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WWE nXt Results- August 30, 2017 (Roode vs. Strong)
By JCool
Aug 31, 2017 - 12:55:11 AM

WWE nXt Results

August 30th, 2017

On commentary tonight, at Full Sail University, are Mauro Ranallo, “Showtime” Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness.

Opening Segment

We begin with nXt cameras outside the arena, surveying a scene of carnage, as members of SAnitY are strewn about in the parking lot. nXt General Manager William
Regal is called in to survey the damage and is none too pleased about what he sees.

Back in the arena, the commentary team don’t have much time to process what happened because the NEW nXt Champion is on his way to the ring—Drew McIntyre.

McIntyre is very happy to be the new champ. He acknowledges the post-match interference, at Takeover: Brooklyn, by Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish. If anyone wants a shot at the champ, they can come and fight him.

Cue Roderick Strong’s music. Unfinished business between these two. Strong says he’s the first to congratulate McIntyre and the first to recognize him as the new target. Tonight, he’s going to beat Bobby Roode and then he wants to face McIntyre, like a man.

McIntyre says Strong’s not ready to get knocked out like a man. He leaves with a smug smile on his face.

Recap: We get the reply of Bobby Roode’s words from last week’s episode of nXt, where he talks about unfinished business with Roderick Strong and Drew McIntyre. He will, indeed, wrestle Strong in tonight’s main event.

Up Next: Ruby Riot vs. Peyton Royce w. Billie Kay

Second Segment

On Twitter, Asuka updated her followers on her condition, following a collar bone injury from her Takeover: Brooklyn match with Ember Moon. Next week, she will be at Full Sail with an update on her future.

Singles Match: Ruby Riot vs. Peyton Royce w. Billie Kay

Royce and Riot tie up but it goes nowhere. Royce jaws at Riot while they’re tied up in the corner. Riot cinches in a side headlock, reversed into a leg scissors by Royce. Royce holds Riot in there for a half minute until Riot kicks out. Riot goes for a backslide pin. Royce lands on her feet. They run the ropes. Both girls evade one another until Riot hits a dropkick on Royce. 2 count pinfall attempt.

Single armbar by Riot brings Royce down to the mat in pain. Crowd claps for Royce. She gets to her feet and clocks Riot with a forearm smash. Riot won’t let go of the armbar and forces Royce to a knee. Into the ropes they go and the referee forces Riot to break the hold.

Royce hits Riot with a knee to the face and takes advantage of that rope break. She continues to trash-talk Riot, clubbing her in the back and head. Kick to the chest forces Riot to the ropes. Riot tries to fight back but gets tossed to the outside, in front of Billie Kay. With the referee looking away, Kay clocks Riot as we go to…

Commercial Break

On the return, Royce has a rear chinlock applied to Riot. Riot reverses her way out of it. She and Royce trade punches. Riot with a clothesline, back elbow and a flurry of kicks take Royce down to the mat. She’s building momentum. A slow jog into the corner and she springs up, using the top ropes, to catch Royce with a modified head scissors, driving Royce’s head back forward into the second turnbuckle. 1-2- Royce kicks out.

Riot climbs the turnbuckle. Royce finds her there and attempts a superplex. Riot defends it, pushes Royce and prepares to jump. Kay distracts her on the outside so Royce can hit Riot in the head with a spinning heel kick. This stuns Riot so Royce can carry her over her shoulders for a death valley driver! 1-2- Riot kicks out! Big chant from the fans on that one.

Royce is furious and confused about what to do next. Dueling chants as Royce tries to whip Riot into the ropes. Reversal by Riot and a powerbomb! 1-2- kickout by Royce. Close call there.

Kay pulls Royce out of the ring by the foot to check on her friend. Riot dives through the ropes into the Iconic Duo to the cheers of the crowd. She rolls Royce in. Kay pulls Riot out as she tries to enter the ring and absolutely blasts Riot in the face with a high kick. Fisherman suplex into a bridge pin by Royce for the win.

