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WWE nXt Results- February 8, 2017 (Glorious Roode, Dominant SAnitY)
By JCool
Feb 8, 2017 - 10:51:34 PM

WWE nXt Results
February 8th, 2017

On commentary tonight, at Full Sail University, are Tom Phillips, “Showtime” Percy Watson and, making his debut, Nigel McGuinness

Opening Segment

Singles Match: SAnitY vs. The Bollywood Boyz

Wrestling for SAnitY tonight are Alexander Wolfe and Killain Dain (formerly Big Damo).

The Bollywood Boyz are Harv and Gurv Sihra.

Harv and Dain kick it off. The size difference is incredible. Dain clotheslines Harv to the mat, then tosses him into the corner. Harv tags in Gurv. Gurv kicks Dain a few times, trying to chop him down to his knees. Dain isn’t going anywhere he doesn’t want to though. He knocks Gurv off of his feet. Gurv escapes a power slam and tags in his brother. The two of them club Dain’s back, bringing him to his knees…but Dain pops up and hits a double clothesline on the brothers.

A slam and a senton on Gurv. Dain lifts up Harv and POWERBOMBS him into Gurv! Yikes! Then he bounces off the ropes and lands on the two of them with an elbow drop.
Electric chair drop into a power slam on Gurv and an easy pinfall win. Wolfe didn’t even get into the match. He wasn’t needed.

Winners: SAnitY via pinfall in 2 minutes

Post-match, Eric Young says everyone eventually finds their place and those who don’t, we’ll put you in your place. He says he pummelled Dillinger and he repeats his thought that Dillinger belongs with them.

Nikki Cross also freaks out and shouts out for Asuka. She wants a piece of her.

Two cool points for Dain because I can’t remember the last time I saw a tag team win where one partner didn’t wrestle for the whole match. Anyone who can direct me to another match like this…please do. The moveset of this guy is powerful. If they keep this up, can you imagine them challenging the Authors of Pain?

Up Next: Liv Morgan vs. Billie Kay

Second Segment

Singles Match: Liv Morgan vs. Billie Kay w. Peyton Royce

Morgan and Kay lock up, each woman struggling for the upper hand. Side headlock from Morgan. Kay pushes Morgan away and lies on the mat, expecting her to leap over her. Morgan stops and stands on Kay’s back instead. Then, the two roll around the ring with Morgan’s legs trapped by Kay, prompting a few attempts by the referee to count a pinfall, as he saw shoulders on the mat from both women at various times.

Morgan rolls out, runs at Kay and gets launched stomach first on to the ropes. Kay slams Morgan’s face on to her outstretched foot and gets only a 1 count out of it. Kay throws Morgan into the corner and stomps her down. She waits too long to follow it up and Morgan tackles her for a 2 count pinfall attempt. Kay responds with a big clothesline and a 2 count pinning attempt of her own.

Kay grabs Morgan by the hair, holds her by the wrist and flips her over for a slam and another 2 count. She slows things down briefly with a chinlock, holding Morgan’s left arm back and away from her body. Morgan forces her way free, gets thrown into the corner and from there, she’s able to use the ropes for leverage and hit Kay with a hurricanrana.

Kay crawls away and as Morgan tries to pull her from the ropes, Royce holds on and helps until the referee breaks it. Morgan grabs Kay from behind, forcing her into the ropes, knocking Royce to the mat. She rolls up Kay and extends backward into a bridge pin…1-2-3!

Winner: Liv Morgan via pinfall in 5 minutes.

One cool point for Morgan’s upset victory, seizing the opportunity that was created by the distraction Royce provided her own friend. Morgan’s moveset wasn’t really on display here. This was more of a survival effort for her in which she gutted out the win. The Australians have fallen fast, losing a title match and now a match to rising star Morgan. If there were rankings, they’d be pretty much at the bottom, and in a short span of time, too.

Backstage, Tye Dillinger responds to Young’s words from earlier. He is not joining SAnitY. Just after saying that, Eric Young rushes in to attack him, along with the rest of the group. The fight spills out to ringside with all 4 members of the group attacking him.

Dillinger is rolled into the ring and starts fighting back. He does well until Dain tackles him to the ground.

