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WWE nXt Results- July 13, 2016 (Balor vs. Nakamura)
By JCool
Jul 14, 2016 - 2:15:46 AM

WWE nXt Results
July 13th, 2016

On commentary tonight, at Full Sail University, are Tom Phillips and Corey Graves.

Opening Segment

Earlier today, we see Finn Balor enter one of the locker rooms at the WWE Performance Center. We also see Shinsuke Nakamura, with boxing gloves on, jabbing a punching bag, in preparation for tonight’s main event matchup.

But first, Samoa Joe’s music hits and out comes the nXt champion.
The crowd boos as he is about to speak...but then a “Joe” chant begins. Ok...

Joe says he is here to witness Balor vs. Nakamura. The implications of this match insult him because Nakamura thinks the winner of the match becomes a contender for the championship. Joe will separate the fantasy from the reality. He slayed the demon, Finn Balor, so there’s no chance he’ll win. As for the king of “strong style”, if that’s true, then Joe is the emperor, and if he tries to take his crown, he will destroy him. If anyone wants to do anything around here, they go through him.

Suddenly, it’s Rhyno, and he’s on his way down the ramp to have a word with Joe. He takes Joe’s words to heart and says he’ll go right through him to get to the top. Joe smirks and leaves the ring, muttering that it’s on his time, not Rhyno’s.

One cool point for Joe because he reminded us that he’s the champ. He tried to take a bit of the edge off of tonight’s matchup and that makes sense...that’s the kind of guy he is. He doesn’t want people to forget who holds the title belt and I like that. Rhyno’s interruption reminds us of the history those two have. I don’t think the match will be with the title on the line though. I think this is more of a grudge match, to give Joe something to do until a #1 contender is officially made. The WWE Draft stands in the way of that being established, although it’s fairly clear that Nakamura should receive that honour

Second Segment

Next Week: Bayley vs. Nia Jax, American Alpha vs. Authors Of Pain, and Samoa Joe vs. Rhyno

Recap: The promo, featuring WWE and nXt wrestlers and officials and their views on Balor vs. Nakamura, is replayed. It also included the wrestlers’ own thoughts on their friendship and upcoming match.

Final Segments

Singles Match: Finn Balor vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Big hype for this match and plenty of excitement in the arena for both wrestler entrances. Phillips talks about Nakamura as the most devastating striker we’ve ever seen in nXt. Graves says Balor’s strength might be his aerial game, but he can strike too.

The two men begin, jockeying for position, with an exchange of wristlocks. Balor flips Nakamura to the mat and secures a headlock on him. It doesn’t last long and Nakamura is trying to push Balor off the ropes. Balor holds on and forces Nakamura to a knee. Nakamura lifts Balor up for a side slam; Balor counters it into a continuing side headlock. Quick pinfall attempt by Nakamura for a 1 count as Balor holds on. They go into the ropes and Nakamura does his trademark head on stomach thing. Balor flips Nakamura around and flicks a “Too Sweet” hand movement on his head. The crowd loves it. Nakamura does too...

Just then, Nakamura with a knee to the gut. Balor answers with kicks of his own and gets a 1 count on Nakamura before he returns to the side headlock. Perhaps Balor is trying to play some mind games on Nakamura, offers Graves. Nakamura pushes Balor to the corner. Balor evades the charge and stands on the apron. Nakamura catches him with an enziguri there. Shaking leg on Balor in the corner and he is trying to choke Balor there. He drags Balor half over the apron and knees him in the head. Double knee stomp to the back of the neck...

as we go to commercial.

On the return, a cover by Nakamura on Balor goes for a 2 count and he’s clearly in the advantage. He throws Balor into the corner but Balor comes out of it with a diving front kick on Nakamura’s left knee. Nakamura was stopped dead in his tracks. Balor is now working those legs in a modified cloverleaf submission of some kind. Balor flips to grab the head of Nakamura and both men are on their feet. Off the ropes, the two roll and Nakamura tries to pin Balor, but it’s Balor with the unsuccessful pinning attempt.
Balor chops Nakamura hard on the chest in one corner, then to another, then to the 3rd and he throws him diagonally across the ring for a fourth chop. On the fifth attempt, Nakamura stops him with his leg, but Balor chops the leg, springs up to the top rope and drives his knee into the back of Nakamura’s knee. Balor slowly sets up Nakamura for a surfboard stretch, but Nakamura prevents it. Instead, he stomps on the back of Nakamura’s knees.

