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WWE nXt Results- July 26, 2017
By JCool
Jul 27, 2017 - 12:17:04 AM

WWE nXt Results

July 26th, 2017

On commentary tonight, at Full Sail University, are Mauro Ranallo, “Showtime” Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness.

Opening Segment

Singles Match: Ember Moon vs. Lei’D Tapa

This is Tapa’s debut in nXt. You may remember her from her run in TNA Impact Wrestling a few years ago. She’s got a definite size advantage over Moon in this one and manages to raise some boos from the get-go.

From the opening bell, Tapa pushes Moon around and they end up in the turnbuckle. Moon sits on the top; Tapa prepares to suplex her and she does, but Moon spins 180, lands on her feet and suplexes Tapa!

Running dropkick to Tapa and a strong right hand bring her to the mat. Moon climbs the turnbuckle and as Tapa approaches, she hits her with the Eclipse! Quick win!

Winner: Ember Moon via pinfall in 2 minutes

Post-match, Moon calls out Asuka for Takeover: Brooklyn. She says Asuka wants competition and Moon will give her all that she desires. Moon is ready to defeat the undefeated Empress of Tomorrow. Asuka must ask herself if she is ready for Ember Moon.

One cool point for Moon for showing off her athleticism and strength with that tornado suplex and, of course, the Eclipse. Tapa doesn’t get much credibility for her debut. Maybe she was just in the area and needed something to do for the night. Hope she got paid well.

The commentary team discuss a tweet from Roderick Strong where he says Roode hasn’t seen the last of him.

Coming Up: nXt Tag Champs Authors Of Pain will be in action

Second Segment

There’s a new theme song to mention for Takeover: Brooklyn III. “Poison Pens” by Creeper will be getting some playtime in the coming weeks.

Non-Title Tag Team Match: Authors Of Pain (c) w. Paul Ellering vs. David Ramos & Timothy Bumpers

As the Authors walk down, Nikki Cross appears in front of them at the bottom of the ramp. Dain and Wolfe attack Ramos and Bumpers and throw them out of the ring. Akam and Rezar advance, blowing by Cross and getting into the ring.

We get a staredown between both teams until it gives way to a brawl. Akam and Rezar get the better of Wolfe and Dain with some strong double team moves. Cross prevents Dain from returning to the ring to continue the fight. Wolfe points and laughs, from the floor, at how they provoked the tag champs.

Match never started

One cool point for the surprise attack from SAnitY. Seems like Heavy Machinery won’t be continuing their feud with AOP, which is a shame. They’re still a great team but there are few teams to challenge at present. So, SAnitY is a great next option to continue the “big hoss” challengers for AOP. I think they could do something special in Brooklyn.

Third Segment

Recap: We see footage from Cezar Bononi’s surprise win over Andrade “Cien” Almas. Last week, Almas attacked him, following Bononi’s match with No Way Jose. Jose ran back down to the ring to defend Bononi.

Earlier today, Cien’s ladyfriend approaches Jose in the FSU parking lot. She admires Jose’s defending of a friend last week but, unfortunately, he interfered in Cien’s business. Sounds like the consequences will be a wrestling match very soon.

Singles Match: Velveteen Dream vs. Cezar Bononi
Dream and Bononi lock up. Dream turns to uppercuts of the European variety. He dishes out a flurry of strikes and puches to get Bononi reeling in the corner. Bononi fights out of it and hits Dream with an Atomic Drop. Falcon Arrow for 1.5 slaps of the mat.

Dream runs off the ropes. Bononi catches him and Dream slips down, lifts Bononi on to his shoulders and does a kind of cartwheel slamming Bononi in the process.
He goes to the top rope for the big elbow drop aka Purple RainMaker.. and he lands it for the 1-2-3 pinfall victory.

Winner: Velveteen Dream via pinfall in 2 minutes

Dream is interviewed on the entrance ramp and asked what his goals are in nXt. Dream fires back with the same question.

No cool points for this match. Too short for much of anything to happen. Dream and Bononi get some TV time, which is good.

Backstage, nXt General Manager William Regal is asked about Ember Moon’s challenge to Asuka for the nXt Women’s Championship. Regal agrees that Moon is ready for the title and he confirms those two will wrestle one another at Takeover: Brooklyn III.

