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WWE nXt Results- July 19, 2017 (New #1 Contender!)
By JCool
Jul 20, 2017 - 12:40:03 AM

WWE nXt Results

July 19th, 2017

On commentary tonight, at Full Sail University, are Mauro Ranallo, “Showtime” Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness.

Opening Segments

Singles Match: Ember Moon vs. Ruby Riot

Crowd’s divided to start this one with competing chants for each woman quite audible on the broadcast. Riot and Moon get a few quick pinfall attempts on one another to start the match before resetting. From the second grapple, each woman shows off their agility and gymnastic ability, with back flips and quick tumbling out of takedowns. Again, the two reach a stalemate, for which the fans applaud.

Riot puts her hand up for a test of strength. Moon accepts and the two collide at the shoulders. Riot with the single arm drag, and another, and then she follows that up with a spinning head scissors takedown, but it’s only for a 1 count! Riot applies a chinlock on Moon but it’s quick lived. Drop toehold by Moon trips up Riot and Moon traps her in a modified surfboard stretch. Riot drops out of the hold and on to Moon for a quick cover that gets no count.

Riot builds momentum. She hits Moon with a clothesline, back elbow and finishes the combination with a back suplex for a 2 count. She tries for the Irish whip but Moon blocks her twice and reverses on the 3rd attempt. Moon with the backbreaker and a flatliner for 2. McGuinness asks if Moon will try for the Eclipse as…

We go to commercial break.

Riot springboards on to the apron and hits Moon with a shoulder to the mid-section, through the ropes. She ascends to the top turnbuckle and slams down with a senton on Moon! 1-2- kickout.

Riot throws Moon into the corner. She takes a run at her and Moon avoids it. Spinning slam by Moon on Riot for a 2 count. Moon crawls to the corner and uses the ropes to pull herself up. She climbs to the top where Riot rushes her with an attack. She chops her a few times and then sets her up for…a FRANKENSTEINER!

1..2….kickout by Moon! So close. Riot with strong right hands and kicks to Moon. Moon catches Riot’s leg, spins around and hits her with a discus elbow! Quite an impact there. Riot’s slow to her feet but rushes Moon and begins to get punished. Front handspring clothesline in the corner by Moon which sets up….a top rope manoeuvre….called the Eclipse. Moon nails it and gets the pinfall victory.

Winner: Ember Moon via pinfall in 10 minutes

One cool point for the impressive tumbling and flipping by Riot. She really looked comfortable in the ring tonight and was able to show off her skills in a one on one setting. One cool point for Moon who endured a lot of punishment, only to fire it up for the last minute of the match with her finisher combination moves. It was a competitive match but at no time did it feel like Moon wouldn’t win. She is the best match for Asuka at Takeover: Brooklyn III.

Earlier today, Kassius Ohno is asked about his current nXt run versus the last one. He is interrupted by Hideo Itami who confronts him about his interference in past weeks. These two will finally fight at next week’s show.

Up Next: Oney Lorcan vs. Danny Burch

Third Segment

Singles Match: Oney Lorcan vs. Danny Burch

Big tie-up to begin the match. Lorcan’s cornered until the referee asks Burch to lay off and reset. Lorcan with a side headlock takedown for a quick cover. Burch springs out of it and stares down Lorcan.

They tie-up again, this time, rolling along the ropes. Lorcan corners Burch and gets the 4 count from the referee. Burch with a massive right hand to catch Lorcan off guard and he stomps him down in the corner. Lorcan reverses the whip, gets a boot in the face and a top rope dropkick. He tries to counter in the opposite corner but Burch stays on him, catching him with a kick to the chin while Lorcan sat on the turnbuckle. He follows it with a top rope neckbreaker! 1-2- kickout!

Close call there. Burch questions the referee’s count before returning to Lorcan. He tries to pick him up. Lorcan runs the ropes and catches him with a spinning neckbreaker. He follows it with his trademark running European uppercut! 1-2- kickout by Burch. Both men take a few moments to get to their feet. The staredown begins.

Uppercut from Lorcan…and another…and one, two, three from Burch. A fourth! Lorcan starts slapping him straight in the face. They run the ropes and Burch turns Lorcan inside out with a clothesline. Powerbomb by Burch for a 2 count! Whoa! Burch is bloody. McGuinness says he looks like Itami from a few weeks ago.

Burch positions Lorcan up on the top turnbuckle, attempts the superplex but Lorcan fights him off. He dives over the rushing Burch and catches him, on the return, transitioning into a single leg Boston Crab. Burch taps right away!

Winner: Oney Lorcan via submission in 6 minutes

Two cool points for Lorcan’s hard-hitting offense. He continues to impress me with his fortitude and energy level in the ring. The guy knows how to rev up from 0 to 60 in just a few seconds, thanks to his rushing uppercuts. The submission win was a great surprise.

Burch was caught off guard and rightly submitted. He gets a cool point for matching Lorcan hit for hit, move for move in this match. I would pay to watch these two wrestle again. Could be match of the night.

Post-match, Lorcan and Burch shake hands but Burch doesn’t let go. He asks Lorcan for one more match. Lorcan agrees and the fans cheer. I guess we’ll see that in the near future.

Fourth Segment

Singles Match: No Way Jose vs. Cezar Bononi

Pre-match, we are reminded that Bononi got a big win over Andrade “Cien” Almas two months ago. Will he continue his winning ways tonight?

