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WWE nXt Results- June 1, 2016 (1 Week To Takeover: The End)
By JCool
Jun 2, 2016 - 1:56:59 AM

WWE nXt Results
June 1st, 2016

On commentary tonight, at Full Sail University, are Tom Phillips and Corey Graves.

Opening Segment

We kick off the show with The Revival, Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson, making their way to the ring to share a few thoughts. Dash says they’re going to take back the tag titles to become the first ever 2-time nXt Tag Team Champions. Dawson says they have enough decency to admit American Alpha are great, little, amateur athletes. Come Takeover, they’re gonna hit hard.

Interrupting them is the music of Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa. They stroll down to the ring and Dash asks if they’re lost. Ciampa says their time at the top of nXt has come and gone. American Alpha is better than the Revival. The way Gargano and Ciampa see it, The Revival can’t beat them either.
Dawson calls them undersized, bearded guys. Dash calls them “good hands”.

Gargano asks if maybe they might be talking about themselves!

Dawson says the renaissance of the tag division is because of them so go back to the bingo halls. Ciampa calls them out on their loss at the last Takeover. Dash says at least they were champions and if Gargano & Ciampa ever win, then the conversation can continue. They leave the ring only to get goaded back into the ring for a brawl.
Gargano & Ciampa with double dropkicks, knocking Dash & Dawson out of the ring. The Revival regroup and the two teams argue, and it sounds like they want to fight later. The commentators second that.

Backstage, it’s Cathy Kelley with Shinsuke Nakamura, asking him about his match with Austin Aries at next week’s Takeover. Nakamura says he thinks Aries will bow down to him, the king of strong style.

One cool point for Gargano & Ciampa for interrupting the #1 Contenders to the tag titles. Last week, I was saying how I felt they were quickly rising in the tag ranks and it’s good for them to make challenges like this. It should unite them more as a team and help the fans see them more clearly as a team.

Coming Up: Austin Aries vs. Elias Samson

Recap: A video package on the nXt Championship cage match at nXt Takeover: The End… Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor

Second Segment

Singles Match: “The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger vs. Buddy Murphy

Murphy lost his girlfriend, his tag partner, but regained his first name, according to Corey Graves. Not sure about that trade…

The crowd chants “10” to begin this match and the two wrestlers take a bit of time to get started. Off the opening grapple, it’s Dillinger who snapmares Murphy and begins to splash the “10” sign in Murphy’s face. An arm drag takedown brings Murphy to the mat and Dillinger holds him in an arm stretch there, forcing his knee into Murphy’s left shoulder, while he twists the fingers on the hand. Murphy gets back to his feet and throws Dillinger into the turnbuckle. He rushes but Dillinger flips him on to the apron. Murphy isn’t fazed and regains his composure, slamming into Dillinger and pinning him for a 2 count. He lays the boots on Dillinger in the corner. Then, it’s a clothesline and a 2 count pinfall attempt. Jumping knee. 2 count.

Angrily, Murphy applies a headlock. He keeps it on Dillinger for about a minute until Dillinger forces Murphy’s arms apart, drops down to the mat and rolls him up for a 2 count. Big chop on Murphy, followed by another to the chest. Off the ropes, Lou Thesz press and a few punches for good measure. Dillinger whips Murphy into the turnbuckle, who bounces back to the centre of the ring and is flipped over Dillinger’s head to the mat. Stomp on the face. He brings Murphy to his feet, in the corner, and mounts the turnbuckle for a 10 count of punches. Murphy gets out at 9. Dillinger superkicks him! He throws him back to the corner for the tenth punch. He finishes him off with a power slam where Murphy’s head lands briefly on the extended knee- an inverted overdrive. 1-2-3.

Winner: “The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger via pinfall in 6 minutes

One cool point for Dillinger for the momentum he builds during this match. Once he gets on the offensive, his speed and power really pick up and make it quite obvious that he’s heading towards a meaningful victory. The “10” chant is quite over as well, especially when combined with the ten punches in the corner.

Special Interview: A special sit-down interview was conducted by Corey Graves with nXt champion Samoa Joe and the former champion, Finn Balor.