Fourth Segment

“No Fear” by Phil Ade ft. Saba Abraha & Tate Kobang joins the Takeover: Brooklyn III musical lineup. More of an electronic/hip hop vibe on that one so it’s much difference from the alternative rock sound.

#1 Contender for the nXt Championship, Drew McIntyre makes his way to the ring to share his excitement at facing Bobby Roode at Takeover: Brooklyn. He says he didn’t realize until leaving the WWE that to be the best, he would need to outwork and out train everyone else. No one would do it for him. He had to take ownership over his career.
The more success he attained in the independents, the better he got and that’s what has brought him to nXt. Everybody will walk side by side here. His nXt is a collaborative one, not an entitled one. He says this is not Roode’s nXt, it’s an nXt that belongs to the fans.
McIntyre gets the crowd standing with these last remarks and finishes by shouting, “WE ARE nXt!!!”

Closing Segments

Next Week: nXt Champion Bobby Roode will be at FSU, and Johnny Gargano will wrestle in his first TV match since Takeover: Chicago against Raul Mendoza.

Mendoza is interviewed backstage. He says he’s been training hard and maybe, next week, is more about him than Gargano.

Grudge Match: Kassius Ohno vs. Hideo Itami

Ohno’s in his Sacramento Kings customized jersey tonight. Itami’s in black trunks.

A little mat wrestling to begin this one, with Ohno wrapping his legs around Itami to immobilize him. It doesn’t last long and both men are back on their feet, staring one another down. Itami brings the forearms to Ohno. Ohno brings the chops and kicks to Itami. Itami answers with a few sharp kicks to the body but Ohno catches a leg and turns it into a pinfall attempt. Itami kicks out.

Huge chop by Ohno. He tries to whip Itami. Itami stops him but Ohno just swings his arm and clocks him. On the opposite side of the ring. Ohno shows off his flip over the ropes on to the apron. Itami meets him there and kicks him in the gut a few times. He ascends the turnbuckle and, with Ohno’s stomach on the middle rope, connects with a guillotine leg drop!

Commercial break.

On the return, Itami drops a knee on Ohno for a 2 count. Hard kicks to the back of Ohno leave the big man sprawled out on the mat. Itami continues with the striking offense. He picks up Ohno for a twisting neckbreaker and another 2 count pinfall attempt follows. Itami transitions into a chinlock to slow Ohno down. He switches to dropping knees to the back of Ohno, keeping him on the mat.

Itami returns to using the chinlock. This time, Ohno gets to his feet and slaps Itami away to the corner. Itami kicks Ohno there and gets up on top. Tries for a tornado DDT but can’t do it. He returns to the top rope and, in jumping, Ohno takes the advantage. He even runs through a kick attempt of Itami to clothesline him multiple times. Shining wizard! Big boot! 1-2- kickout by Itami. Close call. Jumping senton! 1-2- another kickout!

Ohno runs at Itami in the corner for a splash but Itami evades it. Spinning heel kick to the stomach by Itami. Beautiful fisherman’s suplex follows that. Huge dropkick into the corner by Itami. He prepares for the GTS. Ohno slips off his shoulders and, off the ropes, BIG BOOT! Itami counters with a vicious kick to the groin of Ohno and the referee calls for the match!

Winner: Kassius Ohno via disqualification in 10 minutes

Post-match, Itami continues to beat down on Ohno as the referee tries to stop him. It gets bad with not 1 but 2 GTS moves on Ohno. Itami moves things to the ringside area and drops Ohno face first on the steel steps. He stalks off, up the ramp and that’s a wrap.

One cool point for Itami for going full-fledged bad guy to end this wrestling match. Ohno took a good beating at his hands which leads me to believe that this feud isn’t over just yet. Ohno’s pride will be hurt after what Itami did to him. Chances are he’ll be looking for Itami next week, and he’ll be trying to avoid naptime.

One cool point for Ohno for his kicks. That’s one mighty big boot he throws around. Good to see him get a main event match as this feud has developed slowly but steadily for the past two months. I would be okay seeing them fight at Takeover: Brooklyn. We’ll see that card materialize in the coming weeks.

Looking forward to reading your cool point suggestions and comments on tonight’s nXt show.