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WWE nXt Results- February 1, 2017 (Takeover: San Antonio Fallout)
By JCool
Feb 2, 2017 - 12:00:17 AM

WWE nXt Results
February 1st, 2017

On commentary tonight, at Full Sail University, are Tom Phillips, “Showtime” Percy Watson, and Corey Graves.

Opening Segment

Singles Match: Ember Moon vs. Aliyah

Ember Moon gets back to back opening matches on nXt. The push is on, folks.
From the initial lockup, Aliyah attempts a pin after flipping Ember down and bridging over her. No such luck. Ember immediately tries a pin of her own for a 2 count. Double underhook suplex by Ember. She stretches Aliyah’s abdomen, contorting her head down towards her knees and holding her chin. Aliyah is able to fight out of it, flipping Ember to her back. She follows it with a neckbreaker, slowing down Ember’s momentum.

Vicious uppercuts from Aliyah and a clothesline to finish the combination. Ember retreats to the corner and Aliyah connects with a running kick to the side of her head. Northern Lights suplex and a bridge pinfall attempt for 2! It’s all Aliyah...

Shoulder thrusts now from Aliyah but she pushes Ember into the corner, allowing Ember the space to spring off the second rope with a moonsault. 1-2- kickout by Aliyah. Now it’s Ember’s turn on the offense. She lifts Aliyah up on her shoulders, walks around and takes too long to complete the move because Aliyah adjusts to wrap her legs around Ember’s head for a head scissors takedown!

Aliyah runs at Ember and jumps up on to her shoulders. Ember is unable to do much as Aliyah rolls down and attempts a pinfall. Ember pushes her away. Big clothesline. Aliyah’s on the canvas. Ember’s going to the top rope. ECLIPSE! 1-2-3.

Winner: Ember Moon via pinfall in 5 minutes

One cool point for the variety of offense Aliyah showed in this matchup. She’s developing quite an arsenal of moves. One cool point for the momentum Ember Moon is gathering because it feels like it will lead her to challenge Asuka sooner before later. She is so powerful in the ring.

Coming Up: Bobby Roode and footage of Shinsuke Nakamura

Second Segment

Remember, “Intro 2” by VF was one of the official theme songs for nXt Takeover: San Antonio.

Recap: We see highlights from the Takeover match between Eric Young of SAnitY and “The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger.

After the match, Young says they told San Antonio they’d take and they meant it. Dillinger made the wrong choice and he proved it by beating him.

Dillinger talks about being included in the Royal Rumble match at #10. It was very special for him and it was hard for him to say much. It’s a night he dreamed of when he first started in the wrestling business. It still feels surreal that he was in the Rumble.

Recap: We see highlights from the Takeover Women’s Championship match between Asuka (c), Peyton Royce, Billie Kay and Nikki Cross of SAnitY.

Asuka is asked about the match result. She says it was tough but the title is still hers. She answers Ember Moon’s challenge by asking if Ember works here. Ha! What a dig.

Up Next: Tyler Bate vs. Oney Lorcan

Third Segment

Backstage, Ember Moon is asked about what Asuka said. Ember says she wants to be the one to dethrone the empress. She’s never faced a woman like Ember before though and after the dust settles, Asuka will know who Ember Moon is.

Singles Match: Tyler Bate vs. Oney Lorcan

Tyler Bate is the WWE United Kingdom Champion, a title he won earlier in January at the inaugural WWE UK Championship Tournament.

Bate and Lorcan tie up. Lorcan pushes Bate into the ropes and the referee breaks them up. They lock up again, hands joined, fighting for position and Bate wraps up Lorcan in the ropes. The referee separates them again. This time, Bate pops Lorcan in the face. Lorcan leaps on to the turnbuckle and towards a charging Bate. Bate ducks under him and hits a dropkick on Lorcan.

He attempts the Tyler Driver ’97 but can’t lift Lorcan. Lorcan counters, grabs Bate’s leg, twists and slams his head back into the turnbuckle. Lorcan pounces on his fallen opponent and wails on him with right hands. Lorcan meets Bate at the turnbuckle and delivers chops to the chest. He continues the chops at the adjacent turnbuckle. Uppercut stuns Bate...another one brings Bate to his knees. Lorcan connects with a third.

Lorcan attempts a fourth but Bate counters it into a 2 count backslide pinfall attempt. Bate, from the top rope, flying uppercut! Lorcan’s on the mat. He lifts Lorcan on to his shoulders for a spin cycle. Lorcan counters and delivers a back elbow to Bate’s head. He runs the ropes and Bate catches him for a second try at the spin cycle. This time, he’s successful. The spinning on his shoulders lasts for about 15 seconds before Bate slows down and staggers in dizziness. He regains his strength and continues until he delivers a fireman’s carry slam. 1-2- kickout from Lorcan.

Lorcan retorts with a running uppercut which stuns Bate into the ropes but Bate bounces back with a somersault kick. Now it’s time for the Tyler Driver ’97. 1-2-3.

Winner: Tyler Bate via pinfall in 6 minutes.

