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WWE nXt Results- June 21, 2017
By JCool
Jun 21, 2017 - 10:20:44 PM

WWE nXt Results

June 21st, 2017

On commentary tonight, at Full Sail University, are Tom Phillips, “Showtime” Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness

Opening Segment

Singles Match: Peyton Royce w. Billie Kay vs. Ember Moon

Moon gets a “welcome back” chant from the FSU crowd.

Opening tie-up, both women pushing until Moon takes down Royce but Royce hangs on and they reset. Royce whips Moon to the ropes, goes for the hip toss but Moon lands on her feet! She sends Royce to the mat, retreating in the corner, then connects with a tumbling backflip body attack.

Moon’s thinking of the Eclipse, ascending the turnbuckle, but Royce meets her there on the top rope. She attempts a superplex but Moon defends it. Moon pushes Royce to the mat and Royce trips up the referee. Meanwhile, Kay attacks Moon on the turnbuckle without the ref noticing. Royce rolls up Moon for a 1 count and angrily stomps on Moon. She sends her shoulder first into the turnbuckle and Moon’s hurting as…

We go to commercial break.

On the return, Royce is wrenching back Moon’s left elbow behind her back. She forces Moon to the mat, stomach-first, and pummels on Moon’s back. She asks Moon to give up but Moon doesn’t reply. She grabs Royce around the neck and leans to get a pinfall attempt.

Moon begins to gain momentum with a few kicks to Royce’s upper body and face, followed by a springboard plancha inside the ring. Moon is about to do her handspring backflip tumble into the corner but Royce stops her short with a spinning heel kick. 1-2- kickout by Moon.

Royce is shocked. She runs the ropes, misses a front kick and Moon rolls her up for a 2 count. Moon and Royce miss spinning kicks on each other and then Moon catches Royce in a head scissors. She ascends the turnbuckle as Royce gets to her knees. Kay drags Royce out of the ring, saving her from the Eclipse. Kay can’t be saved from Moon’s splash to the outside though!

Royce, having avoided contact, seizes the opportunity to throw Moon into the ring. Moon jumps on to Royce and applies a crucifix pin. Royce counters it into a pinning attempt of her own for 2.

Royce hooks Moon’s arms and lifts her up on her back…she drops to her knees for a jawbreaker! 1-2- kickout by Moon! Impressive.

Kay’s still out on the floor and Royce looks on worriedly. She turns back to rush at Moon but took too much time. Moon wheelbarrows herself around Royce’s body and flips forward into a rana, throwing Royce head-first into the turnbuckle. Once more, Moon ascends to the top rope, waiting for Royce to stand up…ECLIPSE! 1-2-3.

Winner:Ember Moon via pinfall in 9 minutes

One cool point for Moon who wins her first match back after injury and it was an important win to get. The Iconic Duo have kinda become queenmakers of the women’s division. A win over one or both women provides Moon a boost to her rep so that she will be ready to take on one of the top ladies next.

Coming Up: Aleister Black vs. Kassius Ohno

Backstage, Hideo Itami and Kassis Ohno meet. Itami apologizes for everything he did to Ohno over the past month. Ohno appreciates that. He’s angry and frustrated, too, about wanting to do more and he’s going to start with Black tonight.

Second Segment

Tag Team Match: Ealy Brothers vs. SAnitY

Representing SAnitY tonight will be Eric Young and Alexander Wolfe.
The Ealy Brothers are Uriel and Gabriel.

Uriel and Wolfe begin this fight and immediately grapple. Wolfe pushes Uriel into the corner, striking him a few times. Uriel tries to fight back and receives an uppercut for his efforts. Young tags in. Wolfe trips Uriel face-first to the mat and Young delivers a jumping elbow to him.

Young brings Uriel to the corner to cross-chop him. Then, he goes to an adjacent corner to connect with a shoulder thrust. Wolfe tags in, charges up and rushes to get a boot from Uriel. Gabriel tags in and runs right into a boot from Wolfe. Running uppercut on Gabriel in the corner. He tags in Young.

Young stomps on Gabriel in the corner. Wolfe tags in and continues to do the same. He applies a chinlock in the centre of the ring. Wolfe holds him there for a while, weakening Gabriel. Gabriel reaches for Uriel’s hand but Wolfe won’t let him continue. He delivers another European uppercut. Wolfe runs at Gabriel in the corner but misses him. Gabriel tags in Uriel.

Uriel lifts Wolfe up but Young hits a neckbreaker on Gabriel to disturb the double team move. Wolfe with a jumping kick to the head of Uriel. He holds Uriel up in a side slam position as Young leaps from the second rope with a neckbreaker. 1-2-3.

Winners:SAnitY via pinfall in 4 minutes

One cool point for SAnitY who get a much needed tag victory. This could easily become the focus of the group, especially with the tag division needing competition. Any combination of the 3 men would do some major damage and even possibly compete with the Authors of Pain.

Recap: We see highlights of last week’s backstage beatdown between Asuka and Nikki Cross during the Women’s Championship Triple Threat Elimination Match. In the tech area, Cross launches herself at Asuka, slamming her into a bunch of tables below. This prompted a “Last Woman Standing” match to be booked for next Wednesday’s show.

Promo: A combination of in-ring footage and Performance Centre footage, with a few interview clips is shown of Sonya Deville. She will be up next!

Third Segment

Singles Match: Sonya Deville vs. Rachel Evers

Deville’s confidence and intensity continues to improve with each passing week. Strong right hand by Deville to take down Evers off the top of the match. Running/sliding knee to the back for a 1 count. Evers picks up Deville, flips her over backward on her back for a 1 count. Deville doesn’t like that and she aggressively knees Evers in the side, knocking her to the mat.