Suddenly, Roderick Strong and No Way Jose show up to defend Dillinger. It takes superkicks or punches from each of the 3 guys to send Dain out of the ring.

Third Segment

nXt General Manager William Regal announces that next week’s main event will feature WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate defending the belt against Trent Seven.
Suddenly, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce barge in and they’re upset about what happened in the ring. Royce says it was illegal how they lost to Morgan. Kay demands a match against Morgan for next week.

Regal says he has a wonderful idea. Next week, they’ll face Liv Morgan and a partner of her choosing. Kay and Royce laugh and say she doesn’t have friends!

Recap:Remember Shinsuke Nakamura’s injury at Takeover: San Antonio. Breaking news on Twitter tells us there is no tear in the knee and, therefore, he will not require surgery. That’s very positive for him.

Tag Team Match: The Revival vs. Heavy Machinery

Heavy Machinery is the new tag team moniker for Tucker Knight and Otis Dozovic. They come out wearing matching black and orange singlets.

McGuinness says The Revival are one of the top tag teams in the world today, even without the nXt Tag Team Championships. No dispute here.

Wilder and Knight are out first. Side headlock by Wilder. Off the ropes, Wilder runs into a brick wall. He keeps trying but he’s getting nowhere with Dozovic. He eventually powerslams him and then picks him up for a bearhug. Dozovic tags himself in and Knight literally throws Wilder into Dozovic’s arms to continue the bearhug submission strategy.

Wilder gets loose, clubs Dozovic a few times and throws his face into Dawson’s head. Dawson’s tagged in and he does a little boxing with Dozovic’s face. Dozovic hits the canvas hard after a right hand. Dawson tags in Wilder, picks him up and slams him down for a leg drop on Dozovic. 2 count.

Quick tag to bring Dawson in again and the Revival members beat up on Dozovic in their corner. It’s getting methodical now. Another 2 count for Dawson and a transition into a headlock. The crowd claps for Dozovic to get back up. He does and breaks loose with a back suplex on Dawson. The two men crawl to their respective corners.

Knight and Wilder tag in. Knight unloads with takedowns. Dropkick on Dawson sends him out of the ring. He is pumped! Off the ropes, Dawson slaps Wilder’s back as Wilder gets arm dragged by Knight, right out of the ring. Knight connects with a Lou Thesz press on the approaching Dawson. 1-2- kickout by Dawson!

Knight tries to tag in Dozovic but Wilder has cleared him from the ring apron. Knight chases Wilder on the outside, runs back in…right into a DDT from Dawson. That’s enough for a 3 count pinfall and the victory.

Winners: The Revival via pinfall in 6 minutes.

Post-match, Wilder reminds the fans they are the greatest tag team in the world today. They are nXt Tag Team of the Year. Dawson chuckles as the crowd chants “you deserve it”. Dawson trashes the crowd. He says #DIY should’ve never been tag team champions. At Takeover: San Antonio, they got demolished.

Dawson says they are the Mercedes-Benz of the tag team division and the best on the planet. Their insistence on being the best eventually hits a nerve because out come the Authors of Pain, nxt Tag Team champions with manager Paul Ellering.

They enter the ring as the Revival exit. Their mere presence is enough to send the Revival members retreating from the ring and ringside to the back. As the Authors are posing on the ramp, Wilder and Dawson attack them from behind and run off! Rezar and Akam are pissed! Ellering tries to calm them down.

One cool point for The Revival who hadn’t wrestled on TV for a number of weeks. They managed to make themselves and their opponents look strong tonight. Again, it comes down to the Revival’s intelligence, isolating opponents and getting them to turn on one another. As for after the match, great mic work from the lads. Could we be ready for a character turn should they face the Authors of Pain?.I think fans want to cheer them

Coming Up :Roderick Strong, No Way Jose & Tye Dillinger vs. SAnitY

Up Next: Bobby Roode’s Glorious Celebration

Fourth Segment

Bobby Roode takes his sweet time walking down to the ring, soaking up the moment as he celebrates being nXt champion. He even has a Ted DiBiase moment where he’s just laughing in the middle of the ring, so pleased with himself. He tells the crowd he told them so. He told them this would happen and now it has. Takeover after Takeover, he has proved that he is on a higher level than everyone else.

