off the ropes and hits a flying clothesline on Van Bemel.

Knee strikes from Deville bring Van Bemel to her knees. Van Bemel clocks Deville once, whips her across the ring for a body attack. Deville launches herself at her opponent, wraps her legs around Van Bemel, bringing her to the mat for a triangle submission. This match is over.

Winner: Sonya Deville via submission in 2 minutes

One cool point for Deville because she showed more attitude tonight than she has since her arrival. It was visible in her facial expressions, her taunting of her opponent in gesture and word. That’s what she needs to do to get people to care about her moving forward.

Backstage, Hideo Itami is interviewed. He says he does not get the respect he deserves so why should he show respect to others. The interviewer tries to cut him off but Itami takes the mic and walks out to the ring.

He says he deserves respect as the referee pleads with him to leave the ring. He doesn’t care who’s next…and suddenly Aleister Black’s music and lighting begin in sequence.

Black slowly walks to the ring and he eventually stands face to face with Itami. Itami gestures as if he is backing away. He feigns leaving the ring, turns back and Black hits him with the Black Mass! Itami’s out cold! Black’s sitting cross-legged on the ring mat.

We go to commercial break.

Closing Segments

Next Week: Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. No Way Jose

Singles Match: Aleister Black vs. Kyle O’Reilly

O’Reilly is a former ROH World Champion and McGuinness is salivating at the prospect of this match happening.

They hit fists as a sign of respect and face off. Both men are looking for first strike. O’Reilly tries for a takedown but Black prevents it and moves to the ropes. The referee breaks them up to restart. Black with a front facelock. O’Reilly manoeuvres his way out of it. Single leg takedown by Black but O’Reilly responds with a triangle submission. Black rolls and reverses it into a cross armbreaker. This allows both men to rise up to standing position again. Black holds on as long as he can but O’Reilly with a snapmare, which Black transitions into an arm submission.

O’Reilly finally succeeds in landing a few heavy blows to the upper body of Black, but Black drops down with a vicious low kick, tripping O’Reilly to the mat. O’Reilly charges at Black. Black ducks it, kips up and sticks out his knee, which slams into O’Reilly who was running again. Black is on his way to victory.

Commercial Break.

Knee to the chest of O’Reilly knocks him down for a 2 count. Black goes for a suplex. O’Reilly counters. Black tries again and lifts him this time but O’Reilly still counters. He brings the kicks and knees to Black and finally takes Black off of his feet. Flying forearm smash in the corner. Ankle lock takedown by O’Reilly. The two slap each other’s faces while O’Reilly holds Black. Black heel kicks O’Reilly’s arm until he lets go.

O’Reilly with a 1 count after twisting Black’s arm for a takedown. Nifty cartwheel to cover Black by O’Reilly. Black traps him briefly until O’Reilly transitions to a cross armbreaker. Black shifts his weight, gets to his feet for a 2 count. Lots of great mat wrestling in this one. No matter who’s in a submission hold, the other guy is fighting his way out of it, not taking any time to rest.

O’Reilly with a running knee to the fallen Black on the mat as…

We go to commercial break.

Both men are back to their feet. Hard forearm to the collarbone of Black by O’Reilly. Black replies with punches and kicks to the upper body. Big boot by Black, followed by a snap suplex. 2 count.

O’Reilly doesn’t stay down long. Snapmare to Black and he forces Black’s arm behind his own head. He transitions that into a headlock, wrapping Black’s own arm against his throat. Black fights out of it with knees to the abdomen. O’Reilly won’t let go. Black twists out of it and delivers a sharp kick to the face, and another, and another. Whip to the corner, forearm smash, followed by a springboard moonsault! 1-2- kickout by O’Reilly.
Black’s gaining momentum. He lifts O’Reilly’s head with his foot but O’Reilly seizes it with an ankle lock. Black fights out of it and tries to springboard but O’Reilly kicks the ropes, causing Black to fall. Axe kick by O’Reilly! 1-2- kickout by Black. Close call there.

This is something special, says McGuinness. O’Reilly attempts a suplex but Black counters twice so O’Reilly wrenches in a headlock harder. He goes for the axe kick again. Black evades it. The two trade kicks. Black with a sudden burst of knees to the body. O’Reilly does the same! Another axe kick! Black spins and hits BLACK MASS! 1-2-3!

Winner:Aleister Black via pinfall in 15 minutes

Two cool points for Black who continues his undefeated streak. Tough win for him to get against newcomer O’Reilly who was very much an even match. O’Reilly gets a cool point for an impressive debut and another for his combination of striking ability and submissions. He had a number of ways to slow down Black and just about had the match won.

Every time Black faces a tough opponent like this, he must win over more fans. With the momentum he’s building, it won’t be long before he’s calmly requesting a title shot against Bobby Roode. If he doesn’t do it, the fans will do it for him.

Takeover: Brooklyn III Card
nXt Championship: Bobby Roode (c) vs. Drew McIntyre
nXt Women’s Championship: Asuka (c) vs. Ember Moon
nXt Tag Team Championship: Authors Of Pain (c) vs. SAnitY
Aleister Black vs. Hideo Itami (projected)
UK Title Match: Pete Dunne (C) defends ? (projected)

Looking forward to reading your cool point suggestions and comments on tonight’s nXt show.