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WWE nXt Results- August 9, 2017 (2 weeks to Takeover: Brooklyn III)
By JCool
Aug 10, 2017 - 1:13:03 AM

WWE nXt Results

August 9th, 2017

On commentary tonight, at Full Sail University, are Mauro Ranallo, “Showtime” Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness.

Opening Segment

We see the usual opening with the camera panning the crowd doing the “nXt” chant.

Suddenly, Nikki Cross is in the ring and she is yelling for the Authors Of Pain. Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain roll in to the ring from the crowd as well.

No theme music accompanies Akam and Rezar, with manager Paul Ellering, as they walk out on to the stage. As they walk down the ramp, Eric Young attacks Rezar from behind!

Eric Young is back! Dain and Wolfe beat up on Dain in the ring as Ellering looks on.

Young enters the ring and delivers a running knee to Akam as Dain and Wolfe hold him. Dain delivers a senton bomb…and another. Rezar can’t help his partner because he’s been locked to a guardrail by the wrist. Young cuffed him to it! Rezar begins aggressively jostling that guardrail and he breaks it away from its place on the floor. He drags it behind him towards the ring where SAnitY gangs up on him and attacks him on the apron.

With both Authors of Pain laid out in the ring, Cross runs up the ramp, retrieves the nXt Tag Team Championship belts and hands them to Wolfe and Dain to hold high. Ranallo ponders if this is a sign of things to come. Looks like the odds are in SAnitY’s favour with Young’s return.

One cool point for SAnitY who get the upperhand on the Authors of Pain. Another cool point for Eric Young's timely return. Rare to see AOP handled in such a way and it casts doubt on their title reign continuing past Brooklyn. That's vital to this match's success, to see that Wolfe & Dain are capable of dominating their opponents.

Recap: We see footage from last week’s confrontation between nXt Women’s Champion Asuka and #1 Contender, Ember Moon. Moon got the best of Asuka, hitting her with an Eclipse.

Next week, the two will meet for an official contract signing for their match at Takeover: Brooklyn III.

Promo: A promo for a new tag team called Street Profits is shown. From their swag cam, we can see glimpses of them partying and being out and about. They arrive after the commercial break!

Second Segment

Earlier today, the Iconic Duo got their video on to give us an Iconic makeup tutorial. In the background, Ruby Riot can be seen walking away. Royce and Kay make fun of her and call her a mess. They can’t go on with the video and turn it off.

Tag Team Match: Street Profits vs. The Metro Brothers
Metro Bros: JC and Chris, Street Profits: Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford

The Street Profits are here for their debut match on nXt TV. They get a decent pop from the crowd as they swagger down to the ring. After a little dancing and fancy footwork, they enter the ring…to do more of the same.

Chris Metro and Angelo Dawkins face off to begin the match. Clear size advantage to Dawkins. Off the ropes, shoulder tackle by Dawkins. He runs the ropes again, leaps over Chris and gets a single arm drag. Scoop slam and a tag to Ford. Ford hits a running front kick on Chris as he tries to sit up. Dawkins with a splash and he slaps hands with his partner.

Ford’s in now. Chris reverses his whip and goes for the back body drop. Ford lands on his feet. Belly to back suplex from Ford. Chris fights back though. Spears Ford into his home corner and tags in JC. JC mocks the stirring motion that Dawkins had been doing earlier. He tries to drop Ford. Ford lands on his feet again, crouching like Spiderman. He tags in Dawkins.

Dawkins explodes on JC with a clothesline, another one and then a running shoulder tackle. Chris rushes in to help and gets speared. JC’s in rough shape against the Street Profits turnbuckle. Dawkins hits him with a cyclone clothesline in the corner. 360 JAM!
Ford tags in. Dawkins with a pop up spinebuster, followed by a frog splash from Ford. 1-2-3. Big win for the Street Profits!

Winners: Street Profits via pinfall in 3 minutes

One cool point for a swell debut for a new tag team. The division needs teams and this one has plenty of upside. Both guys have got energy, quickness, and, of course, swagger. Much like Heavy Machinery some months ago, Dawkins and Ford show off their double team moves, their fun-loving camaraderie, and impress fans with that combination.

Up Next: nXt Champion Bobby Roode and #1 Contender Drew McIntyre face off

Recap: Last week, after the show, Hideo Itami attacked Aleister Black in the parking lot. We see the footage from nXt cameras on scene. Fellow wrestlers try to break the two up and succeed. They will face off at Takeover: Brooklyn III.