Deville brings Evers to the corner for kicks to the torso. She wraps Evers’ body with her legs, immobilizing her opponent. Evers bridges up a bit to force a pin and Deville has to break the submission to break the pin. Double leg takedown by Deville for a 2 count.

Deville gets a big boot to the face by Evers. A few kidney punches prompt a front kick by Deville. She takes the right mma glove off and unleashes a series of right hands to the abdomen of Evers.

Triangle submission from Deville finishes this match off.

Winner:Sonya Deville via submission in 3 minutes

One cool point for Deville’s hard-hitting, which should match up well with ladies like Asuka and Cross. I’ll admit she’s not quite at their level but, with some decent booking, she’ll soon have an opportunity to challenge them.

Backstage, earlier today, nXt Champion Bobby Roode is in a photo shoot. He sees the Strong family entering the room and begins poking fun at them. Wife and baby leave so Strong can attack Roode. Roode loses his suit jacket and gets his shirt ripped a bit as nXt officials break them up. Roode yells at Strong that he can have a title shot anytime.

That match will take place in two weeks, July 5.

Next Week:Last Woman Standing match for the Women’s Championship

Final Segments

Singles Match: Kassius Ohno vs. Aleister Black
Ohno is wearing an 80’s Chicago Bulls away-themed jersey, with Kassius written in cursive diagonally across the front.

From the opening grapple, Black twists Ohno’s left arm and holds it strong behind Ohno’s on back. Ohno reverses out of it and locks Black’s left arm up in a submission. Ohno forces Black to sit on the mat. He gets a crucifix pin for a 1 count, which Black responds to by grabbing Ohno’s head in a headlock.

Black doesn’t get time to do anything before Ohno twists the left arm again, forcing Black to the mat. Black kips up after a few moments and applies his own left arm twist on Ohno, forcing Ohno down to the mat for a rope break.

Another tie-up brings Black into the corner for a heavy slap to the chest by Ohno. Black is pissed. Sharp kick to Ohno’s chest. Black bounces off the ropes and grabs Ohno in a side headlock. Black’s hanging on, even when Ohno’s punching him. Off the ropes, Black knees Ohno in the gut. Ohno retreats to the outside and Black feigns jumping through the ropes by springing back off the ropes into a seated position.

Ohno receives a combination of kicks and knees from Black. Ohno bounces back off the ropes and uses the momentum to punch Black square in the face, sending Black out of the ring.

Commercial Break

On the return, Ohno’s stomping and slapping Black, basically a storm of activity. Huge big boot to Black’s jaw. And the cover for a 2 count. Ohno follows that up with another kick to Black’s head. Snapmare and Ohno applies a chinlock, where he’s holding Black’s left arm between his legs. Black very shortly escapes the hold, only to receive a jumping senton by Ohno. 2 count and Black kicks out. Ohno sits up, cross-legged, spoofing Black’s own pose.
Black looks on angrily, stands up and starts dishing out more kicks on Ohno. Two foot front kick by Ohno for a 2 count. Black’s checking his teeth after that one!

Running kick to the face of Black. Ohno’s throwing everything he has at Black who keeps getting up and fighting back. Black pushes Ohno forward into the ropes. Ohno hangs on and forces Black into a back roll. Ohno rushes, tries to slide under Black and gets stomped on by Black.

Ohno’s up quickly, receiving kicks and a moonsault from Black. Black sets up for his Black Mass kick. Ohno ducks it. Black counters with a high kick to Ohno’s head and pins him…1…2…Ohno kicks out and sits up!

Black continues his kicks as Ohno kneels. Ohno catches on and hits a devastating jumping kick. Black’s woozy in the corner as Ohno charges with a flying right hand. Ohno runs off the opposite ropes but Black quickly follows with a high kick to the face. He runs off the ropes and Ohno meets HIM with a big boot! 1-2- kickout by Black! Wow.

Ohno looks for a neckbreaker but Black wraps his legs around him for a rollup. 1-2- kickout by Ohno. Black’s not letting up now. He hits Ohno with a flurry of knees and kicks to the upper body and head. Pinfall….2 count only.

Black tries to whip Ohno off the ropes but Ohno holds on, once, twice, not the third time. Ohno flips himself over the top rope to land on the apron. He re-enters to receive a kick from Black to the chest. Black catches Ohno’s kick attempt but can’t catch the enziguri!
Ohno kips up and hits a 360 front kick to the jaw of Black! 1-2- kickout. Black won’t give up.

Ohno whips off his right elbow pad, charges up and here come the fireworks. Black kicks Ohno in the side of the head. Ohno’s swinging right hand connects with Black’s cheekbone for a loud SMACK. Black with a jumping knee to Ohno’s head. Ohno replies with a release suplex!

Ohno spins around and…BLACK MASS from Black! He just barely gets it. 1-2-3. Black gets the pin and the win.

Winner: Aleister Black via pinfall in 14 minutes

Two cool points for Aleister Black getting his biggest win in nXt so far. The volume and severity of the striking between Black and Ohno was significant and as fitting as it was for each man’s offense, it wasn’t my preference. I like seeing more holds and suplexes and slams. If you enjoy more of a hard-hitting match, this was exactly that.

One cool point for Ohno’s 360 spinning front kick on Black, which realistically could have finished the match. Again, he showed great agility and speed when needed, and that aspect of his offense is swell to watch.

I don’t think the loss will hurt Ohno that much, although Ohno would benefit from more of a steady feud. The same is true for Black. They likely won’t end up fighting one another at Takeover: Brooklyn. Who would you like to see each guy wrestle?

Looking forward to your thoughts, cool point suggestions, and comments.