Nakamura ran roughshod, for a decade, over his competition in Japan. For almost a year, he beat everybody in nXt—guys like Sami Zayn, Finn Balor and Samoa Joe. He beat everybody except Bobby Roode. Roode survived the deadly Kinshasa. He got kicked in the face and still beat Nakamura.

The single greatest moment in nXt history was at Takeover: San Antonio because now nXt has a real champion. Roode does a little Flair strutting and says he is THE champion. Every advertisement and commercial has always been “we are nXt”. Now, it’s no longer we are nXt. This is MY nXt. And this nXt will be simply glorious.

Roode gets the spotlights and air jets streaming down from above as he poses in the ring.

Up Next: Roderick Strong, No Way Jose & Tye Dillinger vs. SAnitY

Fifth Segment

Next Week : A reminder that we’ll see WWE UK Champion Tyler Bate square off against Trent Seven

6-Man Tag Match: Roderick Strong, No Way Jose & "The Perfect 10" Tye Dillinger vs. SAnitY

After all of the ring entrances, Wolfe, Dain and Young of SAnitY surround the ring, taunting their opponents. Then, we get a…

Commercial Break

On the return, the match has begun. Dillinger has just finished staving off Young and Wolfe, sending them both out of the ring. SAnitY regroups at ringside as Young huddles with his team and gives instructions. Dillinger paces in the ring, looking on.

The referee is in the middle of his ten count as Wolfe climbs the apron. Dillinger flips him into the ring. He tags Jose. Jose and Wolfe grab at each other’s necks and faces. Off the ropes, Jose kicks a bended Wolfe in the face. He connects with an arm flip and a facebuster slam before pinning him for a 2 count.

Wolfe delivers punches to Jose’s head and rushes him to the corner. Young tags in. He receives chops to the chest. Back body drop out of the corner. 1-2- kickout by Young!
Into his own corner, Jose is tagged out by Strong. Young does his part to bring Strong to his corner and Wolfe tags back in. High dropkick by Strong that results in a 2 count. Another quick tag brings in Dillinger. Dillinger mounts Wolfe in the corner and lays in with punches while the crowd chants “10”. He only really gets to 4 because Young catches his attention and he leaps off the ropes to deliver a double axehandle. Wolfe connects with a front kick and tags in Dain.

Dain brings vicious kicks and stomps to Dillinger that leave him lying on the mat. He clubs Dillinger on the chest multiple times. He tags in Wolfe. Dain spears Dillinger into the turnbuckle, holding him there for Wolfe to hit him with a running elbow to the head. This gets them a 2 count on the Perfect 10.

Dillinger replies with a back suplex on Wolfe. He rolls over to tag in Strong. Strong clears the opposite corner of his competition. He kicks through the ropes at Dain to beat him back again. Wolfe avoids a suplex, runs backwards at the ropes and while Young slaps his back, he bounces towards Dillinger who connects with a backbreaker.

Young rushes in and receives a dropkick to the face! It’s all Dillinger. Big slam and the pinfall attempt is interrupted by Wolfe. Jose throws Wolfe out and splashes him on the outside. Strong goes to run the ropes but gets tripped by Dain. The referee is distracted by Dain as Dillinger connects with the Tye-Breaker on Young!!

But it’s Nikki Cross leaping off of the turnbuckle into Dillinger’s arms. As she punches him, she’s able to perform a hurricanrana sending him to the outside. Vicious and jarring spear by Dain on Strong who is now the legal man. Young crawls in to get the pin and win.

Winners: SAnitY via pinfall in 8 minutes

Two cool points for SAnitY who were all over this episode tonight. Although Cross didn’t wrestle, she was instrumental in ensuring her group got the win in the 6-man tag. It didn’t appear this match would get enough time to unfurl its sails and get somewhere but they made it work. Everyone got some ring time, although Jose struggled to do much with his 30 seconds. Dillinger was the clear leader of in-ring minutes and motivation of his team, which made sense since he’s the guy SAnitY wants in the fold.

Young getting the pinfall was important because, as leader, he needed to re-establish dominance. That’s 2 pins on Dillinger and at what point does Dillinger’s decision waver and change?

Looking forward to your thoughts and cool point suggestions on tonight’s show.