Winner:Peyton Royce via pinfall in 8 minutes

Ranallo says the Iconic Duo is now 1-1 vs. Riot in singles action.

One cool point for Billie Kay’s vicious kick. Wow. That was slick. That was the difference maker in this match. Fans were actually divided on who to cheer for, so that’s a cool point for Royce. I’m impressed with the rivalry between these three ladies and happy to see the Iconic Duo being treated seriously by Riot, and by the fans.

Backstage, GM Regal is asked about the attack on SAnitY, seemingly by Cole, O’Reilly & Fish. Suddenly, Kassius Ohno interrupts the interview and says he’s now healthy. He wants to fight Hideo Itami. Regal says that will happen next week. Ohno requests a no DQ match. Regal agrees. Ohno feigns a handshake before leaving. Seems like an accident but he left Regal hanging. Wonh wonh.

Promo: We see highlights of Heavy Machinery in action and they are up next!

Third Segment

Tag Team Match: Heavy Machinery vs. Damien Aweel & Edwin Negron

Aweel and Dozovic start this match. Dozovic forces Aweel into the corner, then up the turnbuckles to the top before getting slammed face-first by Dozovic. He tags in Knight and they run the ropes, squashing Aweel between their chests. Front facelock by Knight forces Aweel into the ropes. Knight has to let go and Aweel fights back. He tags in Negron and the two attempt a double team move off the ropes, missing it. Instead, Knight hits them with a crossbody block.

He’s hyped up as he bounces off the ropes and clobbers both men in opposite corners. Dozovic tags in. Lou Thesz press by Knight on Aweel. Dozovic picks up Negron and Knight slams into him, which compacts Negron into Aweel on the mat. THE COMPACTOR! 1-2-3.

Winners:Heavy Machinery via pinfall in 3 minutes

One cool point for my favourite tag team getting some well deserved TV time. They looked good in the win and are maintaining the fun attitude that caught my attention in the first place. Here’s hoping they get a long run in the Dusty Classic.

Recap: Last week, we see the attack Lars Sullivan made on No Way Jose during his pre-match “fiesta” and conga line. GM Regal discusses his anger issues with him in his office. Next week, as his punishment, Sullivan will be in a handicap match against 3 opponents.

Final Segments

Next Week: Cesar Bononi will face Andrade “Cien” Almas and Kassius Ohno will wrestle Hideo Itami in a NO DQ Grudge match.

Singles Match: Bobby Roode vs. Roderick Strong

Roode yells at Strong and tells him he’s a failure. He’ll prove it again tonight. This is still his nXt and it is… the crowd yells “glorious” as Strong pushes Roode to the mat.
Takedown by Strong. Roode charges him and drives him into the turnbuckle multiple times. Cross chop to the chest. Whip to the opposite corner. Strong evades it. Roode counters a backbreaker and applies a side headlock, driving Strong into the mat.

Off the ropes, Roode with a shoulder knockdown. They continue to run the ropes and Strong nails Roode with a dropkick. Quite a pace to start this match. Back elbow by Roode. Chops by Strong. Backbreaker out of the corner! Roode tries to escape the ring. Strong pulls Roode up by the legs, rushes under him and slams him for a backbreaker! Innovative.

Roode’s escaped to the apron when Strong meets him there. Roode with right hands. Strong answers him until Roode pushes him into the ring post. Strong collapses to the ground. He almost gets another backbreaker on him but Roode drives him into the stairs. Roode charges and gets a big boot to the face. He retorts with a spinebuster on the ringside mats!

Commercial break

On the return, corner clothesline by Roode on Strong. Pinfall attempt for a 2 count, after a neckbreaker. Roode brings Strong to his feet for a backbreaker of his own. He gets the crowd going a bit and insults Strong with a second backbreaker. He rouses up a “glorious” from the crowd which allows Strong time to recover. Cross chops on Roode. He tries to whip him into the turnbuckle but Roode reverses it. Strong slams into the turnbuckle and drops to the mat. Roode’s pinfall attempt is short-lived and he switches strategies to a surfboard stretch.