Graves asks Balor what he was feeling when Joe beat him in Massachussetts. Balor says he never imagined that would happen, especially at a house show, that his world would come crumbling down. But he has no regrets. A champion defends his title at every opportunity. That day, he was beaten.

Graves asks Joe how he felt about winning. Joe finally got what he deserved. Regal made him jump through ridiculous hoops to attain his goal. He beat Sami Zayn. He won the battle royal.

Balor says Joe felt entitled from day 1 in nXt. There are guys at the Performance Center who are more deserving than him. Joe says why aren’t they here then? Balor calls Joe a whiner. Joe says it’s just confidence. Joe says Balor never wanted to give him the shot, even after their time as friends where Joe had his back. Balor never spoke up for him with Regal.

They talk about each other’s histories, wrestling around the world, winning championships. Graves finally intercedes to say Balor survived Joe more than beat him. Balor says he won and it wasn’t an accident that he won in Dallas. Balor says the cage might be a disadvantage but he won his first ladder match against Kevin Owens…
Joe says he feels confident in the cage, even if he gets busted open and has to keep wrestling through it, like the last Takeover.

Graves asks if Balor realizes the risk involved in this cage match, where he’s putting his future on the line. Balor says the nXt championship is the most important thing to him right now and he’s living in the moment. He’s not worried about the future. This is everything. Joe says this is an opportunity to show Balor where his place is.

Plenty of disdain and disgust from both of them to finish the segment, as the two stand face to face.

Third Segment

The theme song for nXt Takeover is “Paranoia” by A Day To Remember.

Singles Match: Austin Aries vs. “The Drifter” Elias Samson

Aries and Samson grapple. Samson puts Aries in a side headlock and tries to whip him off the ropes but Aries stops him. So, Samson converts it to a wristlock until Aries counters it with an arm twist of his own. Samson tries to go off the ropes again but Aries prevents that. Samson clotheslines Aries off of the ropes. They run them again and this time Aries gets the armdrag takedown, another one and a knee in the face of Samson. Aries does a handstand, then a dropkick on Samson, before pinning him for a 2 count. And it’s back to the armlock. Samson forces Aries’ head between the ropes and pulls his neck into the top rope. With the lock broken, Samson is brawling Aries with punches and stomps to the mat. He sends Aries off the ropes and hits him with a big clothesline. 1-2..kickout as the fans boo Samson pretty hard.

Samson with the side headlock in the centre of the ring, wrenching Aries’ head this way and that way. Aries gets back to his feet, breaks the hold with a back suplex. Strong punches and slaps to the chest. Aries with a clothesline on Samson, followed by a splash in the corner. Off the top rope, spinning elbow to the back of Samson’s neck. That brings things to the outside where Aries dives through the ropes for a splash on Samson.
Back in the ring, Aries with a rolling elbow. Turnbuckle to turnbuckle, it’s a dropkick to the chest, followed by a neckbreaker. Aries with knees to Samson’s head. He flips over and applies the Last Chancery submission and Samson has to tap!

Winner: Austin Aries via submission in 5 minutes

Post-match, Aries gets on the microphone as the fans chant “Nakamura”. Aries says, at nXt Takeover, I remove any doubts people have about him being the greatest in the ring. He will shine in the spotlight.

One cool point for Aries winning by submission. That’s something different that nXt fans haven’t seen yet from Aries and the guy continues to impress with his diverse arsenal of moves. Can’t wait to see him fight Nakamura. I think their styles match up really well and we’ll see some fast-paced wrestling.

Up Next: The Revival vs. Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa

Promo: Last week’s Andrade “Cien” Almas promo plays again, suggesting that he will appear at nXt Takeover: The End, next week.