Balor with the heel hook on Nakamura now. This is wearing Nakamura down but he’s able to grab the bottom rope to break the hold. Nakamura holds his knee as Balor brings him to his feet. The two exchange strikes to the abdomen. Balor ducks an enziugiri attempt but Nakamura catches him with the spinning heel kick. Both men are down and the ref gets to 4 before Nakamura is up and hitting Balor hard with knees and kicks.
In the corner, Nakamura with multiple knees to the mid-section, knocking Balor down in the corner. Nakamura hangs Balor over the top rope and Nakamura with a jumping knee.

1-2...kickout by Balor but he’s in pain.

Balor battles out of Nakamura’s reach. Nakamura gets up on the turnbuckle and Balor hits him with an enziguri. Running the ropes, big dropkick by Balor. He stands on the apron and delivers a big, fat soccer kick to Nakamura’s chin and he might be out cold as...

we go to another commercial.

On the return, it’s Balor with the double stomp from the top rope on Nakamura! 1-2-...Nakamura kicks out. Close call there. Balor’s up and pacing. He brings Nakamura up and locks in quite a tough looking submission on Nakamura’s left knee. Nakamura’s writhing in pain as Balor secures the leg, wrenching it back. Nakamura gets to the bottom rope to break the hold after a few moments of agony.

Balor grabs the left leg. Nakamura brings his right knee up to meet Balor’s head. Ouch.
All of a sudden, Nakamura flips and catches Balor in a triangle submission. Balor’s fading fast as Nakamura is choking him...but Balor gets his leg on the rope and Nakamura has to break the hold. More knees to the side of Balor’s head while he lays on the mat. Nakamura with a face first slam. Balor responds with a twirling high kick to the head. He picks up Nakamura for a reverse 1916 slam...cover...


Balor backs away slowly from Nakamura in disbelief. His face looks so intense as he charges and executes a sling blade. Balor charges again as Nakamura gets to his feet but he’s stopped by a boot to the head. Nakamura follows it up with KINSHASA!

1-2- BALOR KICKS OUT! That’s the first time in nXt that anyone has kicked out of Nakamura’s finishing strike.

Nakamura charges up in the corner for another and Balor leaps high for a double stomp!
1-2-...NAKAMURA KICKS OUT AGAIN! That was honestly a 2.9 count.

The crowd is losing it as they wait for what might be next. Balor drags Nakamura to his feet. He goes for 1916 but Nakamura forces him to stop and continues with the punches to the head.

The two trade punches once, twice, thrice and now Balor with the spinning heel kick on Nakamura’s left knee. Nakamura lands a heavy kick. Balor runs at him and connects with a second sling blade! Balor charges at Nakamura, who was leaning in the corner, with a running front dropkick. He climbs to the top rope and misses the double foot stomp.

Nakamura evades it and immediately climbs up the top rope. He hits Balor with a flying knee. He goes back to the corner as Balor stumbles to his knees and hits KINSHASA!

1-2-3! This match is finally over!

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura via pinfall in 21 minutes

Post-match, both competitors bow to one another in a profound sign of respect. Then, they fist bump and nod at each other for the great match they just had. The referee holds up Nakamura’s hand and the crowd goes on humming his theme song as it plays. Nakamura continues to play to the crowd as the show ends.

Three cool points to Balor and Nakamura for a pretty fantastic match. I honestly thought the match was over after that reverse 1916 from Balor. Perhaps Balor needed to continue attacking the left knee to get the victory, instead of going strike for strike with Nakamura. This match was quite even, with both wrestlers having moments on the offensive. I’d give the edge to Balor who had Nakamura in trouble on multiple occasions, pinfall attempts and submissions combined. What did you think? Did the right man win? Are both men going up to the main roster, or will it just be Balor?
Looking forward to your cool point suggestions on tonight’s episode.