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WWE nXt Results- December 20, 2017 (Tag Titles & UK Title on the line!)
By JCool
Dec 21, 2017 - 12:47:00 AM

WWE nXt Results

December 13th, 2017

Full Sail University, Orlando, FL
Commentary by Mauro Ranallo, Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness.

Opening Segment

nXt Tag Team Championship Match: SAnitY (Young/Dain) vs. Undisputed Era (O’Reilly/Fish)

Dain’s the man in charge to kick off this title match. He sends both O’Reilly and Fish to the outside to regroup. O’Reilly tries to run Young down in the corner, but Dain is there to meet him. Young tags in but he doesn’t get too much going before the Undisputed Era corral him into their corner. Snap suplex by Fish for a 2 count.

Double-team work continues, and a few pinfall attempts, too, but nothing seems to be able to keep Young down just yet. O’Reilly and Fish slow the pace of the match with a top headlock by O’Reilly on Young.

Young fights through that but can’t get to Dain for a tag. Whipped into the turnbuckle, Young’s able to avoid both O’Reilly and Fish when they charged at him, sending both guys over to the outside.

Finally, Young tags in the Beast of Belfast for running clotheslines on O’Reilly & Fish. Corner avalanches on both men separately, and then at the same time. RUNNING SENTON on one and a DROPKICK on the other!!! Michinoku Driver on O’Reilly! Pinfall attempt is broken. Dain almost had it there.

Young’s up on the turnbuckle but he’s pulled down by an interfering Adam Cole! This leads to a close pinfall for the Undisputed Era but Young kicks out.

Suddenly, Nikki Cross is on the apron and she’s running off of it with a crossbody on Cole! Referees pull her away as she kicks and screams.

Meanwhile, in the ring, O’Reilly brings Young to his feet. He delivers a right hand and a leaping neckbreaker on him for a 2 count. Dain tries to launch Cole into the ringpost but Cole sends Dain head-first into it. Young dives out to hit Cole with a tope.

On Young’s return, Fish surprises him with what appears to be a flying neckbreaker, and O’Reilly pins him for the win!

Winners and new nXt Tag Team Champions: Undisputed Era via pinfall in 12 minutes

Two cool points for a somewhat surprising title change, although I should have suspected Cole would be the difference maker when the commentators announced Wolfe was away due to injury. With Cross being escorted out by referees, that left Cole at ringside to continue distracting SAnitY…and it worked.

O’Reilly and Fish wrestled well, despite being completely overwhelmed by Killian Dain at one point. Will SAnitY get the rematch at Takeover: Philadelphia or is Dain on to singles competition now?

A promo is shown featuring Roderick Strong who will be wrestling Lars Sullivan in the final #1 Contender’s Fatal Four-Way Qualifier tonight.

Coming Up: UK Championship Match: Pete Dunne (c) vs. Tyler Bate

Second Segment

A promo for Shayna Baszler, finalist from the Mae Young Classic, is shown.

Walking outside of the WWE Performance Center are two guys known as Heavy Machinery. They spot a pretty nice convertible parked near the back door. Dozovic is about to pick it up and maybe even move it when Sabbatelli & Moss walk out to confront them. They poke fun at Heavy Machinery not being as great and successful as them, and tell HM one day they might be able to afford a car close to the one they have.
Dozovic lets on that he’d like to fight right now, yelling at Sabbatelli & Moss who quickly walk to the convertible and take off.

Two weeks ago, Riott and Deville fought in a No Holds Barred match. We see clips of this match before cameras catch up with Deville at the Performance Center. Deville says she’ll be back in nXt next week to beat Ember Moon. Deville claims unfinished business and she will get an nXt Women’s Championship title shot, too!

Up Next: #1 Contender’s Fatal Four-Way Qualifier: Roderick Strong vs. Lars Sullivan

Third Segment

A promo for Lars Sullivan is shown to hype up his appearance in the qualifier match.
Highlights from Aleister Black and Adam Cole’s #1 contendership qualifier match, last week, were shown. Black got the win.

nXt #1 Contender Fatal Four-Way Qualifying Match: Roderick Strong vs. Lars Sullivan

Sullivan’s got a big size advantage in this one. He starts out the match dishing some real punishment on Strong.

In a few minutes, Sullivan’s immobilized Strong with a bearhug. Strong replies with a kick to the face, another one…but he can’t sustain this. Sullivan never leaves his feet and he attacks. Strong with a running forearm to knock Sullivan out of the ring, but Sullivan stays on his feet. He’s back up on the apron and, shortly thereafter, to the turnbuckle. Strong meets him near the top for a superplex!!! Near-fall but Sullivan kicks out in a mean way.

Jumping knee strikes from Strong just make Sullivan angrier. He responds with a clothesline, followed by, no…OLYMPIC SLAM by Strong! 1-2- kickout by Sullivan!
Both men are back up. Off the ropes…powerslam by Sullivan! He picks up Strong again for a FREAK ACCIDENT finisher. 1-2-3.

Winner: Lars Sullivan via pinfall in 5 minutes

One cool point for Strong for getting in quite a bit of offense against the big guy. Unfortunately, for him, the more offense he got in, the angrier Sullivan became.

One cool point for Sullivan for channeling his inner Hogan or inner Warrior. He's got an extra gear that will be hard to stop in that Fatal Four-Way.