Strong escapes. Kick to the gut. Roode answers with a Manhattan drop. Off the ropes, Strong lifts Roode up, drops to the mat, and it’s a gutbuster on his knees to the Glorious One. Strong with a running clothesline off the ropes on Roode. Running forearm in the corner. Strong goes for a side suplex; Roode reverses it into an arm drag. Strong pops right back up and slams Roode with a backbreaker! The cover… Roode kicks out at 2.5!

Strong transitions from a pumphandle suplex attempt into a powerbomb! 1-2- kickout by Roode. Strong transitions again, from a pinfall to a Boston Crab. Roode’s close to the ropes though and he grabs the bottom one to break the hold. Strong approaches Roode and gets thrown to the outside. Upon his return, Roode with a fireman’s carry into a kind of neckbreaker for a 2.5 count on Strong.

The two trade blows. Strong with back elbows but he’s quickly stopped with a spinebuster by Roode. Roode summons up the gloriousness for his finisher. Strong counters it into an Oklahoma slam! Running high knee to the face of Roode in the corner. Overhead slam by Strong for a 2 count. Quite an effort on that lift.

Roode’s lying face down by the ropes. Strong tries to pick up Roode from the apron but gets his head snapped on the top rope. Roode climbs the turnbuckle. Strong meets him there with a few punches. They’re both up there now until Roode punches Strong to the mat below. He sits on the turnbuckle and gets an enziguri to the head!

Strong has Roode stalled and he climbs up to the top for a huge superplex… Strong goes for the pinfall. 1-2- kickout by the former champ! McGuinness praises Roode for returning to nXt to take care of business here. They trade punches, back and forth, until Strong almost collides with the referee. Roode hits him with the Glorious DDT. Strong rolls closer to the ropes though to evade the pinfall. Roode drapes an arm over him but Strong gets a leg on the bottom rope before the 3 count! Took a page out of Roode’s playbook.

Roode yells that Strong is an embarrassment to his family and slaps him. Strong gets a burst of energy. High knees to the face! He beckons Roode from the corner and leaps up for another high knee to the head. Suplex into double knees for a modified backbreaker. Roode’s out on the mat. Strong looks ready for the victory. He blows a kiss to Roode and hits him with the same backbreaker as before! 1-2-3.

Strong gets the win that had eluded him for months.

Winner: Roderick Strong in 17 minutes

Post-match, Drew McIntyre walks out on the stage, nodding his head in approval. He points at Strong and raises his nXt Championship high. Suddenly, he’s attacked by Cole, O’Reilly & Fish. McIntyre’s dropped with a DDT just as security try to take the trio out. They’re forced off and start to leave the arena as GM Regal and more security follow. Cole says this is their nXt.

nXt cameras follow the trio out of the building but Regal can’t catch up to them.

One cool point for Roderick Strong’s backbreakers but, more importantly, one cool point for Strong’s redemption in defeating Bobby Roode. Roode vocally berated Strong and his family for weeks, saying Strong was a failure. He continued this in the ring tonight and Strong proved him wrong. With Roode on the way out of nXt, Strong needed this victory desperately and he got it.

Still, one cool point for Roode for being so glorious in the ring. Everything he says and does is exceptional and the man acts like a champ, even if he’s not wearing a championship title around his waist. I’m not sure if he will still get his rematch against McIntyre now but he’s well on his way to achieving more gloriousness on Smackdown Live. Great fit for him on the blue brand show.

One cool point for Cole, O’Reilly & Fish’s collective attack on the current nXt champ. GM Regal hasn’t officially addressed what to do about these guys yet but it bodes well for them that their dastardly acts bookended the show. That creates intrigue as to who will fight them first and how far they will take things. The potential for stable warfare is at a simmering level and I, for one, want to see it boil over into a full-on feud.

Looking forward to reading your cool point suggestions and comments on tonight’s nXt show.