Third Segment

Want to listen to one of the themes from Takeover: Brooklyn III? How about “Bleeding In The Blur” by Code Orange?

In the ring, it’s nXt General Manager William Regal. He’s here to introduce McIntyre and Roode for this conversation showdown.

When Roode arrives after McIntyre, he is followed by a team of security. These five men stand on the back apron, facing the cameras, as Roode gets a mic to speak.

Roode explains that they are his personal security detail and they’re here to protect everyone from madman Roderick Strong. He would hate for the match between he and McIntyre to be put in jeopardy, so they’re here to protect the money in that match…Roode.

Roode officially welcomes McIntyre back to the WWE. Roode reviews what McIntyre said last week about feeling entitled. Roode agrees. He’s entitled because Roode doesn’t need second chances. He said he would become the face of the brand. He’s done everything he said he would do. This is HIS nXt, not yours and not theirs.

McIntyre says there’s a big problem with Roode’s nXt. Roode is a complete ass. He wonders if Roode believes all of the crap that comes out of his mouth. McIntyre’s going to claymore Roode back down to earth after the “glorious” entrance in Brooklyn. Everyone will be looking at a new champion.

Suddenly, Roderick Strong’s music hits and he walks out on to the stage. He calls to GM Regal to do whatever he wants but he’s not done with Bobby Roode. This isn’t about the nXt championship. It’s about Roode disrespecting his fiancée, his family and himself as a man. Strong’s calling Roode out for a fight.

Regal tries to reason with Strong but Strong starts to interrupt him. Roode yells for Strong to shut up. Roode takes off his suit jacket and says he’ll fight Strong any time of the week. He’ll even put his title on the line. You can fight me…but you need to fight McIntyre first.

Roode books a match between McIntyre and Strong for the right to face him at Takeover: Brooklyn III. GM Regal says he makes the matches around here. McIntyre responds and says he doesn’t care. He’ll fight Roderick Strong, beat him next Wednesday, and 4 days later, he’ll beat Roode in Brooklyn.

Roode says everyone wants the match. The nXt universe wants it so let’s do it. GM Regal agrees but he puts a condition on it. If Strong beats McIntyre next week, Strong will get another title shot but it will be after Takeover: Brooklyn III. Roode says his nXt is glorious. No one wants to shake his hand at the end of that segment.

One cool point for Bobby Roode just for showing up and carrying that segment with a fine promo. Love how he challenged Regal and tried to book the match himself between McIntyre and Strong. Regal accepted the idea anyways but continues to insist that Strong will not be a part of the Takeover: Brooklyn main event.

McIntyre can play spoiler by beating Strong next week to prevent him from getting another title shot. Something tells me Strong’s going to get that rematch though, unless Roode interferes and ruins the result…then Regal may make it a 3-way dance after all.

Up Next: We will see the rematch between Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch!

Fourth Segment

“Poison Pens” by Creeper is another official theme song for Takeover: Brooklyn III.

Backstage, Johnny Gargano is interviewed about his return match last week. Gargano says he was nervous heading out there by himself. He remembers last year’s experience at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn and how great it was for him and Ciampa. It led to so many great things.

He wants to feel that again. He wants a match.

Singles Match: Oney Lorcan vs. Danny Burch

Lorcan and Burch circle one another. They grapple and test one another’s strength. Lorcan pushes Burch into the turnbuckle. They grapple along the ropes until the referee breaks them apart in the turnbuckle area. Lorcan attacks the knee of Burch to get him on the ground. Burch flips him over his body and the two tie up in the turnbuckle until the referee breaks it. Great pace to the match so far. Each guy is being very careful of how they’re moving.

Burch with a side headlock on Lorcan. He holds on as they go down to the mat. Lorcan pushes Burch into the ropes and the referee has to break them up to reset. Burch brings Lorcan down to a knee with a side headlock. Off the ropes, hard shoulder tackle by Burch knocks Lorcan down. Lorcan tries to leap over Burch as they run the ropes. Flapjack by Burch. Here come the European uppercuts from Lorcan. Burch replies with a few of his own, driving Lorcan into the corner. Lorcan lifts Burch up on to his shoulders and slams him into the turnbuckle!