Final Segments

In a WWE.COM exclusive, Street Profits are spreading their knowledge and fun in another little episode of their new series.

Backstage, Tyler Bate is interviewed about his feud with Pete Dunne. He’s ready to fight.

UK Championship Match: Pete Dunne (c) vs. Tyler Bate

From the opening tie-up, Dunne applies an armbar and then begins manipulating the fingers on the left hand of Bate. Bate shows off his flexibility and quickness to reverse out of it and apply an armbar of his own, which he transitioned into a manipulation of Dunne’s hand!

Surfboard stretch by Dunne. Bate forces his way free and nails Dunne with a dropkick in the chest. After a brief staredown, Dunne brings Bate down again and manipulates the fingers on Bate’s right hand. 2 count as Dunne presses down Bate’s hands to the mat. Bate bridges out of two attempts by Dunne to press down on Bate’s abdomen with his knees. Such strength!

Straight jab surprises Dunne! 1-2- kickout. Bate caught Dunne there… but Dunne slaps Bate back, hard against the chest. And again! Bate retorts with a European uppercut before the two wrestlers meet outside the ring.

Stomp on the steel steps on Dunne’s feet by Bate. Dunne goes back up the steps to suplex Bate on to the ringside mat! Bate struggles to roll into the ring. As he does, Dunne’s on him immediately. The two exchange chops and forearms until Dunne returns to injuring Bate’s hand with a stomp on the mat. The commentators suggest that Bate may have a sprained or broken finger from that. They sound quite worried about him.

Dunne continues with the dastardly offense, stomping on Bate’s hands and head. He saunters around the ring like he owns the place, waiting for Bate to respond. Bate does chop Dunne and he begins to motion for more from Dunne. Bate catches Dunne with an exploder suplex!

“UK” chant from the fans before Bate charges Dunne in the corner with a running European uppercut. Shooting star press, followed by a deadweight belly to back suplex by Bate on Dunne!!! 1-2- kickout by Dunne. Wow. Close one there. Amazing strength from Bate.

Rolling wheel kick by Bate. Tyler Driver ’97…no! Dunne blocks it just as Bate brings him up to his shoulders. Dunne drops down and locks in a triangle choke hold. Bate’s trying to lift Dunne up…and he does for a deadlift powerbomb! But Dunne won’t let go with his legs.

Bate deadlifts Dunne again and brings him into the ropes where he slingshots him, neck first, into the top rope.

Airplane spin by Bate! Then, another airplane spin in the opposite direction! Bate’s going for a third time, even faster! Hooks Dunne’s leg for a pinfall attempt…only 2.
Dunne’s on the apron. Bate’s standing on the middle rope. He tries to lift Dunne…gets a bit of help and over Dunne goes, suplexed back into the ring! 1-2- kickout.

A little bit of back and forth until Dunne surprises Bate with a BITTER END! 1-2- no! Bate kicks out and Dunne is shocked. Bate runs at Dunne and receives an enziguri. Bate replies with a huge clothesline, flipping Dunne over. Dunne gets up and knocks Bate head over heels with one of his own. We see the replay, too.

Fist of fury as both men let a flurry of jabs loose simultaneously, ending in a hard shot that sends Dunne to the apron. Bate meets him there and a straight jab on Dunne. Somersault kick a la Jushin “Thunder” Liger by Bate!!! Dunne crawls to safety inside the ring. Bate waits, perched up on the turnbuckle. He flies….Dunne connects with a right hand across the jaw. Sitout powerbomb! 1-2- kickout by Bate. Wow. Commentary can’t believe what they’re seeing.

Back to the outside, Dunne tries to throw Bate into the ring. Bate bounces off with his shoulders and spins around with a massive clothesline. Referee begins counting Dunne out. Bate’s worried so he flies over the ropes with a plancha to break the count. TYLER DRIVER ’97! 1-2- kickout by Dunne! Aaahhhh. Incredible stuff here. Ranallo says this match may take us into 2018!

Bate slowly drags himself up to the top turnbuckle. He sets up for a head screw but didn’t get all of it because Dunne was moving out of the way. 1-2- easy kickout for Dunne. Now both men climb the same turnbuckle. Bate grabs Dunne from behind for a German suplex, but Dunne lands on his feet. He catches Bate off guard with a BITTER END. Pinfall attempt…successful. The champ retains.

Winner, and still UK Champion: Pete Dunne via pinfall in 32 minutes

In what may have been the longest TV match in nXt history, I feel comfortable dishing out 3 cool points each, to Dunne and Bate. This match truly could have gone either way with plenty of near-falls. Sometimes, I wonder why a guy will take such a big risk, like going to the top turnbuckle, to get the win when it leaves them so vulnerable to attack. That’s exactly what happened at the end there. Bate dragged himself up to the turnbuckle and Dunne was right there with him, able to counter the German suplex attempt.

I think the farther along in the match, the more a guy should keep close to the ground and punish his opponent with his quickest and highest-impact moves.

These two continue to set the bar for all other singles matches to follow in nXt. As for the overall show, every match mattered and we even got a title change to kick off the show.

Probably the best WWE TV show of the month and, maybe, the best WWE TV show in December in many years…

Looking forward to reading your cool point suggestions and comments on tonight’s nXt show.