Fourth Segment

Tag Team Match: The Revival vs. Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa

Dawson and Gargano start off the match and it’s Dawson with the early advantage, forcing Gargano to a knee in a side headlock. Off the ropes, Dawson with the shoulderblock. And another. On the third attempt, it’s Gargano replying with arm drags and a dropkick. Wilder interferes and receives a back elbow. Gargano tags in Ciampa and the two of them connect with a leg sweep and a jumping stomp, respectively. Ciampa holds Dawson by the neck, keeping him away from tagging in his partner. Dawson breaks free by going into the turnbuckle where the referee forces the two of them to stop the hold. His momentum is stifled by Ciampa’s clotheslines. Dawson baits Ciampa and sends him to the outside. Dawson distracts Gargano and the referee while Wilder beats up on Ciampa outside the ring and…

We go to commercial.

On the return, Wilder is in the ring , working Ciampa’s leg, as Ciampa writhes on the mat in pain. Ciampa chops Wilder to try and break free but Wilder keeps bringing it to him until Ciampa counters with a rollup for a 2 count. He reaches for Gargano’s hand but Wilder kicks his knee and chucks him out of the ring. Dawson’s tagged in. He throws Ciampa into the steel post. Ouch.

The referee gets to 7 until the two crawl back into the ring. Dawson with a leg sweep on Ciampa, tagging in Wilder, who continues to weaken Ciampa’s left leg. Wilder goes for a slam but Ciampa slides down behind him. As he moves towards his corner, Dawson tags in and crawls after him, catching his leg. Ciampa makes the tag anyway and Gargano comes in, with energy. Double knees on Dawson. Dawson whips him into the corner. Gargano evades it with a nifty jump and then throws Dawson down, rolling into a kick to the head. Out of the turnbuckle, it’s Gargano being flipped to the apron but he responds with a dive through the ropes. He tries to pin Dawson but Wilder breaks the pinfall. For that, he receives an enziguri. Dawson with the DDT and a pinfall attempt but Ciampa breaks that up quickly. The ref sends everyone back to their corners and it’s back to Dawson and Gargano. Dawson lifts Gargano to the top rope. Gargano punches Dawson to the mat. Dawson slaps Gargano hard on the face. He mounts the turnbuckle and delivers a beautiful top rope superplex, but Gargano immediately wraps his legs around Dawson’s to pin him… 1-2-3!

Winners: Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Giampa via pinfall in 12 minutes

Post-match, The Revival immediately begin beating up their two opponents. Shatter Machine on Ciampa as the crowd boos them. Dawson holds Ciampa’s legs folded together as Wilder mounts the turnbuckle…but it’s American Alpha racing down to the ring to beat up on their Takeover opponents. Jordan and Gable both get the best of their opponents with punches. Jordan and Gable then deliver back suplexes to both guys!
The show ends with them watching The Revival walk away from the ring in pain.

Another cool point to Ciampa and Gargano for the surprise victory. They endured some major punishment but certainly kept up with the former champs. One cool point for The Revival who quietly go about their business being a very effective tag team. They come into Takeover, perhaps a little more battle-ready than American Alpha, who haven’t wrestled too much lately (at least TV-wise).

Up Next: nXt Women’s Championship Contract Signing

Final Segment

It’s nXt General Manager William Regal, presiding in the ring over the contract signing for nXt Takeover for the championship match between Nia Jax and Women’s Champion, Asuka.

Regal gives credit to Asuka for her time in nXt so far…only 9 months since she arrived and now she’s been champ for 2. Jax steals the mic and says none of that matters. Asuka beat Bayley, but Jax broke Bayley. She’s gonna break Asuka, too. There’s no one like her. She’s the future and she’s not scared of Asuka.

Jax signs the contract.

Asuka says, “You talk too much,” and she signs the contract. Then she bellows something in Japanese to which the crowd goes nuts. Asuka says you should be scared of her. The two begin to brawl and Jax powerbombs Asuka on to the mat. Regal gently persuades Jax to leave the ring and that’s all.

nXt Takeover “The End” Predictions:

Nakamura defeats Aries
Asuka (c) retains the nXt Women’s Championship vs. Nia Jax
The Revival defeat American Alpha (c) to become 2-time nXt Tag Team Champions
Samoa Joe (c) retains the nXt Championship against Finn Balor

Looking forward to your cool point suggestions on tonight’s episode and predictions for nXt Takeover. See you in a few weeks for the fallout from the 10th nXt Takeover WWE Network special.