Lorcan goes for the pinfall! 1-2- kickout…

Commercial Break

On the return, belly to back suplex by Lorcan. 1-2- kickout. Lorcan’s up pretty quickly. He chops Burch on the chest repeatedly, drawing ooohs from the crowd. Burch falls to the mat. He keeps it going with a hard charging shoulder attack. Lorcan tries again but gets a boot to the face. Dropkick from the top by Burch. Running body attack squashes Lorcan into the turnbuckle.

The two counter a few times and then Burch with the German suplex, followed by a hooking lariat for a 2 count on Lorcan. He goes for another suplex but Lorcan counters by dropping to a knee. Burch picks up Lorcan, draping his feet on the top rope for a neckbreaker. 1-2- Lorcan kicks out!

Lorcan’s not done yet. He explodes out of the corner with a European uppercut. Off the ropes with another one! Crowd’s clapping for both men here as they lie exhausted on the mat, struggling to their feet. Head to head, they both stand. Burch demands that Lorcan hit him. Overhand chops by Burch. Lorcan goes for the single leg crab. He’s got him halfway turned, kicking at Burch’s back and arms. Burch stomps back with his free foot about 10 times. Lorcan hangs on and goes for a double Boston crab.

Burch flips Lorcan on to his back and holds on tight for a counter pin. Burch wins!

Winner: Danny Burch via pinfall in 11 minutes

Post-match, Burch puts out his hand. Lorcan slaps it and is about to leave the ring when he stops. Burch questions what Lorcan just did. Lorcan returns to properly shake Burch’s hand. Burch even opens up the ropes for Lorcan to leave. Plenty of respect shown between those two.

Two cool points for both men. Match of the night. These two pair up so well with their hard-hitting styles. The way they exchange chops and European uppercuts is impressive. I liked the opening where neither man could get an advantage. It emphasized that there is very little difference between the skill and toughness levels of both men. Throughout the match, the give and take was even and I’d be happy to see these two fight again.

Plenty of talk in the comments about pairing these guys up for the Dusty Rhodes Classic. They’d be a strong team.

Final Segment

Singles Match: Andrade “Cien” Almas w. Zelina Vega vs. No Way Jose

Jose started, or joined, a conga line in the crowd as he came down to the ring. Fun stuff from the dancing man.

For anyone who hasn’t been following lately, Vega is formerly known as Thea Trinidad in TNA Impact Wrestling.

Usual beginning to a No Way Jose match as he dances with Almas during a tie-up. When Almas breaks free, he slides across the ring and lounges on the mat by the ropes. Vega is not impressed and calls him outside for a quick chat.

Almas returns to the ring and gets more aggressive immediately. Side headlock on Jose.
Off the ropes, shoulder tackle by Almas and he stares at Vega. Off the ropes again and this time Jose catches Almas in the air for a flapjack.

Jose with a takedown on Almas. He gets him in a fireman’s carry. Almas breaks free, runs into the ropes and hangs there by all his limbs. Jose pushes him to the floor below where Vega berates Almas for his attitude. Almas punches Jose in the back. He stomps on him and delivers more punches as Jose struggles to break free.

When Jose’s up on his feet, Almas continues to strike him down with punches and kicks. Jose fights back with a few right hands. Kick to the face of Jose by Almas. He smashes Jose in the head, in the corner, knocking Jose to a seated position. Almas connects with a running double knee smash! Vega calls for Almas to finish him!

Almas grapples Jose for “La Sombra” aka the hammerlock DDT. 1-2-3. Almas resumes posing and Vegas nods in approval this time.

Winner: Andrade “Cien” Almas via pinfall in 5 minutes

Post-match, Vega heads over to the commentator’s table and grabs a microphone. She asks if everyone saw what Almas did. He deserves the spotlight. Takeover: Brooklyn, if Gargano is still looking for an opponent, he’s got one.

One cool point for Jose’s conga line. That was a joy to watch. Fans didn’t get super touchy or clingy with Jose either.

One cool point for Almas being more motivated to focus on the damn match, thanks to Zelina Vega. Seems like the pairing could help Almas ascend the singles ranks again after months of languishing and losing.

Takeover: Brooklyn III Card
nXt Championship: Bobby Roode (c) vs. Drew McIntyre
nXt Women’s Championship: Asuka (c) vs. Ember Moon
nXt Tag Team Championship: Authors Of Pain (c) vs. SAnitY
Aleister Black vs. Hideo Itami
Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. Johnny Gargano (projected)

Looking forward to reading your cool point suggestions and comments on tonight’s nXt show.