Jose shows off his dancing groove and footwork during a wristlock to begin the match. A few arm drag takedowns by Jose. He rushes Bononi in the corner, springboards on to the apron but gets thrown back in. Bononi slams Jose into the corner turnbuckle a few times and stomps him down to the mat. He throws Jose off the ropes and hits a standing dropkick. 1 count.

Bononi with a few knee strikes sends Jose to his knees. Jose fights back with chops and elbows. Suplex slam by Jose. Running forearm smash. Another takedown and Jose’s on a roll. He takes off his wristguard, lifts Bononi in the air off the run and knocks him out with a right hand. Jose pins him for the win.

Winner:No Way Jose via pinfall in 2 minutes

Post-match, at ringside, Almas is being rebuked by that mysterious woman we saw weeks ago when, suddenly, he slides into the ring. He attacks Bononi and motions for Jose to come and get him. Jose rushes back to the ring and Almas leaves. He and the woman yell some things at Jose and leave through the crowd. Jose’s all fired up but he does dance a bit.

One cool point for Jose who gets a much needed win after weeks of not much attention. He was a little more business oriented tonight, dancing less than he has at other times. That’s a good thing, though. Interested to see how Cien and Jose interact moving forward. Could be lining up for a match in a few weeks.

We’ve got our first official theme song for Takeover: Brooklyn III. It’s “Bleeding In The Blur” by Code Orange. Like the others, it has a hard alternative rock sound.

Closing Segment

nXt Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Drew McIntyre vs. Killian Dain of SAnitY

These two are getting in each other’s faces before the match begins. The referee uses his strong verbal skills to insist both men retreat to their home corners so he can ring the bell. Once he does, McIntyre and Dain’s initial lockup leads nowhere. The two stare one another down again. McIntyre pushes Dain. Dain’s visibly upset and pushes back. McIntyre seems to have the speed advantage and he lands a few more punches. Up to the top rope…clothesline knocks Dain to the mat. Dain’s up quickly and he clubs McIntyre in the back. He pushes him off the ropes and crashes into him with a flying crossbody.

Commercial break.

On the return, Dain’s stomping McIntyre in the corner against the bottom turnbuckle. He whips McIntyre cross corner, causing McIntyre to fall in pain. Dain punches McIntyre and keeps him down in the corner. The referee pulls him back. Dain drags his opponent by the leg and nails consecutive elbow drops to the chest of McIntyre.

McIntyre struggles to get up so Dain helps him, only to slam him down for a few pinfall attempts. McIntyre keeps kicking out. Dain clubs him across the face repeatedly and McIntyre can hardly move. Another pinfall attempt for 2. Dain applies pressure to the side of McIntyre’s face and head, forcing his head sideways. McIntyre’s gasping in pain as his head is squashed.

Finally, McIntyre fights back with punches and a jawbreaker. Dain responds with a clothesline. He lifts McIntyre up to a seated position on the top turnbuckle. Dain ascends. McIntyre slips under his legs and slams him down with a powerbomb. 1-2- kickout!
McIntyre’s found his mojo and he is bringing the fight to Dain. Right hands to the face and body of Dain. Dain charges. McIntyre evades and bounces off the adjacent ropes for a clothesline. Fit Finlay Slam! 1-2- kickout. McIntyre’s charging up his boot in the corner.

Will we see Claymore? No! Dain with a fireman’s carry, then a senton, then he climbs the turnbuckle to the second rope for a Vader bomb! 1-2- McIntyre’s still in this.
Dain is visibly enraged as he calls for the finish. McIntyre’s lifted up on Dain’s shoulders. He slips off, runs the ropes but Dain stops him and hits him with a double underhook suplex. Big powerbomb and an elbow drop get him another 2 count. McIntyre will not give up.

We get a reminder from Ranallo that both these guys are undefeated in singles competition. Dain sits McIntyre up on the top turnbuckle. He ascends and it’s a TOP ROPE FISHERMAN’S SUPLEX! He’s slow to get the cover though and only gets a 2 count. No victor yet. Dain rushes for a clothesline but McIntyre evades it and hits him with a Future Shock! Pinfall and….NO! Dain kicks out at 1! 1 count!

CLAYMORE! Dain doesn’t go all the way down! He slaps himself in the face and fights back to his knees. He yells at McIntyre to come at him and McIntyre does hit him with another Claymore. Finally, it’s enough to win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre to become the new #1 Contender for the nXt Championship via pinfall in 11 minutes

Post-match, McIntyre is yelling to the camera, from the ring, that this is no longer Roode’s nXt. He’s coming for him and he’ll be the next nXt champion.

One cool point for McIntyre getting the nod and continuing his undefeated streak. He’s worked hard to be successful the past few years, away from WWE, and that’s paying off now as he sets up for a significant title match against Bobby Roode in a month’s time.

Two cool points, however, go to Dain because he actually ended up looking better than McIntyre at the end of this match. Kudos to McIntyre for pushing the big man to an amazing match, one where Dain showed plenty of guts and brutality. Loved the innovative offense like the top rope fisherman’s suplex and the homage to Vader. Dain should be proud of his work and fans should be clamoring for more from him. I won’t be surprised if he starts getting cheers soon if this keeps up.

Tonight was a great night for wrestling. Looking forward to your thoughts, cool point suggestions, and comments.