One cool point for Tyler Bate who was such a fresh presence on nXt this week. That guy’s got charisma and style. One cool point for Oney Lorcan whose aggressive, hard-nosed wrestling style is growing on me. The last few matches he’s fought have been quite entertaining and even though he’s been on the losing side, the experience he’s gaining should help him gain more important matches in the near future.

Fourth Segment

“This Light I Hold” by Memphis May Fire is one of this year’s theme songs for Takeover: San Antonio

After Saturday’s Takeover event, Roderick Strong is asked about his win over Andrade “Cien” Almas. Strong says it was a statement. It doesn’t matter who he faces, he’s going to run them over in his quest to be nXt champion.

Recap: Highlights from the nXt Tag Team Championship match between #DIY (c) and the Authors of Pain are shown. The clips are titled “The Final Chapter”, alluding to manager Paul Ellering’s words about the Authors’ victory, fulfilling their plan.

After Takeover, Mr. Ellering says the tag team landscape has changed. The Authors of Pain are the new sheriffs in town. They will show no mercy on their opponents.

Recap: Highlights of the nXt Championship match between Shinsuke Nakamura (c) and Bobby Roode were shown. Also shown was exclusive footage of Nakamura being helped to the backstage area, very obviously in pain. Matt Bloom and Triple H were both quite concerned about Nakamura’s injury. Even Kassius Ohno, making his first televised appearance on nXt in years, tried to console the former champion.

Backstage, after Takeover, Roode is congratulated on being the new nXt champion. He’s asked if the outcome would have been different had Nakamura not been injured. Roode is pissed about that question even being asked. Roode says no, and you need to respect the new champion. He said he did exactly what he said he was going to do. This was going to be Roode’s nXt and tonight is the start of that era, missy! It will be simply...GLORIOUS.

Up Next: No Way Jose vs. “The Drifter” Elias Samson

Fifth Segment

Next Week :Bobby Roode’s glorious title victory celebration

Promo: This week marks Corey Graves’ final appearance as an nXt commentator. A highlight package of Graves’ wrestling career, his retirement due to injuries and rebirth as a commentator is shown. Certainly worth the watch.

Singles Match: No Way Jose vs. Elias Samson

Pre-match, Samson asks who wants to walk with the drifter? He gets plenty of boos from the audience. Graves is pissed that this is the last match he has to call in nXt. Samson says he has a song for everyone which prompts the saving theme song of one No Way Jose.

The bell rings and Samson hits a dropkick on Jose. He throws his shirt at him and continues with punches and chops. Jose counters with a running clothesline and he lays in to Samson with one handed and two-handed chops. Samson responds by throwing Jose down to the mat. He continues clubbing Jose until Jose powerslams him. Jose lifts Samson on to his shoulders. Rolling senton slam despite Samson’s attempt to grab the ropes and prevent it.

Jose dances at Samson’s head, bounces off the ropes and can’t hit the stomp because Samson rolls out. Instead, Jose runs the ropes and connects with a baseball slide to the outside on Samson. Off the ring apron, Jose hits a flying plancha as the crowd cheers as...

We go to commercial break.

On the return, Jose’s up on the turnbuckle until Samson throws himself at the ropes, causing Jose to fall, seemingly in the testicular region. Samson continues with chops and slamming Jose’s head on the ring apron. Running knee to Jose’s head on the outside. He goes for the cover. 1-2- kickout by Jose.

Samson lifts Jose back to his feet. He and Jose trade chops. Off the ropes, Samson hits a strong clothesline on Jose. He yells at the crowd and, naturally, they boo him. Samson grabs Jose in a headlock. Jose feeds off of the crowd support and rises to his feet. He escapes the headlock briefly but Samson latches on again. Jose drives Samson into the turnbuckle twice then drops Samson with a sidewalk slam to break the hold.

Now it’s Jose with the jabs and a big right hand. Two handed chops and he’s setting up for the big finish. Off the ropes, Jose hooks Samson’s arm and flips him on to his back. He winds up in the corner...Samson catches his arm and stops the punch. Jose throws Samson off the ropes, lifts him up and connects with the knockout punch. It’s over!

Winner: No Way Jose via pinfall in 8 minutes

One cool point for the finish which was the first modification I’ve seen of Jose’s usual knockout punch finisher. Samson, naturally, saw it coming and tried to counter it. That kind of realistic approach is appreciated by this viewer. Jose continues to garner fan support and may well be the #3 face on the roster right now.

Let’s briefly revisit my Takeover: San Antonio Predictions
Nakamura over Roode, possibly via interference, to retain the nXt Championship
Authors of Pain over #DIY to win the nXt Tag Team Titles
Asuka to retain the nXt Women’s Championship
Young w. SAnitY over Dillinger
Strong over Almas

So, 4/5 is pretty decent! Happy to see Roode get the win and that, with Nakamura’s injury, we also have the promise of a very interesting rematch in a few months.

Looking forward to your thoughts and cool point suggestions on tonight’s show and the fallout from Takeover: San Antonio.